Remove Phrase Professor Adware Easily in Steps

For the people who have never come across Phrase Professor, it would be a curious decision for them to remove such a program since the name of the software seems harmless and even could provide helpful features. Most people probably couldn’t have thought of using a downloaded application would involve potential security threat. Their knowledge about computer is limited and not clear, so they just download what they need and blankly install software without thinking, which in fact contribute greatly to spreading malware. For others, they have used Phrase Professor and know exactly what it really is so they are trying to get away from it. Even if some of them know computer well, accidents do occur. The adware is always exploring the way getting into computers, but it is hard for many computer users to be keenly aware of phishing scam and other unexpected situation all the time. No one would download an adware on his or her computer initiatively. Inexperienced network users don’t know the difference between safe software and malware for the malware is able to pretend like a normal application. They will not realize computer threats have entered their computer until the symptoms begin to show. For instance, what is in your mind when you see the name of Phrase Professor? I guess you must take it as a helpful tool related to word study which can help you learn more about phrase. If so, you will be surprised when you see its true color.


This program do has its own official website and I have to say its homepage has been nicely designed. Though the main part of the page is taken up by a large picture excessively, it makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. When you open this web page, the first thing you see must be its large signs saying Phrase Professor, Think Different! It looks like it is encouraging people to learn more about strange phrases by using it, but if you drag down the page, you will find what its problem is.

phraseprofessor adware

It clearly explains that it is an ad-supported application in its homepage even before it introduces its features and merits. Some of you may wonder what ad-supported software is, and what the difference is between it and other normal software. Please let me tell you something I know about it. Ad-supported software is the same with adware which will show you all forms of ads including banner, text, pop-up/under, coupon or others during use. Some software are available free of charge over the Internet so in order to pay for servers and other expenses they show ads while you are running them or browsing the internet. Those ads will appear not only within the software itself, but also on the website you are browsing, which means as long as you have connection to the web server, you will see annoying ads everywhere and the only way to get rid of them is to uninstall the related software. Every time you see or hear an ad, the ad creators and software designers get paid and that is what supports this software to continue working and keep free for users. Generally this type of software could be intrusive and offensive as it is usually created by cyber criminals to boost traffic of their websites and get more profits. To achieve the objective, they will gather all the information that they can make good use of and generate the ads based on your interests so as to arouse your curiosity which may drive you to click on the ads. It is understandable for me if they just collect the information that doesn’t matter and use them for optimizing their products and services, but it seems it goes a bit too far in the case of Phrase Professor.

Phrase professor privacy policy

Your browsing history, cookies, search keywords, computer brand, model and even your location are the data it desires. It may also collect your personal information regarding your phone numbers, frequent contacts, friends and family members. Such private information would be needed for social network like Facebook, but what would a browser-based tool use that information for?

The Truth of Phrase Professor

According to the statement on its homepage, it is a tool that helps Internet users search and translate phrase or any text online easily and quickly. After you install it on your computer, you can highlight the items that you want to make search for with your cursor, and Phrase Professor will instantly show relevant results in a resizable window inside the current page. Its search results can be presented in over 60 languages and are mostly from reliable source like Bing and Wikipedia. In a word, this application just can save the trouble of opening a new tab and searching for specific terms. However, I don’t think there is any trouble in leaving current page and build a new one to do search. It is not as helpful as it promotes on its web site in reality. On the contrary, it will even become a serious threat to your computer security. The first sign that makes me feel unusual about this software is that I find nowhere to download it on its official site. Generally speaking, not all software has its exclusive webpage to introduce itself, but if one does, there must be at least one download button on that webpage, or how can computer users download the software when they are attracted by the propaganda and decide to install the tool on their computers? I have viewed each page of its official website but I could not find anywhere to download Phrase Professor, this makes me doubt that users can only get this application through downloading other freeware or certain links. Secondly, it uses disguised marketing tactic to give sufficient pretext for delivering ads. Once users install this program on their computers, users accept its terms of services by default while they may not even read about it. I believe no one would download or install this program if they have read its terms of use and privacy policy. Certainly it will provide search and translation services for free, but it is under the conditions of installing the program and receiving advertising materials. Those ads may be produced by other unrecognized third parties besides Phrase Professor. However, Phrase Professor will not be responsible for any risk from the links and ads that do not belong to it. If you think it is fine with constant pop-up ads, how about interstitial, video and others? It can even convert some words on the page you are browsing into hyperlinks that link to ads. You may find that your browser settings may be modified without your approval because you have accepted all conditions when you install this malevolent program. It will make changes automatically when it is necessary without any new notification. The most important thing is, as I have mentioned above, its invasion to your personal privacy. When you agree to the terms of this License Agreement, you should also realize that you are allowing this adware to collect and use your personal information. There are a lot of harsh terms written on its lengthy privacy policy and terms of use which almost no one would read. If you find this adware has already installed on your PC, you should remove it immediately.

How to Remove Phrase Professor from Your PC

There are mainly two ways for you to get rid of this adware. One of them is to remove it with a specialized removal tool and the other is to remove it manually. The manual way is very limited and risky: computer users may be unable to find out all malicious files or delete the wrong file instead which may cause serious system error. Especially for those who are not familiar with managing computer, even just opening a certain procedure could be a challenge for them, let alone locating the program and deleting registry. And this method will take quite a long time to perform each step; you need to have enough time and patience if you choose to remove it by yourself. It is strongly recommended that to remove Phrase Professor by using a smart tool which will not cause any damage to your computer and save your time.
The following three programs are specially selected by our software technicians. They have experienced a series of stringent tests from many aspects so the results we got are real and trustworthy. You can be assured that these applications are not spyware or malware.


Download SpyHunter:


As to how to use it to run scan for your PC and remove the adware, you can watch this video guide. It is just as simple as any other software installed on your computer. If you still have problem with it, please leave your comment on Youtube and I will respond to you when I see it.

Download Malwarebytes:
malware download
This guide shows you the entire installation process of Malwarebytes and how to start a scan with it. Even its free version is able to help you remove all detected computer threats.

Download Max Spyware Detector:
Detailed step descriptions are provided through each of my video and you can pause the video anytime to read them carefully or to follow the step while you are performing the actions as my instructions at the same time.

If you choose to get rid of this adware on your own, please follow the removal guide below carefully.

Step1 Uninstall Phrase Professor

Windows 8/8.1
1. Hold the cursor in the bottom-left corner of the screen for a few seconds, then right-click on the icon appeared and select Programs and Features from the following menu


If your operating system is Windows 8.1, you can just click on the Start icon to bring this menu.
2. Select Phrase Professor or other unwanted program and uninstall it


Windows 7

uninstall programs

Uninstall a program2 windows7
Step 2 Reset Your Browser to Default Settings

Since the pesky adware may wantonly change your browser settings for marketing purpose, it is necessary for you to reset all changed settings back to their previous states after you have uninstall it. If it has installed additional browser extension or add-ons, you will also need to remove them from your browser or they will still have impact on your computer.
thumbtack_note_important_1Reset any browser may cause you to lose your important data that stored in the browser such as your bookmarks, the websites you gathered on your favorites, and your custom settings. It is suggested that you backup your data before you make any changes to your browser or your old data will disappear permanently.


Internet Explorer
1. Tools (Gear icon on menu bar) → Internet options

Internet options

2. Advanced → Restore Advance Setting → Reset

Reset IE step2

3. Check Delete personal settings → Reset

Reset IE 3

A small pop-up window will open to tell you all the settings have been restored and you need to restart your browser to make the changes take effect.

Mozilla Firefox

Menu → Help → Troubleshooting Information → Refresh Firefox

reset firefox


reset firefox3

Firefox will close and refresh itself in background. When completed, a prompt will show up and then you need to click on Finish and Firefox will open again.

Google Chrome

Menu → Settings → Show advanced settings → Reset settings

reset chrome1

114846-magic-marker-icon-arrows-arrow4-down reset chrome2

114846-magic-marker-icon-arrows-arrow4-down reset chrome3

1. Menu → About Opera

reset opera1

2. Note the paths of Profile and Cache, you need to locate these two positions and delete the files

reset opera2

3. To quickly get to the folders, you can copy one of the paths and click on the Start icon, then paste that path on the Search programs and files box and press Enter

search programs and files

The folder will open automatically and you need to move to the directory above it and just delete the folder

reset opera3

Note: The last step may require you to Show/display the hidden files, if you have never done this before, please take a look at this page:

Such adware and other malware are flooding over the Internet and we can’t always prevent it. But we still need to be careful when we are going to download program via Internet. Most of adware are installed on victims’ computer during the installation process of some software that users obtained from unsafe websites or infected files. There are various ways for computer threats get into our computers without being noticed while weak awareness of network security is still a big problem for us. Nevertheless, depending on our awareness is not enough to prevent against countless malware from outside, a professional antivirus program is indispensable to us. Most of people may think that they can only get malware by downloading insecure software, using pirated software, entering risky sites or any other things they are not expected to do. The reality, though, is true, but there are much more methods for a malware to attack computer system. For example, the malware can compromise your computer by exploit the security flaws of your operating system or the software code. In some cases, even the websites you have visited are safe and reliable, the websites themselves could be hijacked which would not be perceived by people.
Although antivirus is not a new way to protect computers, it is still the simplest and most effective measure which has been tested over time and have proven to be one of the principal means of ensuring your machine and data are under protection. For the sake of your data and system security, you might think about using antivirus that I have mentioned above. Certainly, you can choose any one you prefer from the APP center online, but please remember, it is very important to download the software from reliable and legitimate source.


Attention: The following video offers a complete guide for Phrase Professor adware removal. You’d better watch in full-screen mode!

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