Manually Uninstall SlimDrivers from Computer

I just downloaded SlimDrivers days ago as I usually got troubles when I loaded some third parties programs on my laptop. So, I google the net and found that SlimDrivers is able to help manage drivers and fix some troubles that I just downloaded it from its official website. However, I was really anger that it did not only install its program on my computer but also installed a similar cleaner plus. i wanted to uninstall them all without any trace.


Basic Information about SlimDrivers

SlimDrivers is a useful application which detects PC drivers with real-time scanning and cloud technology. It helps to detect new updates of PC drivers and identifies the proper executable for PC system and initiates installed drivers automatically. It provides free updates for individual driver. According to its claims, this is the first cloud-based utility which can be used for updating and maintaining drivers. Instant optimization of interaction is provided between a computer and its system components by SlimDrivers. SlimDrivers (2)For example, it can be used to optimize the interaction between computer and printers, graphic and sound cards, motherboards, USB ports, game controllers and other devices and hardware. When there is an out-of-date driver, it will be quickly detected by SlimDrivers in the first place. Users can instantly get the latest drivers every time and all drivers will be updated to the newest versions. Once its installation is finished, it will scan computer and shows how many installed programs are out of date.  Yhus, users can use this application to update the programs it shows. However, it does not make any sence as users can not rely on it and update programs.


The Installation of SlimDrivers

Go to visit its official website and click download icon

Then accept the “terms of use” bu clicking on “I agree” button

SlimDriversSlimDrivers (1)

After that, there will pop up a windows which recommend you to install SlimCleaner Plus application. Usually, users will act too fast when they install this application and just click “accpet and install”. After, they might be confused about the appearance of SlimCleaner Plus as they have never downloaded it or agreed to download it. In fact, we are given an option when we install SlimDrivers, we can click “decline” to stop the installation of this program. But, most of us just glance at the steps and click to agree without knowing what it says.

How can I uninstall SlimDrivers without any trace? Just download Perfect Uninstaller below. Perfect Uninstaller has the free version for you which can be used to uninstall its program once you fail to do through using windows uninstall utility. There is also a paid version which can completely clean all leftovers on computer without trace.


With Perfect Uninstaller on computer, you ca easily deal with stubborn program which are difficult to uninstall fully through control panel. The Force Uninstall function can clean all unwanted software and programs within minutes. Perfect Uninstaller is also can be used for backing up system data to avoid data lost. Besides, there are still many other functions that can help you manage your computer.

Uninstall SlimDrivers by Using Perfect Uninstaller

If you do not want to download any third party program on computer to uninstall SlimDrivers, you can follow the manual removal guide below.

Note: it is not recommended to inexperienced users as it requires to manually delete related registry entries, values and data. Once users are lack of computer skills, the mistaken deletion will result in system issues and data lost.

iconClick here to download Perfect Uninstaller to unisntall SlimDirvers

click Run button and then click  Next button
Select I accept the agreement and then click Next button
click Destination Location and then click Next button
select an additional tasks  and click Next button and then click Install button to continue with the installation

Run Perfect Uninstaller, it will shows the installed programs on your computer. Find SlimDrivers,  Driverupdate and SlimCleaner Plus

select on the programs you want to uninstall, and then click “uninstall” button . After, click “yes” and follow the uninstall steps



Manually Uninstall SlimDrivers from Computer

Main steps:

Step one. Uninstall program through windows uninstall utility
Step two. Search and delete related folders and files
Step three. Clean relevant registry entries, data, values and keys



Step one. Uninstall program through windows uninstall utility

Usually, a third party program will contain an build-in uninstaller, but once we can not find its uninstaller through programs list, we can go to control panel and uninstall it by using windows uninstall utility. To open programs and features windows from different operating system:


Windows 8/10:
Click start button or window button at the lower left corner from desktop, and then select “control panel” option from list

After, select “programs and features” (or control panel under classify view)


Scroll down the list and find related program or suspicious program. Click on the program we want to uninstall, click “uninstall” option continually. From the new pop up window, select “yes” to go on when it asks us whether we are sure to uninstall it.

Then the uninstalling process will automatically start. Wait a few minutes till it finishes.

Window 7/Vista:
From the lower left corner of desktop, click “start” button and select “control panel” from main list. Continue selecting “programs and features” option, and then choose “Add/Remove programs” option

Go to the list and check all installed programs one by one.


Find the suspicious program that is relevant to this browser hijacker, click on it and then click “uninstall” button to activate uninstalling process.

Follow the uninstalling wizard until the uninstalling process is done.

Check the list again, make sure there is not any suspicious program left.

Windows XP:
From desktop, click “start” button at lower left corner, select “control panel” option from main list.
Find “uninstall a program” option and then click it

Check all programs that are installed on system from list, find related program.


Once all programs installed on computer are listed as follow, scan all of them and then find SlimDrivers in list.

Select on the program we want to uninstall, then click “uninstall” button to activate the uninstall process. After, follow the uninstall wizard step y step.

SlimDrivers (3)

Note: if you have already downloaded SlimCleaner plus when you download SlimDrivers, you would better uninstall SlimCleaner plus at the same time if you do not need it anymore. Find it and select on its program from list, then click “uninstall”.

SlimDrivers (4)

Refresh the programs list, if there are any other unwanted programs are installed, you can uninstall them optionally to spare space for computer.

Step two. Search and delete related folders and files

The windows uninstall utility can only used for uninstalling programs from computer. Once a program is installed, it brings many related data, files and folders to computer. Once the program is uninstalled by using windows uninstall utility, its related files and folders will be left on computer. So, you need to find them and delete them by yourself.


Click computer on desktop, put SlimDrivers in to search box at the top right corner to search related data in computer

SlimDrivers (5)

Once the relevant files and folders are listed, select all of them and delete.

SlimDrivers (6)

Click “yes” to confirm your deletion

SlimDrivers (7)

Do not forgive to search SlimCleaner plus if you have downloaded on computer.

SlimDrivers (8)

Delete them all

SlimDrivers (9)

Do make sure all files and folders are deleted.

Step three. Clean relevant registry entries, data, values and keys

It is not enough if you only uninstall its program and delete related files and folders from computer for there must be some registry entries are downloaded. Thus, besides program and folders, you still need to find related keys, data and values and delete them.


Click start or windows icon at the lower let corner on desktop, search “regedit” on computer. And then click “regedit” program


As a result, the registry editor will pop up. Click “edit” and then choose “find”


Once the search box pops up, put SlimDrivers into it and click “find next” option

SlimDrivers (10)

Delete the strings which is found in results. Click “yes” to confirm the deletion

SlimDrivers (15)SlimDrivers (14)


Repeat “find-delete” steps till you can not find anything related to this keyword.

SlimDrivers (11)

After, put SlimCleaner plus into search box and click “find next” to find its related strings.

SlimDrivers (12)

Select on target strings and delete them. Repeat “find-delete” steps till there is not related string is found anymore.

SlimDrivers (13)SlimDrivers (15)

Sometimes the manual removal does not take effect on completely uninstall some programs and files, thus, you need to download a professional uninstaller for help. It does not mean using the manual removal is not effective, you just need to use technology, in case of hidden traces. And advice about preventing malicious trace should remain. The manual removal with lower success rate will make some malicious leftovers on computer. to clean hidden leftovers, you can download Perfect Uninstaller below:


Perfect Uninstaller is an auto uninstaller which can manage many of computer programs, data, files and folders much better, such application also provide back up function. From this point of view, this uninstaller can analyze the installed programs, plugins, toolbars and hidden applications. No matter how stubborn the third party program is, the force uninstall option can forcibly uninstall it for you with only several clicks. Though the free version may turn our to be an application which only can be used for uninstalling programs, that slightly affects the grade. What is more, if you are satisfied with the free version, you can register and get the paid version to experience a full-functional uninstaller.

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