How to Remove Conduit Search from Your Browser

Could someone please tell me how do I get rid of Conduit Search on Google Chrome? It added its toolbar named Conduit Engine on my Chrome browser at first, but I found that all my currently installed browsers have infected by it as the browser settings got changed obviously. It changed the homepage from the original one to “” . I tried recovering my settings but every time I restarted the browser the homepage is redirected to its home page again. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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What on Earth is Conduit Search?

Conduit Search is a potentially unwanted program with extremely bad reputation in Internet world. It has been originally developed by Conduit Inc. that spun off its “ClientConnect Ltd.” in order to be combined with Perion Network for improving its public image.

It is deemed as a browser hijacker which is also commonly known as redirect virus for its roguish behaviors on users’ computers. Technically speaking, Conduit Search is not a virus, but what it does on an infected computer can affect system stability severely and even lead to system crash. It is a serious problem that all users should pay attention to because what it brings to us are more than inconvenience.

This browser hijacker got widely spread in about 2013. At that time you could see new posts about looking for solution on how to get rid of Conduit Search appearing on different computer related forums every day. A lot of computer users trapped by it as the removal of the browser hijacker is really hard to do.


It appears in the browser as a common search toolbar that helps Internet users to search for the contents they need specifically. Web, images, videos, news and other more relevant information search services are offered on its homepage. When users perform any search on it, it will display the search results from Bing, which means that it does not have its own search mechanism actually. An authentic search engine is supposed to list filtered web pages that match users’ search queries by using a special algorithm rather than taking users to another search website. This unusual move supports the fact that the Conduit Search is a fake search engine and provides nothing useful to users. The true intention of the developers of this useless search toolbar is to distribute low quality freeware and generate online advertising revenue by using the appearance of a real search engine as a cover.

Once Conduit Search is installed on your computer, it will invite more unwanted programs and junkware to the computer without your permission. It may use tricks to make you allow the installation of other malicious programs when you install it. Users will find there are many strange and rogue software installed on the computer after they finish the installation of Conduit Search. Some of unwanted programs can be removed by going to the Control Panel while most of them are designed in special way that they are not easy to be removed.

Users’ web browsers are also the targets of this browser hijacker. Conduit Search can corrupt all the most common used browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It will attach to the browser as a browser extension or toolbar and modify the browser settings without users’ approval. Your default homepage will be replaced and locked by Conduit Search, at the same time, your search engine, search provider and even the new tab will be changed to without any notification suggesting alterations. Besides, you might find Search Protect and Trovi Search toolbar installed on your computer stealthily. The installation of Search Protect browser hijacker is completed by Trovi Download Manager, thus certain Trovi Software may be included in additional terms or software requirements. Please note that you are giving approval to Trovi to access, use and collect your both personal and non-personal information if you install or use its toolbar.

Conduit toolbar collect information

Gaining website’s traffic and generating money are the ultimate aims of the creators of the redirect virus. Though the search service it provides is of no value to users, it makes money when users are rerouted to unsafe and annoying websites. All final landing pages transferred from will pay commissions to Conduit. If you see any form of ads when use Conduit Search, don’t click on it because such type of ads is usually associated with online fraud or computer virus. The potentially unwanted programs brought in by Conduit Search are also its major sources of income as they mainly get promoted as the additional components of freeware bundle.

PUPs often consume tremendous amounts of system resources and become the cause of clunky operating systems, but they are not considered as dangerous as the computer virus. However, indeed they are very annoying and disturbing for installing new browser toolbars in browsers to change users’ browser preferences without any reason, keeping pop up various ads and providing fake application updates. Conduit Search is nothing but an online platform to help spread PUPs and increase web traffic to certain websites. If you have it installed on your PC, you should delete it as early as you can.

How Can You Get Conduit Search in The First Place?

This malware is usually installed when you download and install some dubious freeware programs. The toolbar of Conduit Search can be bundled with software that you want to download which includes both legitimate programs like µTorrent and malicious programs like SweetPlayer. When you go through an installation of a program swiftly by clicking on “Next”, it’s easy to ignore the fine print and agree to install extra applications on your PC.

Conduit Search setup wizard

During the installation wizard of Conduit Search, it will install a lot of unnecessary programs if you don’t give enough attention to each step of the wizard. The Express Install option is absolutely not recommended as it leads to installations of other unwanted programs such as Social2search, S5Mark and SafeFinder. This option would make all decisions for you during the installation procedure and you don’t even have the chance to cancel its action.

Some victims of Conduit Search redirect virus have also reported that they got this crappy program after they received spam email, clicked on pop-up window and fake update button. In addition, tech support scams is becoming a new and popular way to trick computer users.

More and more web users report that they receive called by Microsoft Support engineers offering to fix or update their computer. As long as cyber criminals gain your trust, they will ask for the authorization to control your PC remotely or ask you to go to a seemingly legitimate website to install malware software.

There are various ways users can obtain the potentially unwanted programs like Conduit toolbar, so each user should always be cautious when they are online to avoid getting cyber threats.

How Can You Remove Conduit Search?

Automatic Removal (for PC beginner)

1. Make sure you have SpyHunter on Your PC

Download button
SpyHunter is a powerful antimalware program which can help prevent and remove most of newly-released malware and virus. It has been tested clean of viruses and malware so is 100% safe to use. It won’t take up too much space on your disk so you don’t need to worry about installing extra security program would slow down your computer speed.

2. Install it on your computer by following the prompts.

There is no any additional program contained within the installer, but you are still suggested to read the introduction about this software and learn more about it.

3. Check the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy carefully to make sure they are within acceptable limits. And then click on Install button to start the installation setup.

SpyHunter installation step 3

4. Click on Finish and close the installer. The whole process will be complete in about 1 minute.

SpyHunter installation step 5

5. Once installed, SpyHunter will automatically start and initiate a quick scan on your PC.

6.When the scan is complete, you will be presented with a long list showing you the computer threats that it has detected.

SpyHunter detects Conduit Search

7. To remove these threats, click on the Fix Threats.

fix threats

Note: The free edition of SpyHunter provides free scan for PC infection. The other benefits including fixes to specific spyware problems, personal technical support, removal of rootkits and malware are available to registered users.

Manual Removal (for advanced users)

Step 1 Boot in Safe Mode in Windows Computer

For Users of Windows 10

Use the Windows + R key combination to open the Run command box.

Type “msconfig” in the text field and click on OK.


In the System Configuration window, select Boot tab and put a tick before the box of Safe boot.

Click on OK to continue.


Select Restart so your computer will restart instantly.

Please remember to save your work before restart the system.


To learn how to boot into safe mode in Windows 8/8.1/7/XP, please navigate to the other post of our site to get details.

Step 2 End Its Process via Task Manager

Right click on the blank area of the taskbar, and choose Task Manager in the context menu.

Start Task Manager

In the Processes tab, look for the target with keyword related with Conduit. Sometimes the process of Conduit Search could show on the list in other name like Search Protect or Conduit, fortunately, the process of Conduit Search can be found under Process.

Right click on it and select End Process.

Conduit Search task manager

Step 3 Change Your Default Search Engine

For Users of Chrome

Click Menu icon and select Settings.

Click on Manage search engines… button under Search.

change search conduit search engine

You should make another search engine such as Google or Yahoo the default search engine first. is displayed in bold black as it is set as the current default search engine. Users are unable to delete it before use a new web address to replace it.

change Conduit search engine

Click on the X mark of to delete it from the list and click on Done to finish this action.

change Conduit search engine 2

For Users of Internet Explorer

Click Tools and select Manage add-ons in IE.

Internet Explorer manage add-ons

Select Search Providers in Add-on Types and find the search engine is relevant to Conduit Search.

Right click on it and select Remove.


For Users of Mozilla Firefox

Click on the three-bars icon and select Options.

Mozilla firefox options

Change your default search engine and remove the unwanted one in Search tab.

firefox- change search engine

Step 4 Remove Unwanted Browser Extension

For Users of Chrome
Click on Menu and then select Settings.

Chrome-select settings

Move to Extensions tab.

Find the extension related to Conduit Search and click on the Delete icon belongs to it.


For Users of Internet Explorer

Click Tools and select Manage add-ons in IE.

Internet Explorer manage add-ons

Select Toolbars and Extensions in Add-on Types.

Disable all items provided by Conduit.


For Users of Mozilla Firefox

Click on the three bars menu button and select Add-ons.

Mozilla firefox add-ons

In Extensions tab, find Conduit Search and remove it.


Step 5 Clear Your Browsing Data

For Users of Google Chrome

Click on Menu and select History.

Chrome History
In History tab, choose Clear browsing data….

clear chrome browser data

On the pull-down menu, select the beginning of time to make sure that you will not miss anything that could be threatening to your system and click on Clear browsing data.

browsing data from beginning of time of chrome browser

Restart Chrome to see if it can be used normally and the browser hijacker is completely removed.

For Users of Internet Explorer

Click Tools and select Internet optons in IE.

In General tab, click on Delete… button under Browsing history.

Internet options delete

Confirm you have checked all boxes except for Download History and Passwords and click on Delete.

Internet Explorer delete browsing history

Restart the browser.

For Users of Mozilla Firefox

Use Ctrl+Shift+Del key combination to open Clear Recent History window.

In the Time range to clear: drop-down, select Everything.

Click on Clear Now button.

Mozilla Firefox clear recent history




Step 6 Uninstall the Malware through Built-in Uninstaller

For Users of Windows 7

Click on the Start icon and select Control Panel.

control-panel-7Click on Uninstall a program in the window of Control Panel.

Windows 7 choose uninstall a program

In Programs and Features, find any program related with Conduit from the list and click on Uninstall.

Restart your PC finally.

In Conclusion:

Conduit Search wants to make money off of Internet users. The most common form is by hijacking the browser: it can show you ads, monetize or sell your search and/or browser behavior or redirect your homepage. It uses aggressive distribution methods to get on the computer as in the large majority of the cases, users will not be aware that they are installing a PUP. All users should only use reputable download sources such as the official site of the product you are going to download. What is more, while vigilant scrutiny of software downloads is one of the best protection against PUPs, cyber security programs can give you some valuable assistance.

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The following video offers a complete guide for Conduit Search removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode

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