Instructions to Remove Kangaroo Ransomware

Hello, my laptop has been infected with Kangaroo Ransomware recently. My antivirus program detects the ransomware but can’t remove it. Moreover, my files have been encrypted. These encrypted files include my paper, which is related to my graduation. I am not sure whether I can meet the deadline if I rewrite the paper. So I really want to get my files back. Is there something else I need to do? How to remove the Ransomware? Please help me!



What is Kangaroo Ransomware?


Kangaroo Ransomware is a new variant of Apocalypse, which belongs to file-encrypting ransomware group. Before presence of Kangaroo, Esmeralda Ransomware ( another variant of Apocalypse ) has emerged. Similar to other ransomware, Kangaroo Ransomware is able to encrypt victims’ files and demand a ransom note. Common file types will be the target during the encryption. But the ransomware can be identified by some details. the ransomware utilizes AES algorithm to encrypted files, whose names will be appended with the “.crypted_file” extension. For example, “sample.txt” becomes “sample.txt. crypted_file”. Meanwhile, text files which contain a ransom-demand message are also created. A pop-up window which contains identical ransom-demand information also appears in front of you.


Here is a screenshot of the pop-up message:


How to Search for Your Encrypted Files?


Here is a screenshot of the text file named “*.crypted_file.Instructions_Data_Recovery.txt



Information included in Kangaroo’s ransom note:

Windows has encountered a critical problem and needs your immediate action to recover your data. The system access is locked and all the data have been encrypted to avoid the information be published or misused. You will not be able to access to your files and ignoring this message may cause the total loss of the data. We are sorry for the inconvenenience.

You have to contact the email below along with your Personal Identification ID to restore the data of your system.

Your Personal Identification ID: –


You will have to order the Unlock-Password and the Kangaroo Decryption Software. All the instructions will be sent to you by email.


The main contents are concluded as follows:

  1. Report of your computer problem and the necessity of data recovery.
  2. The reason that your data has been encrypted is for protect your information.
  3. It provides contact information and express willingness to help you to solve the problem.
  4. The importance of downloading Kangaroo Decryption and following their instructions.


Do you believe words from the ransom note? Is what it says true?

At first, you can’t verity the message that the computer went wrong as the ransom note says. Instead, it is certain that the biggest problem in front of you should be data encryption, created by the ransomware. In order to conceal its real intention, the ransomware gives an excuse to tell you that the encryption is actually “protection”. In other words, it’s just another tactic to scare victims and encourage them to pay the ransom. Developers of the ransomware know victims’ eagerness to decrypt their files and then provide their methods warmly. Actually, it is almost impossible to decrypt your files without a unique key, which is usually stored on remote servers of Kangaroo’s developers. However, the method provided by Kangaroo’ developers is the detailed payment instruction, which you can receive from the email address named The instruction tells you how to purchase Kangaroo Decryption and size of the ransom. A victim needs to pay 500 ~ 1200 US Dollars in Bitcoins for these encrypted files. Although the cost is high, many victims still fall into the trap because they want to decrypt their files. That is exactly what cyber criminals want. The money victims pay for encrypted files will be used to create more ransomware and support malicious activities of cyber criminals. Therefore, please think twice before you make the decision.


Note: Before carrying out any data recovery methods, please make sure Kangaroo Ransomware has been removed from your computer. If you don’t remove it in time, the ransomware will encrypt more files and lead to failure of recovery process. Therefore, users are recommended to remove the ransomware as soon as possible.



Overview of Kangaroo Ransomware

Threat Name


Risk Level



Ransomware ; Malware

Affected System

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10

Identical Versions

Apocalypse Ransomware

Esmeralda Ransomware

Symptoms: It will append .encrypted extension Symptoms: The files are renamed in …”crypted” _file
Decryptor: Encrypted files can be released by Emisoft decryptor Decryptor: not published


Encrypt important files, lock targeted computer, demand a ransom payment.

Distribution Methods

Via spam email, email attachments, malicious Exploit kits, trustless websites, update notifications.

Removal Guide

Read the post or download Kangaroo Ransomware removal tool now!

How Does Kangaroo Ransomware Encrypt Your Files?


As mentioned earlier, Kangaroo encrypts target files via AES encoding cipher. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is also known as Rijndael (its original name), which becomes one of popular algorithms in Symmetric-key algorithm. Similar to other kinds of Symmetric-key algorithm, both encryption and decryption use the same key. One needs select a key and then encrypt plaintext. The encrypted plaintext is called cipher text. The victim must use the same key to decrypt cipher text, otherwise he/she can’t access these files. Due to simplicity and high speed of encryption process, the ransomware uses the kind of algorithm. Moreover, the algorithm is faster. In contrast to Symmetric Cryptography, Asymmetric Cryptography uses different keys (a public key and a private key) in encryption and decryption. Another type of encryption named Hash Functions (One-Way cryptography ) have no key because the plaintext can’t be recovered from the ciphertext.


When the ransomware lands on a victim’s PC, it will target sensitive and personal files on the PC. Some files that contain business records, financial data and important video file will be locked easier. Once these files are identified, the ransomware will encrypt them by using a key developers selected.


Has Kangaroo Ransomware infected your computer?

Have no idea how to deal with it?

Why not try the guide below?

The Brief Introduction of Removal Guide

Reboot our Computer in Safe Mode

How to Recover Files

Run a Scan with Anti-Malware Tool again (Alternatively)

How to Back up Your Computer?



Reboot Our Computer in Safe Mode


What is Safe Mode?

“Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode of a computer operating system. It can also refer to a mode of operation by application software. Safe mode is intended to help fix most, if not all problems within an operating system. It is also widely used for removing rogue security software.”



For Windows 7, XP & Vista

Make sure all USB, CDs, DVDs are out of your computer

Click on Restart from Start menu



Tap F8 key repeatly before Windows logo appear. F8 key is to initiate Advanced Boot Options menu.


When the Advanced Boot Options screen appears, please select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking by using the up and down arrow keys and then hit Enter key.


And then you will see a black background and a pop-up window, which means that you have entered Safe Mode.


For Windows 8 & 10

Open Start menu or Charms menu

→Click on Start button (Windows 10)

→Press Windows + C keys to open the Charms menu, and then click Settings (Windows 8)

Whilst holding down Shift button, click on Power and then click Restart.


After reboot, you will be in Windows 8/10 boot menu, please choose Troubleshot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart


Startup Settings menu will appear again , press F4 or F5 from the options below.startupsettings


Manually Remove Kangaroo Ransomware from Your Computer


It is difficult to detect Kangaroo Ransomware because it may hide itself. So, users are recommended to perform System Restore to fix some computer problems.


Perform System Restore


Click on System Restore from Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools


When System Restore window shows up and gives users a brief introduction of its features, please select “Next” to go on.


Select Recommended restore or Choose a different restore point, and then click Next button.


Note: If you are not sure recommended restore is one that can help you, please opt for Choose a different restore point.

Recent restore points will show in a list, please select one restore point when your computer didn’t get infected Kangaroo Ransomware.systemresotrepoint

Click Next to go on.


When the Confirm your restore point window appears, click Finish to initiate the System Restore.


Click Yes when you are asked “Once started, System Restore cannot be interrupted. Do you want to continue?


Note: System Restore cannot be undone until it has completed. If System Restore is being run in safe mode or from the System Recovery Options menu, it cannot be undone.


To complete System Restore, the Windows will shut down. You need to wait for several minutes before the System Restore process completes. Once the process completes successfully, you will see the dialogue box below.


Click Close.


Now your computer has been reverted to the restore point you have selected. If the problems still exists, you can choose another restore point and perform System Restore again. Can’t find restore points? That’s because you didn’t back up your Windows Settings. So it is not a best choice for most of users to use manual removal. You are recommended to follow automatic removal guide to remove Kangaroo Ransomware.



Automatically Remove Kangaroo Ransomware (Recommended)


SpyHunter is an effective anti-malware program which has gotten one of the top malware removal tools in 2016. The program can remove detected all types of computer threats including Adware, PUP, Rootkits, Trojans and other malware. Spyware Helpdesk included in SpyHunter provides users the interactive one-on-one customer support solution designed to deal with any issues that SpyHunter can’t solve automatically.


Click on the button below to download SpyHunter.


Open the downloaded file to begin the installation and then click Run to continue when a window pops up as below.




After selecting your language, click OK button.


Click Continue button.


Click Install button after choosing I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy.


Click Exit button after the installation is completed.



After you have installed SpyHunter, wait for it to automatically update.

After the update process has finished, open SpyHunter and click on “Scan Computer Now” button.

spyhunter-scan computer now

After SpyHunter has finished scanning your PC for any malicious files, click on the “Fix Threats” button to remove them automatically and permanently.

spyhumter-kangaroo ransomware

Once detected malicious items on your PC have been removed, it is highly recommended to restart your computer.


arrow_cycle_refresh_64px_3795_easyicon.netHow to Recover Files


Option 1: Use System Restore

See above


Option 2: Use Decryptors

Whether or not decryptors for Kangaroo Ransomware exist, you shouldn’t use recommended decryptors in the ransom note. Please choose trusted websites like links below to download and install decryptors:


Note: Fortunately, a decryption tool for Apocalypse ransomware (a previous version of Kangaroo) has been published. So it is believed that Kangaroo decryption tool will be developed in future.


Option 3: Using Windows Previous Versions Feature

Go to File Explorer (My Computer icon), click one folder or file that has been locked.


Right click on a folder or a file and select Properties from the pop-up menu.


Press Previous Versions tab, and then select one of Restore points when files don’t be locked and click Restore button in the pop-up window.


Click Apply and OK button to apply the changes.


Option 4: Use Shadow Explorer

Download Shadow Explorer

Follow a Shadow Explorer Setup Wizard and install the program on your computer.


Plumbytes Anti-MalwareRun a Scan with Anti-Malware Tool Again (Alternatively)

Plumbytes Anti-Malware is also a useful detection & removal tool. Sometimes it can detect computer threats that other antivirus programs may ignore. Now use Plumbytes Anti-Malware to scan your computer and delete potential infections that takes opportunities to enter your computer while you are struggling with Kangaroo Ransomware.


Download Plumbytes Anti-Malware from the button below.

Plumbytes Anti-Malware


Install Plumbytes Anti-Malware by clicking INSTALL.



After installation is done, run Plumbytes Anti-Malware by double-clicking on (or Plumbytes Anti-Malware will run automatically).

Plumbytes Anti-Malware icon

Go to OVERVIEW, and then click Run a scan.plumbytes-screenshot

After scan is completed, all detected items will show in the list.



Restart the computer if you are required by the program.


Not all computer problems are created by malware. If you don’t know which category your problem belongs to, you can go to computer specialists for help. Now PCKeeper Antivirus provides one-to-one assistance. Many advanced security software provides machine help, while PCKeeper Antivirus provides real human help. So you can enjoy better system care designed for your computer only.


Download and install PCKeeper Antivirus, and then run PCKeeper Antivirus.

PCKeeper Antivirus

After installation is finished, you need to wait for completion of Gathering Data.

Install PCKeeper Antivirus Pro 3

Click Show Support Bar on the right side of the screen.

Show Support Bar

Note: It is suggested to give brief descriptions of the problem and submit screenshots as far as possible.

Blue_External_Drive_Backup_64px_1062304_easyicon.netHow to Back up Your Computer?

Right click on My Computer icon (File Explorer) and select Properties.


A window that contains information about your computer pops up, you need to click System Protection on the left side of the window.


Click Create… button after the System Properties window pops up,


You are asked to type a description to help you identify the restore point (the current date and time are added automatically).


Click Create button to initiate “Creating a restore point” process.


The restore point was created successfully when you see the window below.

systemsucess (1)

Navigate to System Properties, and click System Restore…


Click Next button and you will see the restore point you have created in the list.



Warm Reminder: Keep in mind that you should back up your computer regularly. When you detect traces of Kangaroo Ransomware on your computer, you should try to make screenshots of infected computer, which are used for finding solutions in future. Before decryption, you are recommended to remove Kangaroo Ransomware firstly in order to avoid occurence of serious computer problems like information leakage. Although it is difficult to decrypt files locked by Kangaroo Ransomware, you still try methods suggested in the post.




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Remove CryptXXX Ransomware and Restore the Encrypted Files

Locky Ransomware – How to Remove Locky Ransomware from Your PC?



The following video offers a complete guide for Kangaroo Ransomware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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