How to Uninstall Mustang Browser

What can we do when we get an unknown new browser named Mustang Browser installed on computer? What should we do if it is set to be default browser without our permission? Is there any way to stop it keeping running on system? What should we do if we want to completely remove it and clear malicious traces? Keep reading to find answers.

A Brief Introduction about Mustang Browser

One of the bad things about chromium based web browser like Mustang Browser is that when they want to get installed on our computers, they always claim to be useful. However, when we have a problem, we sometimes are unable to appeal for help and we will often can not get help from its developers. We may not believe how many users try to remove this browser when they find it being installed on system along with other programs. A lot of us have never noticed the unwanted installation until it has completely controlled browsing settings. At the beginning, this program will claims that it is a legitimate program that helps to improve browsing experiences and stop users from being hacked by malware during browsing. As a matter of fact, this browser is not as good as it claims. As time goes by, we may being busier and busier with dealing with the troubles it triggers, such as changes of default web browser, high system resources consumption, poor internet connection and other unexpected troubles. In this circumstance, we should not forgive the reason why this unwanted web browser tries to get installed on our computer and change default settings.

Mustang Browser

There are a great many kinds of troubles of Mustang Browser. First of all, this web browser is a kind of potential unwanted program due to the changes it makes on system. With this program running, we are more likely to visit malicious websites when we surf the internet as this browser will somehow show us some redirect links. Furthermore, such web browser can collect our browsing traces for purpose. As we browse the internet by using this browser, all the browsing details like which site we have just visited, what keywords we have searched and what products we have just purchased online will be collected by third parties. Moreover, this program will be added to startup item, as a result, it can automatically activated as long as the computer is loading. The last but not the least, it reflects our browsing and makes it worse as it is an risky web browser which is not safe to use.

Mustang Browser is detected by SpyHunter:

When we use SpyHunter to scan a computer which has Mustang Browser installed, we see that SpyHunter regard it as a potential unwanted program. Actually, potential unwanted program is not categorized as computer virus. To be detailed, Mustang Browser is not classified as virus but a unwanted program. It is just not wanted by users. However, a potential unwanted program will threaten computer potentially as it will introduce other malicious and dangerous programs to infect computer sometimes. To remove Mustang Browser and avoid other risky viruses, download SpyHunter to remove it.

Mustang Browser 2

How does Mustang Browser install on system?

The fact of installation of Mustang Browser will be an question for those who do not have agree to download this program and who are afflicted with the annoying redirection and pop up ads. Even the most experienced user will not easier to tell the answer. When this program want to attain the installation without permission, it must rely on other programs. The gate that guard computer safety would not able to detect its installation as it is attached to other programs through hiding behind bundles box. It is true that we can not always choose all of our programs as some program will bring other software forcibly. But the third party like this, we can. Unwanted bundle is potentially unwanted, good or not. The great thing to realize is that we actually have the power to stop malicious bundles as we can uncheck them from bundles box before installing. We just do not need to let these potential unwanted program get inside system. And this may free us up to be hacked and annoyed.



How to Uninstall Mustang Browser

Step one. End related process from task manager
Step two. Uninstall unwanted program through control panel
Step three. Remove unknown browser extensions and add-on
Step four. Clear malicious traces from system completely


Manual removal requires computer skills and there is no manual removal without mistakes. The kind of skill required for manual removal is the one that not everyone can handle. If you want to remove safely, do use professional removal tool below:

Download removal tool

Detailed Removal Guide:

Step one. End related process from task manager
Press “Ctrl” “Alt” and “Delete” keys all together from keyboard, then the main interface of task manager will automatically pop up on screen. (Or, we can just right click on desktop first, and then select “task manager option”)


As the main interface of task manager is opened, check all processes which are running on system right now on system with or without permission. Scroll down to the bottom of list and check all processes, once there is any unknown process or any suspicious processes is found, select them and click “end process” button to stop them.


(Note: if we are not running Chrome browser right now but we just find a process named “chrome” or nay process relates to “chrome”, we should be careful that this might be the chromium based web browser we need to end. Sometimes we need to check the “description” of them to distinguish which is the suspicious process since most of malicious program will change the name randomly to avoid being removed. )

Click on the process we want to remove, then select “end process” option

Usually, there might be a pop up window asking that whether we want to remove this process, just click “end process” option again to confirm.

Repeat this step and remove all suspicious processes one by one

Step two. Uninstall unwanted program through control panel
To open control panel from different operating system:
windows 8:
Press windows key to access the “start” screen. ( or you can hover the cursor in the bottom left corner of the desktop.)

Select control panel from main list, and then click “programs and features” option


After, all programs installed on computer will be listed

Windows 7 & Vista:
From the start menu, click “control panel” and then select “program” option(or, directly click “uninstall a program” under “programs” option


After, all programs installed on computer will be listed

Windows XP:
From desktop, select “start” menu. Then choose “control panel” option
Go to control panel window and then select “add or remove programs” button


After, all programs installed on computer will be listed

To uninstall unwanted program:

Select on the Mustang Browser program we want to uninstall from computer, then click “uninstall” or “change/uninstall” button to start uninstalling


As a result, we will get a new po up window asking us if we are sure we want to uninstall Mustang Browser. Usually, it will offers some options, we can select the reason why we want to uninstall it or just leave it blank.


Then click “uninstall” option to continue


The uninstalling process will automatically run, just wait a few minutes to complete


As the uninstalling process is finished, close control panel and continue

Step three. Remove unknown browser extensions and add-on

Remove addon from Internet Explorer:
open IE, click the menu icon at the top right corner

move to click “manage addon” option from drop-down list

ie 1-1
select target extension from new tab and click “disable”to remove target extension completely


Remove extension from Google Chrome:
open Chrome, click the menu icon at the top right corner
move to click “settings” and select “extensions”

click on the unwanted extension and click “remove” to delete it


Remove extension from Mozilla Firefox
open Firefox, click on the menu icon at the top right corner

move to “add on” section, select “extensions”

safesearch  ffox
choose the unwanted extension and click “remove”

Step four. Clear malicious traces from system completely

Mustang Browser creates the following file(s):
# File Name Size Detection Count

1 %WINDIR%System32TasksMustangBrowserUpdateUA
2 %WINDIR%System32TasksMustangBrowserUpdateCore
3 %LOCALAPPDATA%Mustang BrowserUser DataDefaultExtensionsjbnigdjidpojohhcnidkeafpaghknepm
4 %UserProfile%Local SettingsApplication DataMustang BrowserUser DataDefaultExtensionsjbnigdjidpojohhcnidkeafpaghknepm
5 %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%Mustang Browser
6 %USERPROFILE%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsMustang Browser
7 %APPDATA%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsMustang Browser
8 %ALLUSERSPROFILE%Start MenuProgramsMustang Browser
9 %USERPROFILE%Local SettingsApplication DataMustang Browser %LOCALAPPDATA%Mustang Browser
11 Mustang.exe
12 C:Program FilesMustang BrowserUninstall.exe

Mustang Browser creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionScheduleTaskCacheTreeMustangBrowserUpdateCore
SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionScheduleTaskCacheTreeMustangBrowserUpdateUA
SOFTWAREWow6432NodeClientsStartMenuInternetMustang Browser
SOFTWAREClientsStartMenuInternetMustang Browser
SoftwareMustang Browser

Note: If you are not able to remove the above malicious registry and files by yourself or have no idea how to remove them, please follow the removal guide below:

Step 1. Download SpyHunter Here and Save related files.

download SPYHUNTER



Step 2. Double click the Exe file, choose run.


There will be a language option window pop up, select your language and then click OK.

step 2. languageoption

Step 3. Click continue to forward SpyHunter installer

step 3. spyhunter installer

Step 4. Accept EULA and Privacy Policy to End User License Agreements

step 4. User License Agreements

Step 5. Wait several seconds to complete the installation

step 5. installtion

Step 6. Once the installation is completed, click exit.

step 6. exit

Step 7. Right now, SpyHunter is automatically running on your computer, run a entirely scan on your computer.

step . scan

Note: Do not worry if SpyHunter automatically updates because it will update at the beginning once you download an old version.

Step 8. As long as the scan is finished, remove all threats from your computer by clicking Fix Threats.


SpyHunter is a professional removal tool. One of the primary purpose of SpyHunter is to remove and uninstall potential unwanted programs. How can we accomplish this goal if we do not have any experience of uninstalling and removing malicious programs and traces? Granted, SpyHunter will take effective. This is a tool which can be used to remove virus, malware, traces and uninstall third parties. It is one of the top ten tools which are recommended by many computer experts and users. Using SpyHunter can help to stop browser hijacker when we are brpwsing the web, making browser hijacker can not change the default browsing settings without asking for permission. SpyHunter aims at helping computer users stop virus, back up data ans uninstall potential unwanted programs which threaten our computer. If we need a trustworthy tool, just choose SpyHunter!


The following video offers a complete guide for Mustang Browser PUP (potentially unwanted program) removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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