Ramblrr.com Redirect Virus Removal Guide

“How can I remove Ramblrr.com completely from my Chrome? When it comes to computers I’m a novice. Anytime I go to any website, the Chrome browser gets redirected to some other unwanted websites asking me to update or download suspicious software. My antivirus is able to detect some virus but couldn’t do anything about this browser hijacking thing. The browser is still showing the Ramblrr.com search box on my home page. Any help will be appreciated.”


Did your home page get changed abruptly? If you get redirected to unexpected website when you click on or just open a normal website, it should be caused by the browser hijacker hiding on your computer. Try running the malware scanner and it will pick up the infections that other security tool could miss:

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What is Ramblrr.com?

Ramblrr.com is the specific URL of Ramblrr Search which is a dubious browser hijacker. Its target not only just is Chrome browser; Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browser are also included. It redirects your Internet searches to unwanted sites once it gains control of your browsers. As long as your browser is infected by it, the settings of all web browsers installed on your PC are likely to get modified. Besides the homepage, your default search engine and new tab setting will also be overridden by this unwanted website. It can even install malicious add-ons, toolbars or plug-ins developed by unknown publisher to your browser in order to place advertising contents within the browser. The aim of a browser hijacker is to generate traffic to its websites and the sites that it has been cooperating with so the creator can get profit from that. To complete this task, the main method it uses is changing the settings of browsers to force or mislead users to click on particular links.


How Can Your Browser Get Infected?

The browsers installed on your computer can get infected with Ramblrr.com by various means. One of the most common ways to become infected is by downloading free or pirated software. Cyber criminals often distribute malware through exploits that promote software piracy. When you download and launch the pirated software, the malicious code will execute and can launch multiple attacks, including the browser redirect virus like Ramblrr.com.

Visiting infected websites can also infect you with this browser virus. The infected site can modify your network and browser settings, such as your default home page, default search engine and other security settings. The next time you launch the infected browser, your home page will be changed and your searches will be redirected to malicious sites.

Phishing attacks can make your computer compromised by such cyber infection. This type of attacks often occurs in the form of a norm email. The email may contain a link to an corrupted website. By clicking on the link, your browser will become compromised if the website is infected with potential cyber threat.

Ramblrr.com Browser Hijacker Removal Tool

Before starting removal of Ramblrr.com, you should know:

Some users might have tried resetting the browser and uninstalling suspicious programs but did not work. It could be more difficult for users to get rid of the malicious search engine completely when there are half-uninstalled/deleted programs and files. The manual removal requires users to remove all traces of Ramblrr.com including files, related programs, folders, registry keys and more which will take users long. Deleting wrong items could lead to irreversible damages on system, thus using an effective removal tool is the most popular way to eliminate computer threat.

SpyHunter is such a helpful tool which is able to detect Ramblrr.com on an affected device. Its advanced built-in mechanism is very effective in scan virus/malware/Trojan that some other similar security products can’t find. It is now available in our site:


Compatible with: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10

Once you have completed downloading the installer file, run the installer and start to set up the application.

SpyHunter installer icon

And then choose the installation language you wish to use and click on OK. SpyHunter Installation step 1

Proceed the installation by clicking CONTINUE button.

SpyHunter Installation step 2

Read the terms and policy. Mark the checkbox of “I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy” and click INSTALL to continue.

SpyHunter Installation step 3

The setup may take a few minutes to get finished.

SpyHunter Installation step 4

When the finish window appears click FINISH.

SpyHunter Installation step 5

A quick smart scan for your system will start automatically after the installation completes. Besides, you can choose a Custom Scan or a full scan as you like.

SpyHunter has the ability to detect browser hijacker as well as other PC threats. It will check for potentially unwanted programs, scan risky cookies, find the corrupted registry keys generated by malicious software, and even display the specific path of each detected infection.

When the scan is complete, click on Fix Threats button to delete all malicious files from your PC.

SpyHunter detectsTech-connect.biz

Please be informed that SpyHunter can be used as a free scanner while it is not free as to the malware removal and other advanced features like real-time virus protection and program updates. If you wish to remove the all infections, you’ll need to purchase its full version.

If you prefer to remove Ramblrr.com on your own effort, the manual removal guide is attached below. Please be careful when performing each step even you are a tech-savvy user.

Step by Step Guide to Remove Ramblrr.com from Your Computer

Remove Suspicious Program in Control Panel

If the redirection to Ramblrr.com has only recently become an issue, you can try to remember what applications you have downloaded or installed these days and uninstall the programs responsible for the issue by using Control Panel.

If you cannot remember the name of the program or any related details, you can click on the “Installed On” column to sort your programs by the date of installation. So you can have a rough idea about which program may be the malware.

Remove suspicious program

Remove Ramblrr.com from Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Click Tools > Internet Options

Tools internet options

3. In General tab, edit the home page by typing another address of website to replace Ramblrr.com and then click OK

CHnage homepage IE

4. Click Tools > Manage add-ons

Tools manage add-ons

5. Look at the Add-on Types, select Toolbars and Extensions firstly

6. Find any extension associated with Ramblrr.com and disable it

IE- disableextension

7. Now move to the types of Search Providers

8. Select the malicious add-on and click on Remove

IE- remove search providers

9. Close the browser and restart it

Remove Ramblrr.com from Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox

2. Click Menu > Options

MEnu Options Firefox

3. In General tab, delete the link of Ramblrr.com and enter a new home page link

Change homepage Firefox

4. Switch to Search tab, choose the Tech-connect search engine and click on Remove

5. Click Menu > Add-ons

removeTech-connect-from-Firefox 2

6. Choose Extensions tab, click on Remove button to uninstall the unwanted browser extension

7. Choose Plugins tab, choose Never Activate to stop the malicious plug-in from running

Never activate firefox plugins

8. Close the browser and restart it

Remove Ramblrr.com from Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Click on Menu icon > Settings

CHrome settings

3. Click on Change under Appearance

change homepage Chrome

4. You will see that the homepage as well as new tab page are set as the web address of the browser hijacker. Delete it and input a new web address you like and click on OK

change homepage Chrome2

5. Click on Manage search engines… under Search

Chrome manage search engine

6. Make the other search engine as default before you remove the malicious search engine from the list

Chrome manage search engine2

7. Click on the Delete mark to remove the Ramblrr.com search engine

Chrome manage search engine3


8. Close the browser and restart it

Check Your Hosts File

The hosts file is a Windows system file that can map hostnames to IP addresses. A hostname is a domain name belonged to a host computer on the Internet. The Windows hosts file is a text file that contains a train of computer IP addresses which will be accessed when users enter the website address into their browsers. The browser will check the hosts file to see if the address exists in the hosts file. When it confirms, it will take users to the right website. Making modifications to the content of hosts file or redirecting it is a common way used by malware authors to quietly redirect users to unwanted websites. Usually, after the hosts file was changed by computer infection, the affected computer users will easily get cyber attacks and be showed with malicious content, when they do browse with the infected browser, they will possibly be rerouted to some strange web pages that they don’t intend to visit. In some other cases, victims will be unable to access certain sites. No matter they try to open the website by clicking on the link from search results or typing the exact URL in the address bar, they will never get the result as they wish. To check your hosts file, you should:

  1. Open C:WindowsSystem32driversetc, the hosts file resides there

hosts file

Please remember the hosts file should run with Notepad, if the file could not be opened normally, you can choose the program to open it by yourself.


  1. If you see there are similar lines as: www.ramblrr.com ramblrr.com

It means that this browser hijacker has contaminated the hosts file and made modifications to it.

How to Prevent Ramblrr.com Redirect Virus

Malware threats usually are dangerous and hard to be deleted, but you can prevent the computer from becoming infected by performing the following steps:

Don’t download pirated software – pirated software often contains malware within the installation package.

Be careful when downloading freeware/shareware applications – downloading free applications, such as games and browser extensions from the Internet, can be risky because you may be inviting a malicious program to your PC.

Install an anti-malware application – anti-malware software is able to protect you from security threats caused by malicious software. Please be sure that you have kept your security software updated. New forms of cyber infections are constantly emerging every single day, and an outdated anti-malware application will not protect you from the latest threats.

Patch your applications — Always download and install the latest security patches to your applications you have installed on your PC. Vendors such as Adobe and Microsoft identify vulnerabilities with certain applications and will deploy patches to strengthen security and protect you from a potential attack. Do not avoid these tasks and ensure you either allow your applications to download and install critical patches or routinely check for any updates that need to be downloaded and installed.

Install latest system updates — Not keeping up with operating system updates will make your PC vulnerable to the latest malware threats. Use the Automatic Updates feature in Windows to automatically download and install Microsoft security updates.

Install an antivirus application – most antivirus applications can detect malware such as Ramblrr.com and Nova.rambler.ru. Configure your antivirus software to routinely check for updates. If your antivirus software does not contain the latest signature files, it will be rendered useless against new malware threats.

Limiting your computer’s vulnerability to malware is a crucial safe browsing habit. You can protect your computer by running antivirus and antimalware software like Plumbytes Anti-Malware and SpyHunter. These programs can block malware from being installed and can remove it if it does get onto your computer. Even if you don’t see signs of malware on your computer, running regular scans can catch any malware that has escaped notice. Antivirus doesn’t offer a perfect solution to the problem of malware, but it is a critical first step to securing your PC. You may download the our tested security program to against malware attack:


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