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Nowadays, more and more software development processes are moving onto the web, and so does malware. Cyber criminals not only strive to develop new malware to attack computers every day, but also gradually move on to creating new fake search engines and search websites to misdirect Internet users to a specific page hosting malware or embedding ads. However, most of Internet users are still not aware that there are a lot of search engines that can pose a serious threat to their computers security. Commonly, a piece of malicious software has a lot to do with a malicious website. If you encounter a malware, it may change your homepage and search engine while it is being installed. The modified homepage could be its official site or affiliated site which usually is of no value and the search engine is fake. If you think the purpose of a fake search engine is solely to increase its number of downloads, it means you don’t realize how much harm it will do to your computer yet. Promoting their products is just one of their tasks, by using a fake search engine, cyber criminals are able to guide you to pages that serve up commercial ads or other malware. Or even worse, they can invade into your system via bugs on system or security software and modify core settings for their own needs. Do I need to emphasize the danger of annoying ads and malware? Similarly, if you enter an unsafe website, it may download and install an unauthorized program on your computer without your consent. All stealthy behaviors get started at the moment you open that perilous website and everything will be done soon even before you perceive that. Malware and fake search engine has a close relationship so sometimes it is hard to analyze them separately without mentioning the other one.
It was observed that a site whose domain is has become a worry for many Windows users. in forum
This is a screenshot I captured from an online forum. According to the statement by this victim, his computer got this infection after he downloaded and installed a free application. He had no intention of getting a program like All he wanted is just the freeware, but somehow this address has appeared on his browser and could not get removed. It is obvious that this malicious website was introduced by the freeware and it soon took actions to change the target user’s browser setting after it got into the system successfully. It is a typical instance about how a fake search engine gets installed on a computer without users’ knowledge. Actually, there are more channels for a bogus search engine to do that: invasion way

I found that there is a malware that may be the source to spread as that malware has a similar name: NewTabTV. This software has its own website and users can download the program from it freely. It claims that its program has the ability to turn your browser into TV media center so users can watch thousands of TV shows on their computers as long as they install the extension. However, the installation of the extension is free, but some services require registration. It would be fine if the extension is as helpful as the statement, but the truth will get you disappointed and exasperated. When I was trying to download the extension, a floating banner promoted me to click “Allow” to install the extension on my browser, at that time I noticed that this extension will change my newtab and default browser settings. In most cases, users will not read the following sentences as they are long and seems unimportant, so they just go straight to install the extension and later surprisedly find their homepage and search engine was changed.

install extension

No one would like to get a totally strange page to be set as the default homepage particularly when this action will be done without his authorization, but such things always happen because users habitually skip the long sentences and passages which usually contain important messages. Once you download NewTabTV and install it on your browser, your all default settings to your browser will automatically change. The homepage will become and the search engine will be NewTabTV.
Moreover, this unsafe website can be more intrusive than you can image. You can never judge a person solely by their appearance, but you can do it according to his actions and motivation, and this can also apply to judging a website. It is hard to tell if a person is a robber by what he puts on, similarly, even if you see a website with a simple, user-friendly design, you can’t just believe it immediately. There is nothing unusual you can find from the observations about the interface of this website. It seems as normal and non-threatening as any other search page. Its website design is extremely simple and you can’t even see a website logo or Search Criteria Categories on it. Most PC users believe that if a website contains a lot of useless contents like promotional ads, this website must be harmful and valueless. However, a web page without enough content to fill the page is possibly a malicious website as the website owner has no intention of building a real website providing useful information to Internet users. Actually, the website owner makes use of this web page to deliver commercial contents from the server to infected computers, so he will not make great effort to design and enrich website content since these are not included in his plan. By the screenshot below you can see this website is almost an empty field:

For now there is nothing special about this website as it is similar to other browser hijacker. Until I had used it to do search with a randomly picked word, I was surprised by the new page that I brought to: it is Bing. I thought a well-known web search engine like Bing will never has connection with unfair tricks for rerouting Internet users, but it seems I was wrong. When I pressed Enter after I typed the search term in the search box, the page of Bing was present in front of me. It’s not exactly clear yet if Microsoft is behind this devious redirection. Anyway, is not a secure website that you can trust, even though some security websites has classified it as a temporarily safe website, it is not recommended that you open this site for it contains potential risks.

Online Safety Report for

Testing agency Summary  Last Test on
AVG_Threat_Labs Currently Safe Sept. 13, 2015
McAfee SiteAdvisor logo This link is safe Sept. 13, 2015
NortonTM Safe Web logo This site has not been tested yet Sept. 13, 2015

All the three online website security scanners are definitely professional and reputable computer security companies, however their reports of this website indicate that it is safe to visit this website for Internet users. Oppositely, when I checked this site on another security site, I got the most detailed information about this tricky website and the proof that it is indeed an unsafe website. report1png

At first it told me that this site is not trustworthy and may not be safe not use for its real location is hidden by its founder deliberately. report1

In the detail report, we can see that this website has only existed for a very short time and it is only created not long ago. What makes it more suspicious is that its expected life is only one year which means that the owner did not intend to keep this website for a long time. Everything about this website seems weird and perverse, but it makes sense if it is used as a medium for some ulterior motives. Some users may doubt about the reliability and truth of this report as there are some big differences in it. Of course, the other sites like Norton and McAfee are qualified to do test on websites based on their own criteria, but is unique because its team is able to collect information from various sources and make a more detailed report for users. Though the search results of this website are from Bing, there could be unknown dangers waiting for you if you keep using it. Such a perilous website can insert text ads or other malicious URL to the search results or the page you currently visit in order to boost the website traffic. Be aware that your personal data that have been stored on your browser like username and passwords to your online banking account, your telephone number and things like that are not safe anymore. This website is able to gather your personal information and send them to hackers or other third party without your knowledge. You may face financial loss or identity theft that could cause you great losses. If you want to get rid of this browser hijacker, it is advised that you uninstall the related malware first and then change your settings back when all traces have been deleted entirely. If you are looking for an effective way to remove it quickly and safely, I will also provide the best solutions to help your with this issue.

How to Remove

Using a reputable removal tool is the safest and the fastest way to eliminate the browser hijacker. The removal tool will automatically find out the location of this threat and all infected files and the additional programs installed by it. The manual is time-consuming and it is easily to make mistake during the process, besides, it is difficult to exactly delete the malicious program for the users who are not familiar with computer management. All you need is to download a security program and install it on your computer, and then the tool will do the rest automatically. However, if you insist to perform the operation by yourself, there are manual removal guide with pictures that can help you do it more safely in steps.

Top 3 Malware Removal Tool



This one of the best removal tool in 2015 according to No-Adware, an institution provides Internet users with the latest and authentic information about malware removal. It does regular checks on your computer systems and detects potentially harmful programs including remained cookies and registry keys. Though the removal service is not included in its free edition, users can delete the detected threats by themselves as the positions of the threats are listed in SpyHunter. It would be easier if you register for this anti-malware program.
STEP 1 Download Spyhunter on your system

Download SpyHunter Now

STEP 2 Select your language

step 2. languageoption

STEP 3 Wait for preliminary preparation




STEP 5 Accept the EULA and Privacy Policy and click INSTALL


STEP 6 Exit the installer
STEP 7 Launch a new scan


STEP 8 Fix threats




STEP 1 Download Malwarebytes on your computer

download MalwareBytes now

STEP 2 Select the language of the installation

MalwareBytes 1

STEP 3 Click on Next


STEP 4 Accept the agreement and click Next

MalwareBytes 3

STEP 5 If you want to change the installation position, click Browse

MalwareBytes 5

STEP 6 Confirm the installation information and click on Install if they are correct

Malwarebytes 8

STEP 7 Click Finish to exit the setup process

MalwareBytes 10

STEP 8 A quick scan will automatically start

malwarebytes scanning

STEP 9 Click on Finish to remove the threats

scan finish

Max Spyware Detector

STEP 1 Download Max Spyware Detector on your computer

dwonload Max Spyware Detector

STEP2 Select setup language

maxspywaredetector installation 3

STEP 3 Click on Next

maxspywaredetector installation 4

STEP 4 Accept the license agreement and click on Next

maxspywaredetector installation 5

STEP 5 Once the program is initialized, a quick scan for your computer will start

maxspywaredetector start scan

STEP 6 Fix issues now

maxspywaredetector scan results

Remove Manually

STEP 1 Remove malicious extension from your browser
1. Click Menu icon and select Add-ons

remove NewtabTV from Firefox 1

2. Remove NewTabTV from Extensions

remove NewtabTV from Firefox 2

STEP 2 Change the homepage back

firefox logo
1. Open your browser and select Options under menu

change homepage1

2. In General section, enter a new web address to replace the unwanted website in the address bar

change homepage

ie logo2

1. Open your IE browser and select Internet options from Tools menu

change homepage in IE1

2. In General tab, enter the website address that you want to set as homepage in Home page section and click on OK

change homepage in IE2


1. Open your Chrome browser and click the Chrome menu >Settings

change homepage in chrome1

2. Under “Appearance”, click on Change to set your homepage

change homepage in chrome2


The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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