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This is an age of Internet; however, it is also an age of malware. Internet users always inadvertently make their computers be the victims of malware while surfing online. is one of those malware threats that interfere with users’ normal online activities and the performance of their computers. If your computer has been unluckily infected by, you need to remove it as quickly as possible. Have no ideas how to do that? Continue reading and you will find out the instruction to get rid of it effectively.

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What Is, which appears as a legitimate search page, is a type of malware that belongs to the browser hijacker category. Users who often download free applications from unfamiliar websites may have a higher probability of getting browser hijacker, such as, downloaded and installed on their computers. But this browser hijacker won’t only sneak into users’ computers in this way. It can also enter the targeted computers via these channels: P2P file sharing networks, email attachments, pop-up ads, suspicious links, as well as malicious websites. works in a similar manner to other types of browser hijackers. Once installed on your PC, it may make changes to your browser settings regardless of what type of web browser you use, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Soon enough you may notice that your homepage has been replaced by and the default search provider gets changed as well. These setting changes can happen without your knowledge and permission. A result of these changes will be that you can’t search the Internet with the search engine you prefer. Your attempt to restore these settings might turn out to be a failure. This is because during its installation process, this browser hijacker will inject its start-up entries into the Windows registry. This enables it to run every time your PC is started and keep altering your browser settings whenever you try to reset them.

Istartpageing.com_ looks harmless but it can bring some risk to you and your computer. As we have mentioned above, this browser hijacker can replace your homepage and search engine without asking any approval, which means that it forces you to access the Internet via its website. Generally speaking, a search website will use cookies to collect and store various types of your information, such as your operating system version, browser type, search queries, sites you have visited, etc. Although most search websites will claim that t your information won’t be sold or shared with other third parties. But you never know whether they will keep their promise. You won’t be asked any approval when your information is transferred to outside parties. So, when you use the website “”, it is probably that your personal information is collected and sold to other third parties. The following is a screenshot of the Privacy Policy found on

privacy policy_1

privacy policy_2

So, you can see that this website will use cookies to collect your information and then use it for the purpose of personalizing your experience, improving the website offerings and providing targeted advertisements. If you don’t want your personal information to be collected by this unfamiliar site and feel annoyed to receive a lot of unwanted advertisements when browsing the web, then you should take immediate action to get rid of from your PC.

How to Completely Remove from Your PC?

To completely remove this browser hijacker from your computer, you need to uninstall its related programs, delete its related files, folders, and registry entries, and also reset homepage and search engine of the affected browser.

For instructions on how to uninstall the browser hijacker related programs, see Step 1.
For instruction on how to delete the browser hijacker related files, folders and registry entries, see Step 2.
For instruction on how to reset homepage and search engine of the affected browser, see Step 3

Step 1: Uninstall the browser hijacker related programs.

The browser hijacker may install its program in your system which might appear in the list of your installed program. Now you need to find and remove it.

If you use Windows XP: Go to Start > select Control Panel > click Add or Remove Programs > search for the browser hijacker related program > highlight the program > click the Remove button.

remove-program-windows xp

If you use Windows Vista/7: Click Start > click Control Panel > click Uninstall a program (or Programs and Features) > highlight the program you want to remove > click the Uninstall button.

If you use Windows 8: Right click the bottom left corner of the screen > click Programs and Features option from the pop-up menu > find and select the program you want to remove > click the Uninstall button.

Step 2: Delete the browser hijacker related files, folders and registry entries.

Manually deleting the browser hijacker related files, folders and registry entries is a cumbersome and risky task, especially for those novice users. If any wrong operation occurs during the removal process, the system may suffer from serious damage. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a specialized tool to accomplish this step. Here we recommend three tools: SpyHunter, Malwarebytes and Max Spyware Detector. You can choose one of them to download and install on your PC, then run the tool to detect and remove all malicious files, folders and registry entries.

Details of the tools:

Name: SpyHunter
Publisher: Enigma Software Group USA, LLC
Size of installer: 2.96MB
Installation folder: C:Program FilesEnigma Software GroupSpyHunter
Supported operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Main features: Easily detect, remove, and protect your PC from the latest malware attacks; malware detection and removal definitions are updated daily; offer free technical support and custom fixes for hard-to-kill malware.


Name: Malwarebytes (full name: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware)
Publisher: Malwarebytes Corporation
Size of installer: 23.2MB
Installation folder: C:Program FilesMalwarebytes Anti-Malware or Custom folder
Supported operating system: Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later, 32-bit only), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Key features: Detect and protect against malware in real-time; block hacking and phishing attempts; schedule automatic scanning; offer three flexible scanning modes


Name: Max Spyware Detector
Publisher: Max Secure Software
Size of installer: 536KB
Installation folder: C:Program FilesMax Spyware Detector
Supported operating system: Windows 2003 server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Key features: Advanced technology to detect & delete special spyware; high scanning speed with detailed threat analysis; appealing and User friendly interface; enhanced active protection to protect your online privacy; registry fix feature to restore your original settings.


Steps to install and use the tools to remove malicious components:

arrow_icon For SpyHunter:

» Click here to download SpyHunter Installer.exe.
» Double click the icon of downloaded file, and then click Run when a dialog box pops up as below.


» Select the language you prefer and click the OK button.

» Then, click CONTINUE to proceed.
» Select I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy and click INSTALL.
» The installation will begin. This process will take a while to complete.
» Once the installation finishes, click EXIT.
» SpyHunter will run automatically and start to download its latest update.
» After the update is done, you can run a full system scan by clicking Scan Computer Now.

» The scan process may take 20 or more minutes and you should wait until it comes to an end.

spyhunter scan process
» Once the scan finishes, you will be shown all detected threats in a list. To remove all of them, click the Fix Threats button.


arrow_icon For Malwarebytes:

» Click here to download Malwarebytes setup file.
» Locate and run the downloaded file by double clicking on its icon and clicking the Run button when a window pops up.

» Select the language you prefer and click OK.
» When the Setup welcome window appears, click Next.
» Choose I accept the agreement and click on Next.
» Then, follow the wizards step by step to install Malwarebytes on your PC.
» When the setup finsihes, click the Finish button to exit the installation.
» Malwarebyte will automatically run on your computer and start checking for updates. If any new version is found, please update the program.
» Then, click on Scan Now button to start to scan your system for potential threats. This will take a few minutes to finish and you should be patient.
» When the scan finishes, all detected threats will be shown in a list. To remove these threats, click on Remove Selected button.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware_remove threats

arrow_icon For Max Spyware Detector

» Click here to download Max Spyware Detector Manager file.

» Run the downloaded file to download Max Spyware Detector setup file.


» Then, run the setup file and follow the setup wizards to install Max Spyware Detector on your PC.
» Once the installation finishes, this program will run automatically and start scanning your system for hidden threats (You may be prompted to update the program, just click on Live Update button to get the latest version).
» After the scan is over, click on Fix Issues Now button to remove all the detected threats on your computer.


Step 3: Reset homepage and search engine of the affected browser.

Internet Explorer:
Click on the Tools menu or the gear icon and select Internet Options.
Under the General tab, delete the unwanted website URL from the Home Page field, type your favorite one (e.g. into the field and confirm your change by clicking OK.


Click on the Tools menu or the gear icon again and select Manage add-ons.
Select Search Providers tab, remove/disable the unwanted search engine from the list.

remove search engine-ie

Mozilla Firefox:
Click on the 3-horizontal menu in the right top corner of the browser, and select Options.
Under the General tab, delete the unwanted URL from the Home Page field, input your favorite website URL (e.g. and click OK.
reset homepage-firefox
Find and click on the magnifying glass icon near the search box on right top of the browser window, and click Manage Search Engines…

reset search engine-firefox
Set the search engine you prefer as the default and remove any search engine you don’t want. Click OK to apply the changes.

Google Chrome:
Click on the Wrench or 3-bar icon in the top-right corner of the browser window, and then select Settings from the drop down list.
Locate Appearance, tick Show Home button, and click on Change.

reset homepage-chrome

In the pop-up window, remove the undesired URL, and input your favorite website URL. Then click OK to confirm your change.

On the same page, locate Search, and then click on Manage search engines…

In the pop up window, set your preferred search engine as default and delete any unwanted search engine.

Conclusion: is nasty browser hijacker that may automatically change your browser settings once installed on your PC. It causes your browser homepage and search engine to become its own. Whenever you launch your browser, you will be redirected to its page and you have to use its search engine to search the Internet. During this process, the website may collect your personal information and share it with other third parties. That information may include your computer information and your online behaviors. With such information, advertisers can tailor advertisements that may interest you. This can explain why you always receive many ads that match your recent browsing history and search queries. So you see that it is not safe for you to keep on your PC. You need to remove it immediate so as to protect your privacy. We have given the steps to remove this browser hijacker and you can try following them to accomplish the removal task.

Tips: If you want to safely and completely remove files, folders and registry entries of the browser hijacker, you should need a professional tool. If you are still confuse which tool to choose, we sincerely suggest using SpyHunter which is a tool with various advance features. Now you can click the button below to get it downloaded on your PC immediately!

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The following video offers a complete guide for redirect virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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