Remove Lightning Newtab from Google Chrome Completely

Lightning Newtab is an extension designed for Google Chrome. This extension claims to provide website fast dial to allow you to access to your favorite website as soon as possible. Besides, it provides Weather, Favorite, Extension Manager, WallPaper, and plug-ins of Favorite and Fast Search. However, it is classified as a potentially unwanted program due to its stealthy behaviors, such as installing itself without asking users’ approval and refusing to be removed from the computers.

Here are some descriptions from its users:

“I don’t know how and when Lightning Newtab gets installed on the Google Chrome. I do not want it at all. But when I tried removing it from my browser, it refuses to go. It keeps coming back after I restart the Chrome. I don’t know how to deal with it.”

“About a month weeks ago I installed an extension called Lightning Newtab on the Google Chrome browser. When I intend to remove it, I find it is hard to be removed completely. Every time I remove it from the Extensions page, and restart the browser, it is still there…”


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Google chrome_Lightning Newtab icons

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How can Lightning Newtab get installed without users’ permission?

This extension can get installed on users’ computers without any permission by bundled with freeware. Generally, users will be asked whether to install certain software or plug-in/toolbar/extension on their PCs. However, there always are cases where users notice an unwanted program which gets installed on their computers without any consent. This could happen when users download and install freeware. The installer of Lightning Newtab may have been injected into the installation package of the software users really want to install in advance. When users download and install the software, this extension can get installed in the background. “Bundling” has been a common technique used to force users to install software or extension they don’t need. The following is one of the cases where users get unwanted programs installed on their computers without permission:

users' description

Why users always fail to remove Lightning Newtab completely?

pc userIn fact, it is not so hard to remove Lightning Newtab from the targeted computers completely. The key is the method that users use. Usually, users remove an extension by going to the Extensions page, and clicking on the trashcan icon next to it. Generally, this method is effective when users remove a common extension; however, users need to do more if they need to remove Lightning Newtab. This is because that this extension not only get installed on the browsers, but also install itself as a Windows program, drop its installation folder in the C drive, and add its own entries to the Windows registry. Generally, users only remove it from the browsers, without deleting its other components in the system – that is the reason why they always fail to remove this extension completely. Therefore, to remove this extension completely, uses have to find and delete all its related components from their computers.

Guide to remove Lightning Newtab from your computer completely

There are two methods to remove this extension from your computer. One is the manual removal method, and the other one is the automatic removal method. By using the manual removal method, you have to find and remove all components of the extensions all by yourself; if you choose the automatic removal method, you only need to install an advanced malware removal tool and run it to perform a full system scan – the tool will automatically detect all components of the extension and you can delete them just in one click!


Q 1: Which method will most users choose and why?

A: Most users will choose the automatic removal method, since it is easier to operate and usually more effective than the manual removal method. But the most important of all, it is much safer. The manual removal is a complicated and risky task. If users make any mistake during the removal process, the system might suffer from serious damage. This chart below clearly show which method is more desirable.

comparision chart_1

Q 2: Which tool is better, free removal tool or paid removal tool?
A: Comparatively, a paid removal tool is better than a free removal tool, not only in the effectiveness but also in the safety. A free removal tool usually offers limited functions and can’t detect some new threats. While a paid tool often offers a slew of features which can be very helpful, such as tech support. With more elaborate system-behavior monitors, a paid removal tool is more likely to detect and remove the latest malware. Besides, a paid removal tool tends to have a lower rate of false alarm, which avoids deleting important system files mistakenly.

comparision chart_2

Method 1: Remove Lightning Newtab with the automatic method (recommended)

If you have decided to remove the extension with the automatic method, but don’t know which tool to choose, then you can consider using these tools recommended below:

Video: How to install and use SpyHunter to remove malware

» Download and run the SpyHunter installer.exe file.
» Select your preferred language.
» Click CONTINUE button.
» Check I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy option and click INSTALL button.
» Click Exit when the setup is successful.
» Launch SpyHunter by double clicking on its icon.
» Click on Scan Computer Now button to scan your system.
» Wait for a few minutes until the scan is done.
» When the scan finishes, click on the Fix Threats button.

Video: How to install and use Malwarebytes to remove malware

» Download and run Malwarebytes setup file.
» Select the language of your choice.
» Click Next button when you will see Malwarebytes’ Setup Wizard window.
» Keep following the wizard to install this program.
» Once the installation is completed, click Finish button to exit the installation.
» Run Malwarebytes and perform a malware scan by clicking on Scan Now button.
» The scan process may last 10 or more minutes. What you need to do is to wait.
» Once the scan is done, click on Remove Selected button to remove all found threats.

Video: How to install and use Max Spyware Detector to remove malware

» Download and run Max Spyware Detector Ndm.exe file.
» Then, the Download Manager will start downloading Max Spyware Detector setup file.
» Run the Max Spyware Detector setup file to start the installation.
» Follow the prompts to install Max Spyware Detector until the installation is completed.
» Then this program will run and update itself automatically.
» Once the update is done, make it scan your PC for malware threats.
» When the scan finishes, click Fix Issues Now button to remove the threats detected.

Method 2: Remove Lightning Newtab with the manual method (advanced users only)

Note: If you are a novice user, it is not suggested that you use the manual removal method, since it is cumbersome and risky. Any mistake during the removal process could lead to serious system damage. For the sake of safety, using the automatic removal method should be a better choice.

Step 1: Remove Lightning Newtab from the Google Chrome browser.
Open Google Chrome, click the 3-bar icon on the top right corner of the window, click Settings > More tools > Extensions, or simply type chrome://chrome/extensions/ into the address bar and press Enter.

Now you will see all extensions installed on the Chrome. Find Lightning Newtab, click on the trashcan icon next to it.

remove extension from chrome_1
When a box pops up to ask you to confirm the removal, click on the Remove button.

remove extension from chrome_2

Step 2: Remove Lightning Newtab related program from the Windows.

windows 7 iconWindows 7
• Click the Start button and select Control Panel.

click-start-control-panel-windows7• Click Uninstall a program under the Programs category.

click uninstall a program-windows 7• In the list of your installed programs, find Lightning newtab or any other suspicious program, click the Uninstall button.

remove program-windows 7

windowsxp iconWindows XP
• Click the Start menu, and click Control Panel in the menu.
• Find and click Add or Remove Programs.

add-or-remove programs• Find Lightning newtab or other suspicious program, and click the Remove button.

remove program-windows xp

windows_8_icon_Windows 8
• Right click on the bottom left corner of the computer screen and click Control Panel in the menu.

start_controlpane_windows 8• Click Uninstall a program under the Programs and Features category.

programs and features-windows8• In the open window, locate Lightning newtab or other related program, and click Uninstall button.

remove program-windows 8

Step 3: Remove Lightning Newtab related files from the system.

The files may look like these:
%program files%common filessystemLightning newtab.dll
%program files(x86)%Lightning newtab uninstall
%programData%Lightning newtab.exe
%appdata%roaming[Lightning newtab].exe or folder
%Windows%system32driverLightning newtab.sys
%users%defaultappdatalocalLightning newtab.log

Step 4: Remove Lightning Newtab related entries from the registry.

• Open the Registry Editor by pressing Windows key +R key together, typing regedit into the run box and then clicking OK.

Run-Registry-Editor-in-Windows-7_thumb • When the Registry Editor is open, click the Edit menu and then select the Find… option.

edit-find• Type Lightning into the box, and then click on Find Next.

type Lightning• If there are any entries related to the extension found, delete them completely.

question_markWhat if you fail to remove Lightning Newtab in the manual way? Now you can download and use a professional malware removal tool to automatically remove the stubborn extension from your PC. 


How to avoid installation of potentially unwanted programs:


1. Download freeware from reliable download sites.

When it comes to the question – which are the safe and reliable download sites, these reputed sites may occur to you: CNET, BrotherSoft, Softonic, FreewareFiles and Tucows and Sourceforge. However, many facts have proved that these mentioned sites are not as reliable as they used to be – they start offering installers of potentially unwanted programs (see this article).

To save unwanted trouble, we sincerely suggest that you download software from its official sites. In this way, generally speaking, you won’t get other unwanted programs installed together. But if you have to download a piece of software from a download site, we recommend going to the following sites:


2. Always select the Custom installation mode when installing software.

If you select the Express or other recommended installation mode when installing software, you would run great risk of getting other potentially unwanted programs installed along with the software you really desire to install. This is because that in this mode you can’t cancel installation of some unwanted programs such as Lightning Newtab. Just as shown below, if you choose the Custom installation mode, you will be able to uncheck boxes labeled “Install XXX” or “Make XXX my browser homepage, default search and new tab”. But please note that, sometimes, those words indicate installation of other programs may not only appear in the welcome page, but also other pages like the EULA page. So, you should read carefully every page during the installation process and blindly click Next, Next, Next.

software bundled with adware

software bundled with toolbar_

3. Use a tool to prevent unwanted programs.
You can also consider using a free tool which is called Unchecky to help prevent installation of potentially unwanted programs. This tool can automatically detect and deselect the irrelevant or unwanted programs whenever you install software on your computer.


The following video offers a complete guide for Lightning Newtab adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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