Remove Moonly Search – Moonly Hijacker Removal Guide

I usually use Google as the deault search engine, but somehow my default search engine has been changed to Moonly Search which I have never heard before. When I use this unfailiar search engine to search something, I always see many ransom ads on the search results page. I have tried resetting Google as the default; however, when I restart the computer, Moonly Search comes back. I have never met such annoying matter and suspect that if my computer has got infected by malware. Anyone has the same problem or have any suggest that helps me to fix my issue?


Not a few computer users encounter the same problem described above. Default search engine being changed to another unknown one is really a tiresome thing, since you will worry if this is an indication of malware infection and whether the search results provided by this unsolicited search engine are reliable and trustwothy. In the following, we will provide the useful guide on how to completely remove Moonly Search from a user’s computer.

Before giving the removal guide, let’s see what Moonly Search is.

At first glance, you may think Moonly Search is a legitimate search engine that can offer good search service as what Google, Bing and Yahoo do. But soon you may find you are wrong. Actually, Moonly Search is an untrustworthy search engine which is associated with a browser hijacker called Moonly. There are many browser hijackers that are created to increase website traffic and promote products. They can change the homepage and/or default search engine of a web browser and make it difficult for a user to change them back. Moonly is such a browser hijacker. Below is how the web browser looks when it is hijacked by the browser hijacker:

moonly homepage

Once hijacked by this browser hijacker, you may find that your browser’s homepage becomes and the default search engine has been changed to Moonly Search without your permisson. And no matter how you try, you cannot set them back to the previous ones. This is because this browser hijacker can edit the Windows registry so that the hijacked settings will be restored each time you restart your computer. See below image:

registry entries being modified

Moonly browser hijacker often gets into a target computer in sneaky ways.

In most of time, it spreads by bundling with third-party software which can be free downloaded from the Internet. Most software developers allow installer of the browser hijacker to be bunlded with their software in order to make their own products free and be downloaded by as many Internet users as possible. When you install such software, you have a great chance of installing the browser hijacker on your PC.

This browser hijacker can also enter your computer via popups. When browsing the web, you may receive popups which warn that your computer has a certain problem and you need to download a certain program to fix the problem. This is a common trick used by cyber attackers to attract users to click on a button or link, which could directly lead to downloading of the browser hijacker.

In some cases, users can get infected by a browser hijacker as soon as they access a malicious website, even without clicking on any button or link. Such webiste is often injected some malicious codes by attackers, and once a user visit it, malware will be automatically installed on the users’ computer system without any knowledge. This technique is called drive-by download, a very cunning way to spread malware.

browser hijacker-spreading ways

Is it necessary to remove Moonly browser hijacker from your computer?

The answer is yes. If you don’t remove the browser hijacker, you will be forced to use its own search engine to search the internet. We always recommend using a well known search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo when performing an internet search, since it can insure you get reliable search results in some way. Using an unknown and unsolicited search engines may bring you potential risks. For example, the search engine could provide you malicious websites in the result list and when you visit that website, you may get malware download on your PC. Even though things are not so bad, you may not want a browser hijacker to take control over your web browser and keeps redirecting you to its own page whenever you launch the browser.

Here is a list of the effects that could be brought by the browser hijacker:

  1. Your homepage and default search page are altered by the browser hijacker without any consent.
  2. Various options in your Internet settings are modified by the browser hijacker.
  3. DNS setting and proxy settings are changed by the browser hijacker.
  4. Certain websites are blocked by the browser hijacker and some malicious websites are added to your “trusted zone”.
  5. Your browser is routed to the browser hijacker’s own domain page every time it is started.
  6. Untrusted content can be provided in the search results when you do a search with the browser hijacker’s own search engine.
  7. Your keywords, browsing history, and personal information can be recorded by the browser hijacker and be used for marketing purpose.
  8. You receive many types of ads including popup ads, pop-under ads, banners and text links which are delivered according to your recent browsing habits when suring the Internet.

browser hijacker effects

Considering that a browser hijacker could bring a series of problems to you, it is highly recommended that you take immediate action to remove Moonly out of your PC. Download a malware removal tool to scan for this browser hijacker now!


How can you remove Moonly browser hijacker and Moonly Search?

Below is a detailed removal guide to remove Moonly browser hijacker from your computer. Removing the browser hijacker completely means that you need to remove its website URL & search engine from your browser, and also clean all its traces (e.g. files, registry entries) from your system. Please take all steps in the following so as to ensure the annoying browser hijacker can be thoroughly removed from your PC. All the security tools provided in this removal guide are known to clean malware threats effectively. They are relatively good and do not give any false positive detections.

Run PCKeeper Antivirus to perform a malware scan

What is PCKeeper Antivirus?
pckeeper_boxPCKeeper Antivirus is an excellent antivirus program that offers a high level of protection for your computer. This program is integrated with Avira Secure Anti-Virus API and built on official Avira’s anti-malware scanning engine, which enables it to easily detect malware threats on your PC. Besides, this program regularly updates its database so as to catch the lastest malware or malware variants. PCKeeper Antivirus also provides 24/7 live online assistance. Whenever you have any problem that can’t be automatically solved by the tool, you can directly contact the tech support for help. There will be highly experienced technicians available to give the best sulution to your problem.

» Download PCKeep Antivirus Installer, which looks as below, onto your computer desktop (Note: This program is not compatible with Windows XP).


» Double click on the icon to run the setup file of PCKeeper Antivirus. Click Run when a dialog box as below pops up.


» A new window will appear. Click Start Install button to start installing the program on your PC.


» Components of PCKeeper Antivirus are being installed. Please wait for a while.


» PCKeeper Antivirus is now gathering data about installed security programs and configuring the antivirus. Please wait until the installation finishes.


» Now run PCKeep Antivirus on your PC. On its main screen, click the Full Scan button so as to perform a malware scan.


» The scanning process may take a long time, and you need to be patient.


» Once the scanning ends, you will be shown all detected threats. You have two options to deal with these threats, either quarantine or delete them.

PCKeeper Antivirus Scan Results


Run SpyHunter to clean all traces of the browser hijacker

What Is SpyHunter?
spyhunter_boxSpyHunter is a powerful anti-malware program developed by Enigma Software Group USA LLC. With the latest advanced technologies, this program not only offers real-time protection against malicious attacks, but also detects and removes different kinds of malware threats, like browser hijackers, adware, Trojans, viruses, worms and rootkits. It thoroughly scans for your hard drives, Windows registry and memory  and won’t miss any threat. SpyHunter also provide free tech support in case that the program cannot automatically remove the threats on your PC. 


» Download SpyHunter setup file by clicking the button below and then save it on your desktop.


» Locate and double click on icon of the setup file you have downloaded just now.

SpyHunter shortcut

» When a dialog box pops up as shown below, click the Run button.


» Select your language (e.g.English) and then click OK button.

select your language

» Click CONTINUE to proceed.


» Tick the I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy option, and click the INSTALL button.


» Now SpyHunter is being installed on your PC. Please wait until the installation is complete.


» When you are prompted that the setup is successful, click the EXIT button.


» SpyHunter will automatically run on your PC and you can see its main screen looks like below. Now click the Scan Computer Now button to run a quick system scan.


» The scanning process may take more than 20 minutes (depending on the number of files in your system, more files, more time). You can do other things during this time.

spyhunter-scanning process

» When SpyHunter finishes scanning your system, it will show all detected threats in a list. To remove all these threats, simply click on the Fix Threats button.

spyhunter-fix threats


Remove Moonly browser hijacker from web browsers

Follow these steps to check and remove the browser hijacker’s related website URL & search engine from your web browsers.

For Internet Explorer:

» Click on the IE menu (gear icon) and click Internet Options.

click internet options

» In the open window, under the General tab, check Home page field and delete the unwanted website URL. Then type the address of the website you like and click OK to save the change.

delete unwanted URL_ie

» Click the gear icon again and then select Manage add-ons from the list.

click manage add-ons

» In the open window, click Search Providers on the left. Check all search engines on the right side. Select your desired search engine and make it as the default. Then right click the unwanted search engine and click Remove button to delete it.


For Mozilla Firefox:

» Click on the Firefox menu (3-bar icon) and select Options.

click options

» In the open window, check and remove the unwanted homepage Then enter another website address.

delete unwanted URL_firefox

» Now, click the Search tab on the left side. Under Default Search Engine, click the drop-down icon to choose the search engine you prefer (e.g.Google) and set it as the default.

select Google

» Then, move to the One-click search engines section, look for the unwanted search engine, click it and then click the Remove button.

For Google Chrome:

» Click on Menu and then select Settings.

click settings

» Click Set pages link under On startup.

click set pages

» In the open window, delete the unwanted website URL by highlighting it and clicking the X icon. Then type a desired website address as your new startup page and click OK button.

delete unwanted URL_chrome

» Now go back to the Settings page, click Change link under Appearance.

click change

» In the Home page window, delete the unwanted homepage from Open this page field. Then, type another website URL into the box and click OK button.

delete unwanted _URL_chrome

Return to the Settings page again. Locate Search section and click Manage search engines… In the popup window, you first need to make your favorite search engine such as Google as the default.

make google as_default

Then, delete the unwanted search engine by highlighting it and clicking on the X icon.

delete_unwanted URL_chrome


Run Plumbytes Anti-Malware to check the removal result (optional)

To ensure a complete removal of the browser hijacker, you can also download and use Plumbytes Anti-Malware to run a full system scan.

» Click here to download Plumbytes Anti-Malware.

» When a window pops up as shown below, click INSTALL button to start installing Plumbytes Anti-Malware on your PC.


» Once the installation is done, Plumbytes Anti-Malware will automatically start and perform a system scan on your PC.


» Once the scanning is over, check the scan result and click REMOVE SELECTED button to remove all detected threats from your PC.

When you have finished the tasks above, Moonly browser hijacker should have been removed from your PC. If you unluckily fail to get rid of the browser hijacker, then you can contact the tech support of SpyHunter for help.

To sum up, Moonly Search is associated with the Moonly browser hijacker which is designed to make money out of clicks by Internet users. This browser hijacker can modify your browser homepage setting and default search engine setting without asking your approval. Besides, it will edit your registry entries to prevent you from changing the browser settings back. Keeping this browser hijacker is not a wise decision, since it can bring a series of unwanted problems to you. It hijacks your search results, show you annoying & untrusted ads, and even sell your personal information and browsing information to third-party advertisers. As a result, you may not be able to search the Internet normally and safely, and your privacy is also violated. It is important that you only use a reputable search engine such as Google to search the Internet, so that you can avoid potential risks. As an unsolicited search engine, Moonly Search should be removed without any hesitation. Above you have provided the detailed removal guide, hope that it will help you.

Last but not least, if you want to keep your computer away from malware, a best solution is to install a reliable anti-malware program such as SpyHunter that can provide real-time protection, realize automatic updates, and quarantine or remove malware threats effectively. Click the button to get SpyHunter downloaded on your PC right now!




The following video offers a complete guide for Moonly Search Redirect Virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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