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Are you looking for effective solution to browser hijacker? It is a computer threat that leads to many serious problems on the affected computer except for altering the browser settings. Even if you have never visited this harmful website before or you know nothing about browser hijacker, its infection symptoms are common on the Internet and can be generally found on almost all browser infections.

This article is elaborated on how to get rid of virus and the methods to prevent getting it. With the up-to-date information, you will be able to remove it successfully from your web browser.

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Basic Information about actually is a browser hijacker infection that disguises itself as a trusted search engine. Its domain ending with .ru country-code top-level domain name shows that it is a Russian domain. There was a period when online scammers have used .ru domain names in fake identities and use them to carry out illegal activities such as hacking system, stealing sensitive information and spreading malicious program. Though strict requirements for domain ownership are currently employed now, spiteful cyber criminals can still use loopholes in the domain name system to achieve their evil purpose. homepage

For earning users’ trust and obtaining favor, uses similar appearance to Google search engine on its page. The word “search” aligned in the center of the page uses the exactly same order of the colors of Google logo. Besides, users can also find a search box of Google Custom Search being placed on this website; however, it is not the real Google Custom Search box. It is a usual tactic used by fraudulent websites to trick people into thinking the websites are useful and safe to use. No matter how similar it looks to Google, is incapable of providing useful search results as Google does because it does not have efficient filter to sort the results.

If you conduct searches with this browser hijacker, you will be displayed with limited and useless search results. Even if the page shows that you are using Google Custom Search Engine, the search results it provides are trustless. You will see unneeded ads related to your search query by Google listed on the top of the normal search results when you use to do search. You are not suggested to click on the search results in this page as they contain potential risks threatening your system. ads

Google search engine indeed allows commercial ads to appear above the organic search results when users’ search terms match the ad keywords, but those are legitimate and harmless ads that do not contain any malware infection. It is not safe to click on the links provided by as they could be suspicious links that redirect users to malicious websites or even download malware onto the system automatically. Even though you can see “Ads by Google” label in the top corner, it does not represent these links are trustworthy. In fact these advertising links are offered by unknown third party for generating traffic and the creator of can get pay-per-click revenue from that.

The derivatives of,,,,,

This treacherous search engine can only provide basic and simple search services. Its search results pages are far less than the number of the authentic Google search engine are able to provide. What’s more, it only supports returning the search results about relevant websites and images, which can be a negative search experience for web users.

Why It is Unsafe to Use

You will always find something like Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on the page of a formal search provider, while you can’t find any essential factors that a formal search engine should have except a search box and unneeded ads. will not be considered as a malicious browser hijacker at first glance, but it would turn out to be one when it starts to expose its true nature.

Such irksome browser malware is also known as redirect virus that can be bundled with potentially unwanted programs in order to infiltrate into computer system. When a dubious program is being installed on your PC, this malicious website will be loaded too and make changes to the browser settings without user’s authorization.

Once your browser is in full control of this browser hijacker, it is difficult to tackle the problems and get rid of the infection. When you launch your browser, you will find become the homepage and replace the default search engine on the sly. If you try browsing web pages on the Internet, you will be redirected to random websites every now and then. This is really irritating and you can’t use the browser properly. Moreover, the websites you are forced to visit often contain malware-infested ads. These annoying ads can be displayed on websites in various formats including pop-up, text, flash ad, video ad and so on. There are usually two possible outcomes if a user gets redirected to other web pages: receiving a lot of advertising contents and getting harmful programs. In some cases, the malware will be automatically downloaded and installed as the malicious website opens. It does not even need the user to click on anything. removal can also collect users’ information without any notification. Users should be cautious of the information you provide to the infected browsers because this redirect virus is able to obtain your personal information when you use its services and products. This means that the information of anyone visits this website or uses this search engine can be easily accessed by redirect virus. The personal data it gathers includes your real name, address, phone number, date of birth, etc. Such important information usually will be used to customize the advertising and content that you will see on your screen.

This unsafe search engine is of no value and roguish. If you found it has been added to your browser and modify system settings or preferences, you have to get rid of it quickly from your computer. The longer the issue remains unresolved, the worse your computer performance will get.

Solutions for Removing Malware

To get rid of the browser hijacker, this removal guide offers two options for you:

Option One: Remove Completely with Powerful Removal Tool

Option Two: Remove with Step-By-Step Guide (Pictures Included)

>>Step one: Start Windows in Safe Mode

>>Step two: Uninstall Suspicious Program

>>Step three: Remove Homepage

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

>>Step four: Remove Search Engine and Related Extension

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

>>Step five: Delete Registry Entries Created by

The Option Two is intended for advanced computer users only for preventing unexpected errors. It is very easy to delete important files by accident in the process of removing browser hijacker particularly for inexperienced users. Once a user deletes wrong registry keys, it would worsen the consequences on the system. The system file could become damaged and the drive may be permanently irreparable. Users have to be careful when choosing the manual guide that must be strictly followed.

Option One: Remove Completely with Powerful Removal Tool

SpyHunter is an effective malware removal tool that is able to scan and remove malicious programs without leaving any trace on the infected PC. All harmful items will have no place to hide.

It will generate a list of threats on your PC in red and a list of safe components in green for users to review after the scan is over. With the state-of-the-art scanning technology, your computer will be free from virus and malware. It is easily to use and you can uninstall it anytime you want. This security program is available in our site and you can get it from the link below.

Step one: Download the latest version of SpyHunter Installer.


Operating System: Windows XP (32-bit),

Windows 7 (32/64bit), Windows 8 (32/64bit), Windows 10 (32/64bit)

Step two: If you see a dialog box pops up, click on Save File to keep the installation file on one of your drives. The installer will then begin to download shortly.

confirm download SpyHunter

Step three: Once the download is complete, open the downloaded program to start installation setup.

SpyHunter installer icon

Step four: The selected language will be the one that you use for SpyHunter.

SpyHunter installation step 1

Step five: Click on CONTINUE to move on.

SpyHunter installation step 2

Step six: Accept the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

And then Click on INSTALL.

SpyHunter installation step 3

Step seven: The installation process will take around 1-2 minutes to complete. It depends on your network speed and system condition. When the installation finishes, click on FINISH.

SpyHunter installation step 5

Step eight: SpyHunter will automatically start a quick scan for your system based on the latest virus data base.

SpyHunter scan

Step nine: You will see the Fix Threats button when the scan is done. Click on it and all found threats will be removed. Before that you can check for more information about the selected item while you are not allowed to delete individual computer infection.

Fix Threats

Option Two: Remove with Step-By-Step Guide (Pictures Included)

Step one: Start Windows in Safe Mode

(If you are a user of Windows 8/8.1/7/XP, please navigate to this instructive article to learn how to start Windows in Safe Mode.)

Windows 10

One of the easiest methods to boot into Safe Mode in Windows 10 is to use the System Configuration tool. Many users may know this tool by its executable name: msconfig.exe.

  1. To quickly bring up the System Configuration tool, please simultaneously press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. Then, type msconfig in the text field and click on OK.

run msconfig

  1. When the System Configuration window appears, switch to the Boot tab and, in the Boot options section, select the Safe boot Then, click on OK.

System Configuration window

  1. Windows 10 will tell you that you need to reboot your computer in order to make the new setting to take effect. If you still have work to do, you can select to “Exit without restart” and restart the computer later manually. If not, you can restart now and your device will automatically boot into Safe Mode.

System Configuration window 2

Step two: Uninstall Suspicious Program

Computer threats like may get into your computer when a user installing a shady program. Infected users need to remove the malware from the PC first in case the redirect virus recurs.

Windows 7

Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program (View by: Category)

Click on Installed on to view all installed programs arranged by date and uninstall lately installed programs that seems unfamiliar to you.

start-control panel

Consumer Input add on

uninstall a program

Consumer Input add onuninstall suspicious program

Windows 8/8.1

When the system is in Windows Desktop, you should press Windows key and I key simultaneously on your keyboard to open the Settings charm bar.

Select Control Panel from the list and click Uninstall a program (View by: Category).

Then, click on Installed on to view all installed programs arranged by date and uninstall recently installed programs that seems strange to you.

settings control panel

Consumer Input add on

Uninstall a program - Windows 8

Consumer Input add onUninstall

Windows 10

When the system is in Windows Desktop, you can press Windows key and X key simultaneously on your keyboard to bring up the WinX menu and select Programs and Features.

Click Uninstall a program (View by: Category).

Then, click on Installed on to view all installed programs arranged by date and uninstall lately installed programs that seems suspicious to you.

programs and features windows 10

Consumer Input add on Windows 10 Uninstall a program

Consumer Input add onuninstall suspicious program Win10

Step three: Remove Homepage

  • Internet Explorer

Tools >Internet Options > General Tab > Enter a new web address to replace > OK.

Internet Explorer tools-internet options

Consumer Input add onchange homepage

  • Mozilla Firefox

Menu > Options > General tab > Enter a new website address to replace > restart browser.

Firefox menu Option

Consumer Input add on

Firefox change homepage


  • Google Chrome

Menu > Settings > Appearance > Change > Enter a new domain name to replace > OK.

Chrome menu-Settings

Consumer Input add on

chrome Change homepage

Consumer Input add on

chrome Change homepage 2

  • Microsoft Edge

More > Settings > Open With > A specific page or pages > Delete the URL of unwanted homepage > Enter a new domain name to replace it > Press Enter key.

change homepage v

Consumer Input add onnew homepage

Step four: Remove Search Engine and Related Extension

  • Internet Explorer

Tools > Manage add-ons > Add-on Types > Toolbars and Extensions > Show: > All add-ons > Select the extension associated with > Disable.

Internet Explorer manage add-ons

Consumer Input add onInternet Explorer add-on types

Consumer Input add onInternet Explorer disable extensions

Add-on Types > Search Providers > Select the search engine > Remove > Restart browser.

Internet Explorer Search Providers

Consumer Input add on Internet Explorer Remove search engine

  • Mozilla Firefox

Menu > Options > Search tab > Remove the malicious search engine from the list > Choose a new default search engine.

Firefox menu Option

Consumer Input add onFirefox Search

Consumer Input add on

Firefox Remove malicious search engine

Consumer Input add onFirefox set new search engine

Menu > Add-ons> Extensions > Remove the malicious browser extension from the list > Restart browser. Firefox menu Add-ons

Consumer Input add on Firefox menu extension

  • SettingsGoogle Chrome

Menu > Settings > Search > Manage search engines… > Set a new default search engine > Delete Chromestart search engine > Done

Chrome menu-Settings

Consumer Input add onChrome- search

Consumer Input add onChrome change default search engine-1

Consumer Input add onChrome change default search engine-2

Extensions tab > Click recycle bin icon that belongs to the malicious extension > Restart the browser.

Chrome Extension tabConsumer Input add on

Chrome Remove extension

  • Microsoft Edge

More > Settings > Advanced Settings > View Advanced Settings > Search in the address bar with > Select new search engine from the list.


Consumer Input add onEdge View Advanced Settings

Consumer Input add onEdge change search engine

Step five: Delete Registry Entries Created by

Windows 7

Press Windows key and R key simultaneously on your keyboard to open Run box.

Enter “regedit” (without quotes) and click OK.

Windows 7 regedit

When you see a prompt asking for your permission from User Account Control (UAC), choose Yes.

Run windows registry editor UAC

In Registry Editor window, Edit > Find > Type Chromestart4 > Find Next > Select related registry item > Delete

registry editor Find

Consumer Input add on

Search Chromestart4 registry key

Consumer Input add on

Delete registry

 How to Safeguard Your Browser from Being Hijacked

There are lots of browser hijackers like that can alter the browser settings and cause annoying redirect problems by exploiting web browser vulnerabilities.  As spreading malware infections is highly profitable for malware developer while the risk to the cyber criminals is extremely low on the web, browser hijacker and other malwares are increasingly spring on the Internet. Once you browser is getting hijacked, it is difficult to remove the virus by yourself.

Please be cautious of what you click on and what you download on your device. Some fraudulent websites pretend as reliable websites for gaining users’ trust. If you are asked to install additional software or browser extension when you’re installing a program, you should deny the request. If you can’t find an option to refuse it anywhere, just cancel the installation process. However, unwanted program can be automatically downloaded and installed as long as you visit some scampish sites without clicking. An effective antivirus software can provide advanced protection for your computer and detect the cyber threats efficiently. You should get one to protect you PC from getting online threats effectively. With a professional security program, a risky download can be stopped and you will get warning when you try entering an insecure website. If you don’t have one, use the link below to obtain a powerful and safe antivirus program.

Perfect Uninstaller download button


The following video offers a complete guide for removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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