Professional Guides to Remove from Computer and Clean Browser

Recently, a net users named Yannick Nierop is seeking for help on computer forum that his browser has been hijacked by Then, the same thing happens on another user who is also trying to find a solution to get rid of this search site. When we continue searching this site, we can find that most users tend to remove this program from computer rather than keep it and use it for online search. That focus on computer security in the discussion. And we can see that all criticism about this site are negative. Some criticism is leveled at the commercial aims of this program.


Brief Introduction About Search.protectedio.com3

This is what the developers of this site define this program. Infamous search engines like this have something in common: they are all be defined as a useful search site. However, we are not really content with what it brings, and do not want to waste a whole lot of time worrying and dealing with random ads we do not want. The developers of such site do the opposite, they only want to spread this program all over the world and make it sneak onto target computer ans reach the goal of generating third parties pop ups.4

As we all know, search provider is the most essential program we need when surf the internet. Usually, a majority of computer users prefer to use Google and Bing. Even the developer claim that is a helpful search provider, other still can see the value in the using of this program, and thought the installation of it is unruly. How would we feel if it keeps showing different kinds of ads that have nothing to do with our search queries,faced with a crowd of advertisements that may attract us to click so as to deliver pop up ads. In fact, this is an advertising platform which is on a collision course with our expectation among a search engine. We used to being able to browse the internet with no ads – that is the reason why we expect a clean search engine and homepage.5

Even it is claimed to be a secure search engine which provides services to us which involve all security measures happening already in the cloud, a lot of the time in the experiments, the only thing we may fell is how to stop random pop up ads appearing on the screen and the search results. One of the hardest things to deal with is the potential risks brought by the pop up contents. It feel like we have always to be a advertising stopper for we keep closing pop up windows one by another. The there is no longer any point in browsing if we are not going to be a businessman who want to promote something online. If there is one thing we like more than surfing, it is downloading third parties from the internet while are are trying to install necessary programs. The only solution to the problem is to either reset the default settings, or completely uninstall all associated programs from system.6

What Information will Be Collected by This Search Engine

-Collection of Information

ProtectedIO may automatically collect certain aggregated data regarding your use of the ProtectedIO website. Aggregated information is anonymous, statistical information that reflects the scope of the ProtectedIO website’s user base, sales, customer patterns and related site information. In addition, certain non-personally identifiable information is collected by ProtectedIO and other third-party advertising providers during your use of the ProtectedIO website and in serving advertisements to the ProtectedIO website.

ProtectedIO may also use cookies to track and understand the traffic on the ProtectedIO website. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that the ProtectedIO website places onto the user’s computer hard drive. Cookies identify the user’s computer hard drive so that the ProtectedIO website can recognize you the next time you visit.

Third party advertisements displayed on or in connection with the ProtectedIO website may also contain cookies set by such advertisers. ProtectedIO does not control these cookies and users of the ProtectedIO website should check the privacy policy of such advertisers to understand whether and how it uses cookies.



Well, most experienced computer users truly embody this principle. Such kind of search engine will collect our search queries and browsing details when we use it for looking information online. It is common to get a browser hijacker or redirect virus when we download free resources from the internet. But if we find the web browsers are hijacked by strange websites, do be caution for there might be other malicious programs hiding on the system. The usage of this search site involves data theft and spy. Also, every once a whole, there comes a times in our browsing when we have keep dealing with a lot of pop up contents that interrupt our browsing activities. In a study aimed at comparing famous search engine like Google, Bing and the infamous search engine like this, infamous search engine tend to bring more risks and offer less trustworthy search results. Such search engine is not responsible for the dangers of the search results. Taking the default search engine and homepage place, this site is able to set its domain to the the startpage and search page. Even some computer users regard it to be a computer virus is not refined and can only be accepted by not a little users. There is a slower performance level within the computer invaded by this program and a degree of differences between regular computer and infected computer which do appear before the installation begin.

The installation of

Inexperienced net users are often struggle to find the original cause of the installation of this program. And if we want to make ourselves without being attacked by potential threats, it is ridiculously simple – perhaps, even, a professional antivirus software may help. As a matter of fact, what this program uses for installing is the free program we download from the internet, which we download from insecure websites, updates pop ups and email attachments. That can come as surprise to all of us, apart from users who have experienced the infections of course. Considering the potential troubles caused by this site, which would mess up the system, we can only conclude that the way to stop random pop up ads showed by this search site is to remove it as soon as possible. It would not be better if we keep receiving pop ups. Could downloading suspicious program from the internet will get our computer be infected by risky threats? That is the main concern raised by research. And undoubtedly, the answer is yes. It looks as if the third parties installation might be a strong factor for the entrance of this program. When our computer is invades by this program, we may busy with the attempt to stop commercial contents on the screen. According to the victims who get this threat on computer, they mainly install this program while they are downloading freeware, shareware and opening email attachments from unknown writers. Also, some of them may get it after clicking on update contents like flash player update, media update and system updates.7

Professional Guides to Remove from Computer and Clean Browser

Many computer users – especially inexperienced users – seem to have a hard time removing this program from computer and web browsers. We all understand the feeling of being annoyed by ads, and there is only one way to stop them that we need to remove all related files and programs from computer. How can we remove it from computer and reset the default browser settings. To help, we may provide the manual removal instruction below. Do note that this is a guide to manually remove from computer and reset browser settings, it is not recommended for inexperienced computer users for the manual removal is complicated. Any mistake will lead to system damages.

For net users who are short of computer skills, we strongly recommend to use auto-fix tool. Do not try the manual removal if you do not have any confident to remove files and registry from computer.

SpyHunter iconRemove with Spyhunter

Manual steps to get rid of

Step one. Uninstall the malicious program from control panel


Start-Settings -Control Panel- Add or Remove ProgramsControl Panel xpwinxp-add-remove-programs

Select the target program, click “remove”1

Then the uninstall wizard window will pop up, click “yes” to follow the steps2

Once the uninstall is done, click “OK” to save3


Start -Control Panel-Programs-Uninstall a program

control panel Windows7Uninstall a Program

Right click on the target program, click “Uninstall”4

Click “OK” to confirm5

Then this program will be uninstalled within minutes6

Windows 8

1.Move your mouse cursor to the right edge of the screen, select Search from the list and then search for Control Panel.


when the control panel window is opened, remove related programs.

Step two. Remove from web browsers


A. Reset homepage of Firefox

Open a tab on Firefox, click menu icon, and then move to “options”1

Click “options” to move on


On the “General” section, click “restore to default” option to reset default Firefox homepage

(Note: we can also replace this address by a new address we like, such as and set it to be the new homepage)3

B. Clear browser history

Click menu icon to see the drop-down list again4

Select “history” option this time5

Choose “clear recent history”6

“√” the options of “browsing and download history”, “cookies”, “cache” and “active logins” at the left side.

(note: this action will make all accounts we have just logged in be clear)7

C. Clear Firefox properties

Right-click Firefox shortcut, move to “properties”8

Remove from target box9

Then click “OK” to save changes”10

Google Chrome

A. Remove related extension from Chrome

Open a tab on Chrome, click menu icon, choose “settings”1

Click “extension” and trash malicious extension from the list2

B. Reset settings

Click menu icon and select “settings” again13

On startup, click “set pages”4

When the window is opened, remove from this list by clicking “X”5

Then the startup will be cleared, click “OK” to save6

Then click “change” on the appearance section to change homepage7

Remove from the box or the same, we can enter a new address to be a homepage if we want8

Then click “OK”9

Click “manage search engine” option to reset search engine10

Make a favorite search engine to be default first11

Then click “X” to remove from the list12

C. Cleat Chrome History

Click “History” at the left side of the tab13

Select “cleat browsing data”14

“√” related data first, and then click “clear browsing data…” option for clearing15

D. Clear Chrome “Properties”

Right-click on the Chrome icon, select “properties”16

Remove from the box17

Do not forgive to click “OK” to confirm18


A. Reset IE homepage

Open IE, click settings icon to open the drop-down list1

move to click “internet options”2

Remove from the box as it is showed below

(note: we can also put in a net address to replace it such as or

Then click “apply” at the bottom4

B. Clear IE history

Click :delete…” option5

“√” associated data first, then click “delete” to clear the data we select6

Click “OK”7

C. Clear IE properties

Right-click on the shortcut of IE, select “properties”8

Remove from the list9

Click “OK” to save all the changes10

Then, all web browsers are cleaned.

Do open every browser to check if has been fully removed, if it still appear after manual removal, it might result from the malicious files it drops to the computer. What malicious files or registry left have the largest impact not just on the computer system, but also on our privacy. It is necessary to download antivirus software to scan computer to detect whether there are other infections are not removed.



Do be aware of what we are going to download for computer security to avoid infections. It is strongly recommended to use antivirus software. Not only is that a simple, effective way to stay away from computer virus by reducing the risks of being attacked. Study show the most of unknown sites we are browsing are not safe for criminal like to make use of such sites to spread virus. We might think we are strongly careful enough to surf with no protection and not easily be influenced but turns out many contents displayed on the unknown sites are carrier of third parties or a gate to access malicious sites. So take a good long look at the program we are downloaded or use antivirus software. Before install third party, do check the bundles to make sure nothing dangerous is attacked to the package.


The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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