How to Uninstall MPC Cleaner from Computer

I got a malware called MPC Cleaner after installing a piece of third-party software on my computer. I didn’t realized my PC was infected until I found the homepage of Firefox had been changed to without my knowledge. When going to Control Panel, I can see some unwanted programs like MPC Cleaner and MPC Adcleaner. There are also other processes, such as MPCProtectSevice.exe and MPCTray.exe, running in my system. These processes are strange that they cannot be terminated, even though I have selected them and clicked on the End Task button. I have also tried removing the MPC related programs from Control Panel but failed. I need someone’s help. Is there any effective solution to my problem?


What is MPC Cleaner and how can I remove it from my PC? You may ask questions like these. Well, MPC Cleaner claims to be a PC cleaning tool which aims to speed up your PC. However, it is also considered as a potentially unwanted program due to the fact that it often gets installed on a target computer by bundling with other software programs. In other words, it enters into a computer without the user’s knowledge and permission. Most users choose to remove this unsolicited program once they find this program. If you also get MPC Cleaner installed on your computer accidentally, then remove it by using an effective malware removal tool.

ProtectionRemove MPC Cleaner Now



Information of MPC Cleaner


Name MPC Cleaner
Developed by DotC United Inc
Related Products MPC Cleaner, MPC Adcleaner, MPC MPC Desktop


1. It causes high CPU and poor computer performance.2. It changes browser settings without permission.

3. It displays random popup ads on computer.

4. It adds additional product programs on computer.

5. It is difficult to be removed as it has block its uninstall.

Removal Solutions Remove MPC Cleaner automatically or remove it manually by following the manual removal guide given below

We always want our computer to be clean and fast, but the reality does not always satisfy us. Hence, there are many computer cleaning tools are created to help computer users to speed up their PCs by removing junk files, clearing browsers history & cookies, and cleaning useless startup programs & services, etc.

MPC Cleaner is such a kind of cleaning tool. According to its official website, MPC Cleaner is “the world fastest&lightest PC cleaner”. It has seven main features:

  • Clean up junk files and online traces to protect your privacy;
  • Speedup your PC by smart optimization; block ads by one-click;
  • Improve your PC’s performance by making intelligent dynamic adjustments to the priority class of background processes;
  • Block malicious plugins installation to protect your privacy and PC performance; occupy less than 10MB of memory.

Below screenshot shows what MPC Cleaner has scanned out in your system. Only one click on “Repair Now”, you can clean you computer and speed up 30%.


Now you can see that this cleaning tool can provide various features that make your computer clean & safe. But is this tool really worthy installed? Just take a look at the analysis given below. But if you want to delete MPC Cleaner from your PC immediately, please get an exclusive tool to perform an automatic removal of this unwanted program now!




Analysis of MPC Cleaner


With so many amazing features, MPC Cleaner should have been considered as an excellent tool by the majority of computer users. However, it seems that most users hold a negative opinion of it. Why? There are three biggest  reasons for this:

(1) It installs on users’ computers without permission. Some users intentionally download MPC Cleaner from its official website, but more users get this program installed on their PCs while installing a piece of third-party software. It is widely known that  not a few software vendors would bundle other apps with  their software in order to make their own products completely free of cost. These additional apps or we say PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) usually hide under the Quick/Recommended installation mode. If users choose such mode to install the software desired, they will unknowingly install other PUPs. But even though some users choose the Advanced/Custom installation mode, which shows all optional programs, they may still install the PUPs without knowing. As Figure 1 below shows, all additional apps including MPC Cleaner are selected by default. If users ignore them and directly click the Next button to go to the next step, it will undoubtedly lead to inadvertent installation of the all PUPs.

Figure 1



(2) It makes changes to users’ browser settings. MPC Cleaner will sometimes change usrs’ browser setting. Some of the users who have intentionally or unintentionally installed this program find their homepage is changed to MPC search page (see the Figure 2 below) without any permission. Every time when users launch the web browser, this search page will pop up autoamtically. This page looks good, not only providing a search box for users to search the Internet, but also offer many quick links to various famous social sites, video sites, shopping site, new sites and game sites. But no matter how good this page looks, it cannot conceal the fact that MPC Cleaner forcibly users to use its own search page by automatically modifying their browser settings. This act looks like what is known to be done by a browser hijacker or adware program.

Figure 2

mpc homepage


(3) It refuses to be removed from users’ computers. Generally, most applications will provide built-in uninstallers for users to uninstall them in future. Even though some applications don’t provide their own uninstallers, they are often designed to be removed easily. However, according to some users who have unintentionally installed MPC Cleaner, they have difficulties in removing this application.

As Figure 3 shows, a user says he cannot uninstall MPC Cleaner since it neither shows in program list nor have option to uninstall in its installation folder.

Figure 3

can't uninstall_2

Another user called Kartik Maniktala says he is unable to delete this application because of permissions of folder (see Figure 4 and Figure 5).

Figure 4

can't uninstall

Figure 5

file access denied

Some other users also find that they cannot terminate MPC related processes and services running in Task Manager. When clicking the “End task” button, there is no response at all. The processes just keep running in the system.

Figure 6


So you can see that MPC Cleaner acts as a potentially unwanted program that often gets installed on a target computer without the user’s consent and also performs unwanted activity  (e.g. modify browser settings) on the computer. What makes users annoying most is that it is hard to removed completely. Various ways have been tried, but it keep staying on users’ computers.

Warm tips: MPC Cleaner is difficult to remove manually as it not only hides itself from the programs list but also prevents you from deleting its related files by setting the permissions. Therefore, it is highly recommended to download and use an effective malware removal tool to focibly get rid of MPC Cleaner from your PC.  




More Information of MPC Cleaner

(Skip this part and go to the removal guide part directly)

MPC Cleaner is a computer cleaner developed by DotCash Limited Inc. It claims to have the ability to clean PC and speed up computer speed as well as improving the internet experience. But when we do eventually become a user of it, the fact will be clear as this software is not like what we expect it to be. We may find it a junk cleaner which does not help to balance the usage of PC program or clean hard disk space. But from the moment we may experience this program as something annoying but also terrible, on the computer with other unexpected troubles. It just acts like useless. This cleaner is said to be developed with SmartBlance technology that can balance the usage of computer programs automatically. In fact, the user of it is often worrisome, and as long as this program is running on the computer system, user just encounter troubles instead of being benefit from it.

One may eventually start to notice the main purpose of this software, only to find that this software is showing fake scan results. Perhaps no using it is even better. Even it claims to be useful to block malicious websites when users are browsing the web, and what about that it is actually a insecure program that still has the ability to change homepage? Some users may take hasty steps to click on the “Repair Now” button after they get scan results. Obsessed with reaching the goal of cleaning system fully within seconds, they spare no time for checking if the search results or the files which are going to be removed are really junk, nor do they have a clear notice about the cleaner itself.

MPC Cleaner will sometimes change the browser setting forcibly besides performing fake scans and showing untrustworthy results. We may not find it unexpected once the default search engine is changed to MPC search. What happen to the search engine when we use it to search? The answer is that our searching will be redirected to some other websites. However, some victims will ignore the change when they find search engine being changed without permission as they might think that it is not risky. Have we ever considered what that little change will have become if we had clicked on any malicious link on search result? Imagine a situation, where we are searching something on this unknown search engine or scanning some regular websites that we visit as usual, suddenly there are a lot of pop up ads appear on the screen, saying that our computer is dangerous or full of junk files. The pop ups may catch our attention and seem so true and we are tempted to trust them and click on any of them, but wait a minute! That click could be the potential beginning of malware attacks or unwanted downloads we have never wanted. As the click may lead to third party downloads.

Then the main purpose of browser setting changes will be clear. Our sense become alter and we suddenly see a possibility, a realization, a conclusion, or find the answer to the problem why this cleaner changes default search engine. The risk of computer will increase as no only the fake cleaner is installed but also the browser hijacker. This may become the moment to build computer safety level. Seemingly meaningless change of browser search engine when acted upon have a potential to explode into great damages. Many malware attacks have been born from the little negative change that are unauthorized. We may have heard people saying many times that it will be dangerous as the browser is hijacked by unknown malware and it just comes to us at this moment.

No matter how do you get MPC Cleaner installed on computer, from its official website or not, you will get additonal programs after it is installed. MPC Cleaner is the main software that comes to your computer system. However, there are other programs, like MPC Adcleaner, MPC hot new shortcuts as well as its search engine page coming together with it. It must take some time for you to remove all these unwanted programs. Need a tool to help automatically remove them all? Click here to download an effective malware removal tool instantly.


MPC Cleaner Removal Guides


One of the biggest problems that most users encounter should be the removal of MPC Cleaner.  Many victims are asking for help on forums because they want to forcibly uninstall MPC Cleaner just like how they remove other software; however, what they get is endless “access denied” and “MPC error” in the end. Even though users have tried using admin account, the deletion is always denied. Users also fail to delete its related files since this program has a lot of exe files in its folders and the files names and contents will not be showed correctly. Some famous antivirus software even cannot detect MPC Cleaner after running a full system scan. Is there no hope to uninstall MPC Cleaner program completely? The answer is no. Please try the guides given below.


Option 1: Automatically remove MPC Cleaner with SpyHunter


For most users, the chance of successfully removing the unwanted program in the manual way should be slim. Hence, it is suggested that users download and use a professional malware removal tool, such as SpyHunter, to forcibly clean the program from your PC.

About spyhunter


Download SpyHunter setup file here and save the file on your desktop.


Double click the setup file, and click Run when a dialog box appears as below.


Select your language and then click OK.


Click CONTINUE to proceed.


Accept the EULA and Privacy Policy to and click INSTALL button.

SpyHunter installation step 3

Wait for a while to complete the installation.

step 5. installtion

 Once you are prompted that the setup is successful, click EXIT.


SpyHunter will automatically run on your computer. On its main screen, find and click the Scan Computer Now button to run a malware scan on your computer.

spyhunter-scan computer now

Now SpyHunter will begin to scan for your hard drives, Windows registry and memory for suspicious threats. Once any threat (such as PUP. MPC Cleaner) is detected, it will be shown as below (Note:  It may take 20 minutes or more to finish the scanning. During this time, you can something else).


As SpyHunter finishes the scanning, you can see the total number of threats found in your computer system. You can even move the scrollbar to see all these threats’ basic information. If there is no problem, you can remove all these threats by clicking the Fix Threats button.



Kindly Reminder: If you are prompted to register in SpyHunter after clicking the Fix Threats button, please do it, so that you can continue to make all threats removed from your PC. If you want to get more detailed information about SpyHunter, please visit here.


Option 2: Manually remove MPC Cleaner by following below guide


Important Note: The manual removal guide is not the perfect solution to deal with malware, as it is, most of  the time, ineffective and risky. Any man-make mistake could result in unexpected system damage. For this reason, downloading a professional malware removal tool is the best way to avoid mistakes and remove malware from a computer completely.


Download removal tool



Self-Help Removal Guide


Step 1. Uninstall unwanted programs through Control Panel.
Step 2. End related processes and uninstall programs.
Step 3. Remove MPC Cleaner from web browsers.
Step 4. Restore web browser settings to default (optional).


Step 1. Uninstall unwanted programs through Control Panel.


For  Windows 7 & Vista:

Click the “Start“menu, and then click “Control Panel”. 1

Then, select “Uninstall a program” under “Programs” category.

uninstall a program - Windows 7

In the window that shows all installed programs, find out MPC Cleaner, select it and click on the Uninstall/Change button.


Then, select “Yes” option if a window pops up to ask if you really want to uninstall the program.

The Window will now start uninstalling the program from your system.

Repeat the steps above to uninstall other programs related to MPC Cleaner.


For Windows 8:

Access the “Start” menu by pressing the Windows key or you can hover the cursor in the bottom left corner of the desktop, when the purple icon appears, right click on it. Then, click Control Panel. Then a window will pop up. Locate and click “Program and Features”.


In the new window, you will see all programs installed on your PC currently. Find out the program you want to remove, select it and click on the Uninstall/Change button.


For Windows XP:

From desktop, click “Start” menu and then choose “Control Panel” option


In the window that opens, double click the “Add or Remove Programs” link.


Find the program you want to remove, select it and then click the “Remove” or “Change/Remove” button.


Note: If MPC Cleaner blocks the unisntaller, you will fail to remove it by using Control Panel. Or worse still, you even cannot find any related program in the list. If so, it is suggested that you directly try using an effective malware removal tool to focirbily remove it. But if you insist on the manual removal, just continue to next step.


Step 2. End related processes and uninstall programs.

Press “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” key combination, and the Task Manager will automatically pop up on screen. And then you will see all running processes in your system under the Processes tab. Now scroll down to look for the processes related to MPC Cleaner.

MPC cleaner

Once you find them out, right click the first process, and then select “Open file location”.

MPC cleaner4

After that, you will go to the file location automatically. In the folder, check all files and find the file named Adcuninstall.exe or any file looks like an uninstaller and double click it.

MPC cleaner 6

This will activate the auto uninstaller, and the uninstalling process will start. Click “Uninstall” in the window as shown below to continue.

MPC cleaner 8

The uninstalling process will take a few seconds to complete.

MPC cleaner 9

Note: If you get an error window warning saying that the Adcuninstall.exe program can’t start because XBus.dll file is missing. Just click “X” to close the error pop up window and go to the next step.

MPC cleaner 11

Go back to the Task Manager, right click on another related process and select “Open file location”.

MPC cleaner 12

Find the file name uninstaller.exe in the folder that opens, and double click on it.

MPC cleaner 13

Click the “Uninstall” option.

MPC cleaner 14

Select a reason why we want to remove it or just leave it blank. Click “Uninstall” button to continue.

MPC cleaner 15

Wait until the process is completed.

MPC cleaner 16

Go back to the Task Manager again, check if there is any related process is running. If there is, repeat the steps above to uninstall it.


Step 3. Remove MPC Cleaner from web browsers.

Some users report that this potential unwanted program will somehow change the browser settings like replacing your homepage with its own page, making its own search engine as the default, and adding additional plugins, extension or add-ons to your browsers. Thus, check every web browser installed on your computer, if there is anything being changed, reset them back.



ie iconInternet Explorer:

Open IE, click the Tools icon at the top-right corner, and then click “Manage add-ons” option from the drop-down list.

manage addon
Select “Search Provider” and delete MPC Safe Search by clicking “Remove“.

search provider

Click Tools icon again and then select “Internet Options” from list.

internet options

When the Internet Options window opens, delete  from Home page field and then click OK.



chrome icon Google Chrome:

Click the menu icon at the top right corner of the browser, and choose “Settings” option from the drop-down list.



The Settings page will open. Now click “Set pages” option.

set pages

Remove the link  from startup pages window. Then you can add you favorite start up page link into the Add a new page box and click OK.

set pages x
Go back to the Settings page, and click the “Change” option.


Remove the unwanted link from Open this page field. Put the website URL you like into the box and click OK.

changes x


firefox icon Mozilla Firefox:

Click the menu icon and selet “Options”.


In the open page, delete the unwanted link from Home Page field.



Step 4. Restore web browser settings to default (optional).

* Reset Mozilla Firefox:

Click the menu icon, and then click the question mark as shown below.

restore firefox settings_1

Then, click on “Trouble Shooting Information” option.

restore firefox settings_2

In the Firefox Troubleshooting Information page, click on Refresh Firefox button.

restore firefox settings_3

Click on Refresh Firefox button to confirm the resetting.

restore firefox settings_4


* Reset Internet Explorer:

Click on “Tools” menu icon, and then click on ” Internet Options”.

restore ie settings_1
Click the “Advanced” tab in the Internet Options window, and then click on “Reset” button.

restore ie settings_2
In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click “Reset” button.

restore ie settings_3
When resetting browser settings is completed, please click Close and then click OK.

restore ie settings_4


* Reset Google Chrome:

Click the 3-bar icon and click Settings.

restore chrome settings_1

The Chrome settings page will be opened. Scroll down to find and click “Show Advanced Settings” button.

restore chrome settings_2

Scroll down again until you see the Reset settings button and click on it.

restore chrome settings_3

In the small window that opens, click “Reset” button to continue.

restore chrome settings_4

Google Chrome will start restore the browser settings.


A Few Things Shoud Be Known:


MPC Cleaner is a computer cleaning tool that helps optimize users’ computers and makes them run faster. But in some users’ eyes, it acts like a malware program, or least a potentially unwanted program, since it often comes into users’ machines by bundling with other third-party software programs and also do something that users don’t want it to do, such as modifying browser settings. If you don’t intend to install this program on your PC, but it does get installed now, then you can remove it by following the guides given above.

Considering the problems that many other users have encountered (MPC Cleaner doesn’t show in programs list, or it requires strange permission to uninstall it), it should be a hard-to-achieve task for you to manually uninstall this potentially unwanted program. Even though we have provided the manual removal guide above, we cannot ensure it is effective, since the solutions may not be adapted to your current problems. Besides, we don’t encourage the manual removal, because it is full of risk. Any wrong operation could lead to some irreversible data loss or system damage. But if you insist on the manual removal, just do it on your own risk.

In general, the effectiveness of malware removal is determined by which method we are choosing. Some users may prefer manual removal; while some select the automatic removal without any hesitation. Who will get the quick and effective result? I think you have the answer. Actually, a common method used by the majority of users is to invest a really powerful malware removal tool, which has been proved to be more effective, time-saving and risk-free.

As long as your computers is connected to the Internet, it has the chance of being infected by malware, so it needs a high level of protection. Now you can download an exclusive malware removal tool to help delete MPC Cleaner and further build up safety level for your PC.



The following video offers a complete guide for MPC Cleaner PUP (potentially unwanted program) removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!


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