Manual Removal Guide-How to Remove from Computer Step by Step

No one gets into online search to be a victim. If we have a rough day at browsing via using, it is recommended to remove it. But if it seems be able to function just like other regular search engines, we will not be eventually suffocate, and if we are smart enough, we will not utilize another search program besides the one we trust.

What Is – Brief Introduction?

We hate to be the one to tell net users this, but the infection of gets real fast. Majority of net users who are seeking for help on different computer forums turn out to be victims of browser hijacker. An experienced computer user will not constantly be surprised by any troubles made by this search program. For instance, if we get this site automatically showed up on the homepage of any web browser, it indicates that this site has changed the homepage and startup page of the browser we use, in anther word, it has hijacked the browser via changing settings.12

We know, the fact that it is a browser hijacker is kind of obvious, but important nonetheless. Do not get involved with a browser hijacker which wants to get us to use unwanted search providers and engines. Or we will end up turning our computer with random ads popping up. If this is a good search engine, it will bring us conveniences but not annoyance. We have never met a search engine which will convinced us to download any programs or click any pop up contents because regular search engine will help us improve our searching or browsing. If a search engine only display commercial contents and advertising pop ups that are not relevant to what we want, this is a situation that nobody would lot slide – not even a inexperienced user. A search engine featuring with browser-hijack always goes with advertisements that serve for promoters – all it needs is the help of this infection but not our agreement. The development of this engine is an excellent way to make money plus gather personal details.3

There are plenty of events and occasions when we need to search information online as we turn on our computers. Famous search engines like Google is highly value. If we are aware of the replacements of homepage and search engine, accessories and other kinds of unique objects, it is suggests that we must scan the system. Then we are able to check if there are any infections on the system. When taking about identity theft, less than 9 percent of computer users know about the collection of personal data, compared to 8percent when users speak about the top topic – spy. Some users only know that hackers are able get remote access to the computer via infections, and that make people feel bad. The developers of this program may realize that computer users will not use this search engine for a long term, the instant connections need to be more powerful than many long-term, so, they make it spare no efforts to gather any data as long as it is used. In other words, the activities we perform on the infected web browsers are spied, at the same time, the data we transform will be recorded, including the keywords we search, the sites we visit and the email we log in.45

We say that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Practice will prove whether it is right for us to remove it or use it. Instead of stating the detriments with long paragraphs, though, we need some practices to examine the facts.

First, go to the homepage of, search any keywords by using the search engine provided by this site.

Second, when the search results are displayed on the pages, ,check if there are any commercial contents.

As we can see from the below picture, we search the keyword “virus removal”, what come into our sight at the beginning are some commercial ads at the top of the regular results. The ads might increase the risks of virus attacks and programs downloads.

Besides, users who use this search engine are found to have lower security defense on computer for they do not get any warnings when this program gets installed. Computer experts say that the risks are down to the ads demonstration – they can be any carries to distribute virus and programs – which can be saved on the computer once they are clicked. As we encounter the ads, we should stop using this engine after we see benefits on large scale to those unexpected for stopping ads, reducing the risks of viruses or increasing the security defense level of our computer.6
The auto-fix tools given below are great for browser hijacker removal and other potential threats that are really harmful to our computer. If we do not have any removal skills, then the removal tools will be the key of virus removal. Using manual removal, malicious files and registry are something we need to delete all by ourselves. That is eventually what we will make mistakes if we do not have any related experiences. Do not take any risks, please download auto-fix tool for removal.

removal tools

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Manual Removal Guide-How to Remove from Computer Step by Step


Open Internet Explorer, if the homepage is changed to, this is a sign indicating that it has been hijacked. Homepage is the most obvious symptom is that the homepage is set to be a strange site without permission. Sometimes the search engine will be hijacked, too.

As we find the homepage is changed, we should remove the hijacker page and rest settings.1

* Reset homepage of Internet Explorer

To remove, go to the Menu button in the right corner, select “Internet Options”2

The address is entered on the homepage line, making it able to be the default homepage of Internet Explorer. Thus, we should remove this address from homepage line.3

Instead, enter a new address to be the homepage, such as, and

After, click “OK” option at the bottom to save the changes we make

* Remove unwanted search providers from Firefox

Click menu icon agian, select “manage add-ons”5

Go to the “manage add-ons” window, select “search providers” on the left side6

we need to emove “4-you” search provider from the list as it has been set to be default7

Before removing it, set another provider to be default first

Click on any reliable search provider on the list, such as Google and Bing, move to click “set as default” option to make it default8

Then, click “4-you” search provider, select “remove” to delete it9

As the malicious provider is removed and another is set to be default, click “OK” to save the changes10

* Clear Internet Explorer properties

Right-click internet explorer shortcut, select “properties”111

The sign of properties modification is that there will be a new address is entered after “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”11

Note: the “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe” is the default address entered on the target filed, we can not remove it, do leave it on the box

After removing the malicious address from target filed, click “OK” to save the modification12

Google Chrome

Open the homepage of Google Chrome, if automatically pops up on the startup page, do note that we can not click anywhere on this page. And do remove it from Google Chrome immediately.1

Go to the main menu icon at the top-right corner of the page, select “settings” on the drop-down list2

Go to the “settings” window, we can reset startup page, homepage and search engine here

-Reset startup page

On startup section, click “set pages”3

If the startup page is changed to, remove it4

Move the mouse to the end of the address, there is a “X” mark, click it to remove this site from startup page5

After, click “OK” for saving6

-Reset homepage

Go to the “appearance” section, “√” “show home button”, if is displayed, it suggests that the homepage is changed to this domain7

To reset homepage, click “change” option8

The settings of homepage is changed, is set to be the default homepage when we run Google Chrome9

Then, click “OK”, the changes will be saved and the window will be automatically closed10

-Reset search engine

Click “manage search engines….” on “search” section11

If the search engine is changed to, we should make another search engine to be default first.

Select a favorite search engine, move mouse to the end of the address we select, click “make default” option there.12

Then click “X” at the end of search engine, remove it from the list13

Click “done” to confirm our removal14

* Clear Google Chrome properties

Right-click Google Chrome shortcut, select “properties” on the list12

Go to “Google Chrome Properties” window, remove entered after “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”15

Do note that we can not remove “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” for it is the default setting of Google Chrome properties.

After we remove malicious address, click “OK”16


Click Firefox shortcut to open the startpage or homepage of Firefox, if the homepage is automatically set to, we should reset it immediately.1

*Remove search providers

To remove unwanted search providers, click the drop-down mark at the top of the page2

Select “manage search providers” option on the list3

Go to the “manage search engines list”, click “ web search”, which is one of the malicious engines powered by advertising4

After selection, click “remove” to get rid of it5

Then, click “home page”6

Select “remove” to delete it from the list completely7

Check if there are any other unwanted search providers, remove them one by one.

Finally, click “OK” to save the deletion once all malicious search providers and engines are removed.8

* Reset homepage of Firefox

Click main menu icon, select “options”9

Go to “general” window, if the homepage is set to, remove it10

Click “restore to default” option to set the homepage back to default11

Do click “OK” to save the changes we make12

*Clear Firefox properties


right click Firefox shortcut and select “properties”7

go to target filed, remove, which is entered after“C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe”13

Finally, click “OK” to save modification14

Close all web browsers.

Restart computer and check if this browser hijacker is fully removed.

This is the end of manual removal.

Worm Tips:

We are feeling a little confused thinking about whether this browser hijacker has been completely removed. Well, we can download professional antivirus software to scan the system and trace the insecure files and registry. We can choose the most suitable one below by looking for the right traits in the right one for our computer.

SpyHunter                  Malwarebytes             Max Spyware Detector

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If you have no idea about which one to choose, refer to this post here:
Antivirus Software – How to Choose the Right One for Your Computer


The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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