Remove Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah.A!bit

My work PC has got infected by a threat called Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah.A!bit for two weeks. Windows Defender detects it but every time I try to remove or quarantine it, I am told that the action has been suspended. I have also tried other tools like Malwarebytes to remove it; however, after performing a full system scan, they don’t even detect the threat. Now my PC becomes very slow and I feel rather annoyed. What should I do to get rid of this Trojan? Any help will be appreciated.

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Threat Summary


Threat Name:
Risk Level: High
Spreading Ways: Spam emails, suspicious links, popup ads, malicious websites

Trojan: Win32/Skeeyah.A!rfn, Trojan: Win32/Skeeyah.A!plock

Operating Systems Affected: Windows XP/7Vista/8/8.1/10
Detection Tools
Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials and SpyHunter




Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah.A!bit is a Trojan horse specially designed by cyber hackers to take full control over the target computer and steal the user’s private information like system login details, banking account passwords, online transaction report, and other valuable data. Then, it transfers this information and data to the remote attackers. This Trojan horse was first released on Apr 17, 2015 and latest updated on Apr 12, 2017. During this period, it has infected thousands of computers and caused severe problems to the victims.

threat level




Usually, Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah.A!bit hacks into a target computers by using some form of social engineering, for example, it can disguises itself as a harmless file which is attached to an email as an attachment, in order to mislead users into executing it. This Trojan horse can also spread from suspicious links, fake alert popups & advertisements. It even can be slip into a computer as the user browses a malicious website. Even though the user doesn’t click anything within the webiste, the Trojan hrose can be automatically downloaded on the computer. This involves in the using of drive-by download which is a rather common technique utilized by cyber hackers to spread malware via exploiting the vulnerabilities existing in Internet users’ web browsers.

infected attachment




The main symptoms of this Trojan horse infection are obvious: sluggish computer, endless pop-ups, unrequested websites appearing, and sudden system errors.





Once downloaded and installed on your PC, Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah.A!bit will first make some changes to your system’s settings and then drop additional files that are likely malicious to these folders:


Besides, it will create its own entries in the Windows registry in order to run automatically each time the Windows starts. Many Trojans and other types of malware will also do this. Usually, its startup entry is added to the folder of Run or RunOnce in the registry.

When running in the background of the system, this Trojan horse will connect with some rarely used terminals in TCP or IP protocol in order to open a backdoor for the remote attackers.

Once the attackers gain access to the infected computer system, they can easily steal the user’s private information and data, like credit card numbers & passwords, social-media account details, records of online purchases, reports of business plan, etc.

This Trojan horse may disable antivirus/anti-malware programs installed on the compromised computer and also infect the system’s restore points so as to prevent itself from being removed by the user.

Additionally, this Trojan horse can wreak havoc on the computer by changing default user settings, deleting important system files, corrupting the registry, erasing user’s data, hijacking web browsers, and installing more malware threats.

If you are a victim of Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah.A!bit, it is highly recommended that you get rid of it without any delay. This malicious Trojan horse can not only affect your computer’s performance, but also pose a great threat to your personal data and confidential information. 

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A Trojan horse can result in various consequences if not detected and removed timely. They can include losing control of the computer, data corruption, keylogging and additional malware installation.

  • Losing control of the computer

The Trojan horse can open a backdoor which allows the remote hackers to gain access to the infected computer and then perform anything they wish, including deleting files, uploading data and rebooting the computer.

  • Data corruption

The Trojan horse could corrupt the important data and files on the computer, causing everything from minor glitches to an operating system crash.

  • Keylogging

The Trojan horse will install a “keylogger” program which is able to record every keystroke on the computer. This means that all confidential information like credit card information will be recorded and sent to the cyber hackers.

  • Additional malware installation

The Trojan horse can download and install new versions of malicious software on the infected computer, including Trojans, adware and spyware, etc.


How-to Remove


Most victims reflect that Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials cannot delete this Trojan horse completely. As a victim called A.glynn says, the Trojan horse is removed by  Microsoft Security Essentials, but after restarting the computer, it comes back.

coming back

The reason may be that Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials only clean the infected files but the core files of the Trojan horse still hide in some place of the computer system and there is a registry entry which enables the Trojan horse to re-infect the system.

To permanently get rid of Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah.A!bit, you need to use an exclusive malware removal tool which can thoroughly scan for your computer system and delete all malicious files and entries related to the Trojan horse.

Recommended tool: SpyHunter

What Is SpyHunter?
SpyHunter is an advanced anti-malware program that blocks, detects, and removes many types of malware like Trojans, worms, viruses, browser hijackers, adware, rootkits, keyloggers, spyware and more from your PC. With the latest technologies, SpyHunter has effectively helped a large number of computer users fix their malware problems. Besides, SpyHunter provides 7X24 online tech support to help users resolve problems that can’t be fixed by the tool automatically. 


Follow the steps below to install and use SpyHunter to remove threats on your PC now:


Step 1: Install SpyHunter on your computer.

Click  the button below to download SpyHunter on your PC.

Locate the downloaded file, double click it and then click the Run button.

click run

Now you will be prompted to select your language. Once you have selected one, click OK.

select language

Click the CONTINUE button to proceed.

click continue

Accept the EULA and Privacy Policy of SpyHunter, and click the INSTALL button.

accept terms and agreements

Now SpyHunter will prepare for its installation on your PC, and you can see the installation progress as below.

installation process

When a small window appears and tells that the setup is successfully, click the Exit button.

spyhunter-click exit


Step 2: Reboot your computer into Safe Mode.

Open Start menu, go to Shut down and click Restart.


Tap F8 key repeatly before the Windows logo appears. F8 key is to initiate Advanced Boot Options menu.

When the Advanced Boot Options screen appears, select Safe Mode with Networking by using the up and down arrow keys and then hit the Enter key.


Tips: When in Safe Mode, the Trojan is not started, so it is easier and more effective for you to remove it from your PC.


Step 3: Run SpyHunter to kill Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah.A!bit and other existing threats.

Launch SpyHunter by double clicking on its icon. Then, click the Scan Computer Now button.

scan computer now

SpyHunter now will start scanning your whole system for any existing threats. Just wait until the scanning is over.


When the scanning comes to an end, you will be shown all detected threats with their basic information. You can scroll down to check every item. If there is no problem with the scan result, you can remove them all by clicking on the Fix Threats button. Reboot your computer if you are required to do so.


* SpyHunter’s free version is only for malware detection. If SpyHunter detects malware on your PC, you will need to purchase SpyHunter’s malware removal tool to remove the malware threats. If you have any problem in removing the threats, please contact the tech support for further help.



Alternative Method: Performing System Restore


Sometimes, you can remove a Trojan horse by restoring your system. However, this method only works when the Trojan horse hasn’t infected all the system restore points. But anyhow, if you don’t want to invest a security tool, you can try this method. Follow the instruction below:

Windows7 iconFor Windows 7/Vista:

  • Click the Start menu and enter system restore into the search box. Then, click System Restore from the result list.

restore system_1

  • In the popup window, select the option of Recommended restore or Choose a different restore point (if the malware infection occurred earlier than the date of the Recommend restore , you need to choose the later option).

restore system-2

  • Then, you’ll be presented with a list of restore points you have created previously. If you want more options, check Show More Restore Points. Then, you can Select an acceptable restore point and click Next.

restore system_3

  • Confirm your restore point and click on Finish.

restore system-2

  • A dialog box will pop up and ask you to confirm that you really want to perform a system restore. If you’re sure to do so, click Yes. This will start the system restore.

restore system_4

restore system_5

  • Please wait while your Windows files and settings are being restored.

restore system_6

  • After the System Restore completes, please log into your account.

restore system_7

  • Then, you will see a dialog box as below once the desktop loads up.

restore system_8

Windows8 iconFor Windows 8:

  • Right click the bottom left corner of your computer screen, and click Control Panel.

Control Panel

  • Locate view by and select Category. Find and click System and Security and then click System. In the open window, find and click on Advanced system settings.

restore system windows8_1

  • A small window will pop up. Under system Protection tab, click on System Restore.

restore system windows8_2

  • Then click Choose a different restore point.

restore system windows8_3

  • Now select a restore point and click Next.

restore system windows8_4

  • Click Finish.

restore system windows8_5

  • Click OK when a small dialog box appears. Then the System Restore will start.

restore system windows8_6

  • When the System Restore is done, your computer will be restarted itself. Then, you will receive a message as shown below on your desktop. Click Close.

restore system windows8_6


After you finished the system restore, you can start checking the result. If the Trojan horse has been completely removed, then congratulations to you; but if the Trojan horse returns to your PC, we highly recommend you perform a thorough removal of it using the tool given here. It has been proved by many PC users that using a professonal malware removal tool will make the removal easier and more effective. Now you can click the button below to get a powerful tool downloaded on your PC. It will help you remove Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah.A!bit within simple clicks and provide real-time protection for your PC.



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