Manually Remove from Computer and Clean Browsers

A list of the removal of is not necessarily subjective, and the following is the real troubles a net users who really want to seek helps on computer forum, and still can not solve the trouble.123

“Every time I open Internet explorer it defaults to I have tried everything to remove this and nothing seems to work. I have searched the web and the only sites I find is refer to – which does not help. I have uninstalled the latest programs and all unfamiliar programs in Control Panel. I have reset IE, deleted all cookies and History etc. I have checked my default home page which shows it is Google. This problem started when I was downloading and installing Adobe Flash player through an employment agency website. I now get all types of popups and advertising pages appearing and disrupting my searches. I also find that other programs download onto my computer which I need to keep deleting. Since al this has been happening my computer keeps crashing (blue screen). Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

1As we will probably never encounter the infection of this threat – in fact, we are still necessary to learn more acknowledge about it for we can not make sure we will never get it. Basic information, distribution and removal details are all in this post, and we can devour every detail if we need, or we can just skip to the removal details on condition that we need to get rid of this infection in a hurry. This threat is a hot issue right now for there must be thousands of computers are invaded and more and more users are trying to find the effective removal to deal with it. And yet, this post also recommend some top antivirus software for computer protection. Most net users complain that the removal guides provided by other sites are not effective enough to delete this infection, if someone has tried the method offered here even a little, we have realized by now that it is not that difficult to remove this infection from computer and clean the affected web browsers. During the reading process, we can learn something that does benefit us and that will help to improve our sense of preventing infections. And some users may encounter the troubles like this:

“I am having troubles getting rid of because of the removal of malicious files and registry and a fear for the mistake.“

Do not worry, the post provides two removal methods for victims, both for inexperienced and experienced users. And to solve the problems, we should firstly get to know about the basic information of this threat and what kind of troubles we will get from it.

Basic Information about

Is a browser hijacker or just a regular search site? This has became a hot issue these days. The best way to find out what is the main feature of this site or its original program is to open our web browsers. All we have to do is to check the homepage and search engine. If any of the default homepage, startup page or search engine is changed to this site, that might be a sign indicating browser-hijack. Undoubtedly, it turns out to be a browser hijacker for it actually hijacks our Google Chrome, Firefox and IE. The process of facing and solving the problems caused by this infection can be quite painful and hateful. It forces us to use unreliable search engine and it will automatically set its domain to be default. There are three approaches we can take toward the infection of such browser hijacker: ignore it, remove it with antivirus software or get rid of it manually. The choice is ours. If we can have confidence in our decision to remove it quickly and launch into action without any doubts holding us back, we may be able to reset default browsers settings and remove this infection from computer completely. In other words, the sooner we clean our computers, the better. If we only do nothing but ignore it and tempt to never use the browser or even do not use the computer anymore, the consequence will be worse.2

The development of this search engine allow the developers to make profits via displaying commercial pop up contents on the web pages. This site is a browser hijacker made to be annoying and not functional, offering some untrustworthy search results and generate third party contents as we are browsing the web. There is only one main purpose of the modification of homepage and search engine, that is advertising. The advertisement showed by this search engine is an important point to get our attention. Whether we are browsing some other pages or even open the homepage only, we will get random ads on the pages we are opening. The stealthy installation of this infection suggests that some advertising may be involved for most of advertising platforms are distributed so silent. We will not previously notice the installation until we start realizing settings changes and advertisements demonstration.3

Typically, the developers launch it with a view to earn money. Once it takes control over our web browsers, no matter which site we want to open, we will get the same domain. To be more detailed, every new tab is hijacked by this browser hijacker. The pop up ads imply there has to be something beyond settings modification, its main purpose is not to replace settings but introduce advertising. Then the ads become the very dangerous thing we should avoid as they might be the carriers of other potential unwanted programs and adware. Even some of them will cause virus attacks when they are clicked.4

Possible Carries of

It is so silent but it is so true. The programs we download are the most likely causes that make our computer be attacked by this browser hijacker. A large number of free applications are the carrier of browser hijackers, adware programs and other potential unwanted programs. And the number will likely grow with the developments of infections, which is still rising as quickly as past years. The carriers of such browser hijacker can be media updates, flash players, videos and free games, surely some numbers of them are useful but most of them are invaluable. Despite the fact that we do not know such browser hijacker has been attached to the programs we are going to download, plenty of threats attach to these programs are really easy to stop. In fact, despite we can not see the installation of browser hijackers, we can still check them from the bundle boxes. People who pay attention to to installation process may find that there are two kinds of installation types we can choose before installing. One is “Full Installation” and another is “Custom Installation”. If we select “Full Installation”, all the bundles will be installed on our computer whether we like or not. On the contrary, we can check all the bundles if we select “Custom Installation”.5

Sometimes we just need to get away from pop up ads and remove this program and all its additives from system, and the below removal guides are the perfect step to do so. While the manual removal may require a bit of computer skills to delete malicious files and registry, during the process, it is not safe enough for inexperienced users. And here is a better way for unskillful users which is to download top auto-fix removal tool.

removal tools

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Manually Remove from Computer and Clean Browsers

Main steps:
-Uninstall malicious program from control panel
-Remove from infected browsers and reset settings
-Scan the entire system with antivirus software

Step one. Uninstall malicious program from control panel

We can not make sure how many malicious programs have been installed on the system, to check, we should open the control penal to find all the suspicious programs and uninstall them all at once.

To open control panel from different operating systems:1

If there are still other unwanted programs we have not installed on the computer are listed on the list, it is strongly to remove them.

Step two. Remove from browsers and reset settings


Open Chrome, as we can see that the homepage is set to be, this is a sign indicating that the Google Chrome is hijacked by this browser hijacker.2

To remove it, we need to go to the homepage settings, click the menu icon to open the drop-down list, and then select “settings” option3

When the “settings” page is opened, move to “On startup” section. On this section, we can changes the start-up page which has been hijacked by browser hijacker via setting it back to default.

Click “Set pages” option on this section4

It is clear that the default page is changed to with no permission5

To remove it, we should click the “X” mark at the end of this address6

As long as it is deleted, do not forgive to click “OK” to confirm the change7

Once the startup page is reset, we should continue resetting homepage on “Appearance” section for the homepage is also hijacked.8

On the “Appearance” section, click “change”9

The home page option is selected to be “open this”, and that is the main reason for the hijack of homepage.10

Remove this address from the option first, make it to be blank11

Then click “OK” to save the modification12

After resetting the startup page and homepage, we should set the default search engine back

Click “manage search engines…” on “search” section13

Remove unwanted search engine by clicking “X”14

It is not done yet. We still need to clear the “properties” of Google Chrome

Right-click the Chrome shortcut on desktop, move to “properties”15

Go to the target filed, a new address is entered after “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”, remove it16

Leave “C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” only17

Do not forgive to click “OK” for confirming18


Open Internet Explorer, the homepage is changed to and there are many related advertising contents are filling up the page1

Click “settings” mark at the top right corner of the page to open the drop-down list, then select “internet options”2

Remove from the homepage filed3

Option 1: we can enter a new address to be default homepage like or


  • Enter a new address on the address box



Option 2: click “use default” option to set the homepage back to default

Click “use default” option below the address box5

No matter which option we choose, do click “apply” to confirm6

Continually, it is recommended to clear related browsing history

Click “delete…” option7

“√” the related data filed:

*Preserve Favorites Websites Data
*Temporary Internet Files and Websites Files
*Cookies and Websites Data

Then click “delete” to clear the selected data9

Click “OK” to save all changes10

The target filed of IE is also changed by browser hijacker

To reset it, right-click the shortcut of IE on the desktop, move to “properties”11

Remove the address entered after “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe”12

Leave C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe only13

Click “OK” to save14


Open Firefox, click menu mark at the top right corner of Firefox, move to “options” on the drop-down list1

Under the “general” tab, remove from homepage filed2

And then click the “restore to default” option, this will help us reset the homepage of Firefox to default3

Then we can clearly see that the homepage filed is back to blank4

Do click “OK” for saving5

Then, check if there is any malicious extension/add-on added to Firefox

On the address bar, enter “about:addons” and press “enter” key6

If any malicious extension or add-on is found, remove them

Restart computer and check if all the web browsers are clean.
The most important step toward ensuring the security condition of our computer is to scan the whole system with antivirus software. The manual removal is not as effective as auto-fix tools. Think of the antivirus software as a part of computer security, scan the entire system every now and then. This is a process that we should repeat nearly every week to build a strong defense for computer protection.

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The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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