Quickly and Completely Remove Get-a-Clip — Adware Removal Instructions


Is it really quicker, easier and more convenient to download video from YouTube after downloading this Get-a-Clip application? Or get more trouble from it? Tons of pop up ads or sponsored links automatically display on your webpage? Feel upset? & don’t know how to completely remove it and the annoying advertisements?


Don’t worry, here, we have given the detailed removal instructions on below; you can choose the option that best suits you. If you want to know more about the application, what you should pay attention to when surfing the Internet, and want to master some useful tips to prevent your computer from future malware infections, then you should read this article earnestly.

SolutionOption1: Manually Remove Get-a-Clip From Your PC.

Option2: Automatically Remove Get-a-Clip Grom Your PC.


First, let’s look at the Publisher’s Description to Get-a-Clip before know more about this application.

Pubishert description

It seems that it is appealing and seductive as it allows you to seamlessly download videos from YouTube and extract audio in various formats. Multiple downloads and extractions can be launched simultaneously right from YouTube website. By offering YouTube download functionality to tempt users to download it. At first sight, it really looks like a useful application. No wonder so many computer users to download it without hesitation. Indeed, Get-a-Clip is a free Windows application, but it is not as good as you think. It is the application supported by displaying ads. Moreover, its fake promise is designed by the tricky developer in order to attract users to pay attention to its website and download its software. In fact, it is created to make profits for its developer. Research shows that Get-a-Clip belongs to adware family, like adware-type applications are usually identical, all attractive features they claimed just deceive users to download and install its software. Users can’t get any real value. If you have installed this app on your PC, you should get rid of it immediately.

Get-a-Clip download numbers

Today networks are increasingly developed; it is also for this reason, the adware spreads its harmful function into users’ computers by making use of Internet connection. Like such application’s primary purpose is to create web traffic, raise the site’s popularity and the final intention is to generate revenue. Want to know how you get infected with such adware? Generally, this kind of adware often hides itself in spam email attachments, malicious or unsafe websites, suspicious sponsored links, corrupted files or some pup up ads, but the most common for this threat’s distribution is bundled with free programs. Users always pay no attention to the installation process which leads to some additional and malicious applications installed on computer in conjunction with free programs without any notice. Therefore, you are advised to read the Terms of Service with care. If it provides Advanced or Custom Install, you’d better opt for them rather than Express Install.

Get-a-Clip image1




Never look down upon the adware’s ability to damage your system. Once it successfully finds its way to your PC, it quickly attacks the target computer, increases its plug-ins, add-ons or extensions to your web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Also, it adds a background controller service to your PC which equipped with advanced technologies like key loggers and data monitoring system. Every time you boost your computer, it will automatically run in the background. Monitoring your online history including websites visited, search queries, shopping webpage, etc. In addition, it collects your various personal information like IP address, passwords, bank accounts, email address and so. Don’t think these data are insignificant. Once that data are exposed to cyber criminals or hackers, it will lead to identity theft or serious privacy issues.

As we already mentioned above, Get-a-Clip is an ad-supported application. It will automatically display tons of pop up ads, banners, in-text ads on your screen as you browse the web, which will drastically slow down the speed of the Internet. Apart from this, it is possible to redirect you to some harmful websites or forwards your search results to malicious sites where usually contain virus, infected files or malware. Worse of still, it damages your system files and creates pernicious files to your registry entry, which is easily lead to system crash down. Therefore, it is highly advised you to uninstall Get-a-Clip adware from your PC right away.

Get-a-Clip Removal Instructions:

Option1: Manually Remove Get-a-Clip From Your PC.

Solution1End unwanted processes from Task Manager.

ReminderThe following operation is available to Windows 7/Vista/8/XP.

Simultaneously press Alt+Ctrl+Del on your keyboard to open Task Manager.


First, check the Show processes from all users, and then search for any suspicious or unwanted processes from the list, click End Process button to remove them.

End unwanted processes

Solution2Uninstall Get-a-Clip via Control Panel.

ReminderDue to get-a-Clip supports Windows 7, Vista, 8, XP, so you need to uninstall it from different Windows systems.

If you are a Windows7/Vista user, click Start menu at the lower left corner of your screen and then select Control Panel.

Control Panel -Windows 7

Reminder If you are a Windows 8 user, you can get a control panel window by performing the following steps: move your mouse to the upper right corner of the screen, find Search tab and click it. After that, type “control panel” to the search box and then click Control Panel from the list.

Search tab windows-8-uninstall

Then, directly click Uninstall a program under Programs.

uninstall a program Win7

After a window appears as below, search for Get-a-Clip program or any other suspicious programs, remove them by clicking Uninstall.

remove Get-a-Clip and suspicious programs from Windows7,8

If you are a Windows XP, navigate to Start menu at the lower left corner of your screen and then select Control Panel.

Uninstall ComparingGenie from WindowsXP

Pick Add or Remove Programs from the category.


Uninstall Get-a-Clip adware or other suspicious programs in the list of installed programs by clicking Change/Remove button.

remove Get-a-Clip -Windows XP

Solution3Remove Get-a-Clip and other unwanted add-ons or extensions from browsers.

ReminderIf you have any trouble removing unwanted add-ons and extensions, don’t hesitate to turn to a Professional Get-a-Clip Removal Tool for help. Due to this tricky adware often alters its add-ons names and hides in your browser, which makes it hard to identify and completely get rid of them.

Remove Get-a-Clip and other unwanted add-ons or extensions from Internet Explorer.

1. Open your browser, go to Tools menu and then select Manage Add-ons from the list.

Manage Add-ons2. Search for any extensions related to Get-a-Clip in the list and then click Disable button remove them at the lower left corner.


Remove Get-a-Clip and other unwanted add-ons or extensions from Mozilla Firefox.

1. Open your browser, go to the upper right corner and click the icon3baricon> Add-ons.

Add-ons2. Search for Get- a-Clip extensions and click Disable/Remove button on the left to eliminate them.

remove Get-a-Clip extensions -firefox

Remove Get-a-Clip and other unwanted add-ons or extensions from Google Chrome.

1. Open your browser, go to the top right corner and click the icon 3baricon > More Tools > Extensions.

google-more-tools-extensions2. Search for any suspicious extensions related to Get-a-Clip and click the trash icon to remove them.



 Remove all harmful files, folders and registry entries created by Get-a-Clip.

Why it is highly recommended you to use an automatic method rather than manual removal method to delete all files created by this adware, due to the random files and registry entries created by this adware that are hard to be identified. Manual operation is not only waste your time but also can’t completely remove the adware. If you erase other important system files during the manual removal operation, it may cause data corruption or loss. Now, free download an Automatic Get-a-Clip Removal Tool to safely and completely get rid of all infected files out of your system.

Solution5 Reset your browser settings.

Reset your Internet Explorer to default settings.

1. Open your browser, go to Tools and then select Internet Options.


2. In the opened window, click the Advanced tab at the top right corner, and then click Reset button.

reset Internet Explorer1

3. Check the Delete personal settings, and then click Reset button to finish the operation.

reset Internet Explorer

Reset your Mozilla Firefox to default settings.

1. Launch your browser, click the icon 3baricon at the top right corner and then click the help icon help icon at the lower right corner.


2. Click Troubleshooting Information from the list.


3. Click Refresh Firefox.


4. When the confirmation window pops up as shown on below, end the settings by clicking Refresh Firefox button.


Reset Google Chrome to default settings.

1. Launch your Google Chrome, click the icon 3baricon at the upper right corner of the browser and then choose Settings option from the list.


2. Scroll down your mouse to the bottom, find out Show advanced settings… and click it.


3. Keep scrolling down your mouse until you find Reset settings.


3. When the confirmation window appears as below, click Reset button to complete the operation.


Option2: Automatically Remove Get-a-Clip From Your PC.

According to experts’ analysis, automatic method is the safest and most effective way to get rid of all kinds of malware infections. Here, we recommend you three powerful removal tools (SpyHunter, Malwarebytes Anti-malware and Max Spyware Detector). All of them are designed with advanced anti-malware technology and can give a real-time protection against online malware. Some computer users often think their free antivirus software can help them get rid of all kinds of computer malware. In fact, free antivirus software can’t get rid of malware but just for malware detection. They are not powerful enough. So you still need to purchase an anti-malware removal tool to thoroughly remove all malware.

Automatic and Professional Removal Tools — Recommended



SpyHunter —Adaptive Spyware Detection and Removal Tool

SpyHunter is a powerful, real-time anti-spyware application certified by West Coast Labs’ Checkmark Certification System and designed to assist the average computer user in protecting their PC from malicious threats. SpyHunter responds with advanced technology to stay one step ahead of today’s malware threats. SpyHunter offers additional customization capabilities to ensure every user is able to custom tailor SpyHunter to fit their specific needs.

Features of SpyHunter:

tickDeliver ongoing protection against the latest malware, Trojans, rootkits and malicious software.

tickFREE support and daily definition updates to address current malware trends.

tickSpyware HelpDesk generates FREE custom malware fixes specific to your PC.

Download-Now-Button (1)

Note: You can save the downloaded file to a known location on your computer, for example, to your Desktop.


Installation Instructions:

Step1.Double-click SpyHunter-Installer.exe on your Desktop and then choose the language and click on OK button to start the installation process.

Choose the language

Step2. Click on CONTINUE button to go on the next step.



Step3. Select I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy and click INSTALL button.

Accept the EULA and Privacy Policy

Step4. Click on EXIT button to complete the installation.


Step5. Now, click Scan Computer Now to scan your system.

Scan Computer Now

Step6. Click Fix Threats button to remove all detected threats.

Fix Threats

Malwarebytes Anti- Malware — Crushes online threats instantly and automatically

According to OPSWAT, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is the most popular security product installed by users. It employs industry-leading technology to completely remove malware code and automatically protect you and your online experience from malware that antivirus products don’t detect.

Features of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

tickDetects and protects against malware in real-time

tickRemoves malware and repairs the files they damage.

tickEnables you to schedule automatic scans and database updates

tickPrevents malware from terminating Malwarebytes or modifying its processes

tickBlocks malicious websites that can steal your credit card information or identity

Download-Now-Button (1)

Note: You can save the downloaded file to a known location on your computer, for example, to your Desktop.


Installation Instructions:

Step1. Double – click mbam-setup-2.0.exe on your Desktop.


Step2. Follow the prompts within the installer to complete the installation of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Then click Finish button.


Step3. Make sure that Malwarebytes has been updated. And then click Scan Now button to perform a scan to your machine.

Scan Now

Step4. When the scan is complete, click the Remove Selected button and then click the Finish button.

Remove Selected

Note: If Malwarebytes suggests you to restart your computer, you should do so.

Max Spyware Detector—— Real – time protection against malware threats

Max Secure Spyware Detector is a complete solution for individuals, professionals and home users. This software is specially designed to scan, detect, delete and recover spywares with an option of quick and full scan. It ensures that you have the most powerful and up-to-date protection against new emerging spyware threats and provides advanced and comprehensive cleaning technology for the special spyware which are the nastiest next-generation spyware threats.

Features of Max Spyware Detector:

tickFree Personalized 24 x 7 Customer Support

tickFastest Spyware Scanning Technology

tickRootkit, Keylogger and Heuristic detection

tickProtect you against the malicious processes, Homepage hijackers and Tracking Cookies

tickQuickly and easily eliminating Spyware & Adware that invade your privacy and security

tickBest of all, it’s 100% money-back Guaranteed

Download-Now-Button (1)

Note: You can save the downloaded file to a known location on your computer, for example, to your Desktop.


Installation Instructions:

Step1. Double-click on the saved file icon to start the installation process.

Max Spyware Detector

Step2. Follow the prompts within the installer to complete the installation of Max Spyware Detector. Then Spyware Detector will automatically perform a scan to your PC.

scanning -Max Spyware Detector

Step3. After finished scanning, click Update Now to upgrade to a full version.

Upgrade Now

Step4. Then click the “Fix Issues Now” to remove all detected threats.

Fix Issues Now

Tips to protect your PC from malware infections

Currently, cyber criminals and hackers are quite rampant and crafty, but there are still many effective ways to protect your computer from malware invasion. Here, I will introduce several ways to protect your computer from malware infections and keep your files and data safe.

1. In order to defense your system from next similar malware infection, it is advised you to install reputable antispyware and antivirus software on computer. Don’t forget to update the software and make a scan of your computer regularly.

2. Be careful when opening email, don’t open the email attachments which look suspicious and don’t visit some illegal websites especially pornographic and gambling sites or randomly click questionable sponsored links.

3. When you set up a password, you’d better select a strong password which contains number, upper case, lower case and other.

4. You are against to open your web at a public wireless or non–encrypted network, which will easily lead to your personal information to be leaked.

5. Download free software from official or reliable websites, and always opt for Advanced or Custom installs during the installation. Never rush to click Next button. If the installer contains other additional unknown programs, you should cancel the installation.


To be honest, nobody can guarantee that our computer won’t get infected by virus or malware, but if you develop a good habit when surfing the Internet and master some effective methods to protect computer from infections which will greatly reduce the possibility of being infected with malware or virus. If you have had a malware in the past, you would know how devastating it is when you lose all of your files and your computer crashes. So for the issue of protecting computer safety, do you think it is worth ignoring? The answer is definitely no!

To completely remove computer threat just like Get-a-Clip, the automatic and powerful removal tool – SpyHunter should be your best choice. 



The following video offers a complete guide for Get-a-Clip adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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