Safe Guides to Remove Win32/Gamarue.gen!A

HELP! Please help me with this nasty Behavior:Win32/Gamarue.gen!A malware on my new computer. I just upgraded system days ago. i had not downloaded any new tool yet besides Microsoft malicious software removal tool. Lately, I got massage warning about this virus. I used my removal tool to delete it but it was not detected in scan result. I tried cleaning suspicious files. But as long as computer restarted, this virus infected system again.

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More about Behavior:Win32/Gamarue.gen!A

Win32/Gamarue.gen!A is a Trojan virus which belongs to one of the most dangerous computer viruses all around the world. As one of the most risky malware users are facing today, Trojan virus keeps developing with new technology and the number of it is increasing day by day. As a member of it, Win32/Gamarue.gen!A will not bring any advantage to system but will completely destroy the whole machine. Once this virus takes down a computer, it will insert malicious codes to the machine and then help remote hackers to get control over computer. When this malware attacks computer, it starts triggering a serious of destructive activities on system. To get successful loading, this virus will create a lot of unsafe files and registry entries at the beginning. After that, these data will be dropped onto system, making this malware be able to block removal process. Most victims reported that this malware is detected by Windows defender but it can not be removed by this tool. Even sometimes it is removed, it will come back again after computer restarts. Actually, the startup item of the infected computer has been changed when this malware attacks system. Due to such change, this threat is capable of launching its process automatically. While any associated file is left on computer, this malware process can infect target computer again when system boots up.

detected item


Most of time, this malicious program can be detected by Windows defender if you have already turned it on. You will get the warning that this malware will execute commands from an attacker and you are advised to remove Win32/Gamarue.gen!A immediately.


Malware found BehaviorWin32gamarue.gen!A


But according to report from victims, Windows defender can not fully get rid of it because this virus will come back after rebooting. It can be possible that this malicious program has also introduced other threats on computer. What can be more dangerous is that it may open a back door for hackers or cyber criminals to get remote access to the compromised computer. In this situation, hackers can easily take over your computer and copy your private details. The activities you performed on your computer will be monitored by hackers. Information you stored on system could be in danger as hackers can copy them easily.

Cant get rid of BehaviorWin32Gamarue.gen!A


The loading of this risky program takes a large amount of operating memory, resulting in sluggish system performance. In some cases, Trojan virus is used for increasing web traffics for third party websites via generating numerous pop up ads on web pages. Most ads displayed by malware are unsafe to click because they are malicious. If you try to click them, you will be redirected to unknown and phishing sites which may contain malware downloader. Additional shortcuts will be added on desktop forcibly if any insecure site is linked. Crucial files and folders could be damaged or even deleted by malware. For this reason, you are strongly recommended to remove Win32/Gamarue.gen!A from computer immediately once any trace of it is found on your machine.

You are suggested to download malware removal tool if you do not have the ability to handle the essential parts of system manually. Any mistaken deletion during removal process can make your computer fully useless. If you are not skillful enough to get rid of this Trojan manually, you can click to remove it safely by using professional tool.


Remove Win32GamaruegenA Now


Why Is Win32/Gamarue.gen!A Dangerous?

Win32/Gamarue.gen!A locates inside the deep of system after disabling system authentication guard. This guarding process is used for stopping unauthorized access to system. Once it is blocked by this virus, the security guard service can be closed. This virus will take advantage of it and invade system by making use of system vulnerability. The nasty process can be detected by Windows Defender, Windows Firewall as well as Microsoft Security Essentials, but these tools are unavailable to remove it completely as this malware will be disabled. Other third party program on the affected computer could be damaged critically. If this malware takes charges of network, it will intercept the internet connection so that it can stop new security updates to get onto system. On condition that the infected system is lack of protection, this malware will empower remote hackers to manipulate system functions and then copy your privacy on system. Huge sum of network traffic will be wasted by this threat because it will drop multiple types of other threats into system. Those threats will lead to further system damages. Poor system performance is a typical symptom of being attacked by Trojan virus because this kind of malware requires a large scale of CPU for running nasty processes.

As most malware gets onto target system by using tricky techniques, there may be a carrier of malware on the affected computer. The program it attaches to could be potential risk to the system. Even sometimes the third party program is legitimate, it can be used by hackers. Some unofficial websites could provide unsafe downloads which are uploaded by hackers after implanting malware codes. Thus, the one from unofficial website is different from official site because it has malware codes contained. More and more infections of malware will make the whole system useless. If you find that your windows internet security services start stopping detect malware or protect system anymore, then the reason can be that the services are turned off by this malware so as to perform destructive tasks without being known. What could be most dangerous is that your privacy will be recorded by hackers because this malware executes remote command ordered by hackers.

Since Win32/Gamarue.gen!A is a perilous Trojan virus which can execute remote controls process for cyber criminals, it is recommended that you should remove this perilous Trojan virus as soon as possible to avoid further damages and identity theft.



Safe Guides to Remove Win32/Gamarue.gen!A

Complicated steps are involved in manual removal method which could not be handled by inexperienced users. Serious damages will occur if you delete any crucial system data. For this reason, you are advised to download auto fix tool if you are not computer geek. Any professional skill is needed if you choose to remove it automatically with tools.


  • Copy the downloaded file to your computer and then run it on your PC. When a dialog box pops up as below, click the Run button.SpyHunter-shortcut

click run

  • Select the language you prefer and click the OK button.

select language

  • Click CONTINUE to proceed.

click continue

  • Click I accept the EULA and Policy and click the INSTALL button.

accept terms and agreements

  • Now SpyHunter is being installed on your PC. Just for a few time.


  • Once SpyHunter is successfully installed on your PC, click the EXIT button.

click finish

  • Then, boot your PC into the Safe Mode. After you access the desktop, double click the icon of SpyHunter to run it on your PC. On its main screen, click the Scan Computer Now button to do a full system scan.

scan computer now

  • SpyHunter now will start scanning the entire system for any existing threats.

scanning process

  • When the scanning is done, SpyHunter will show you all detected threats. Click the Fix Threats button if you want to remove all found threats.


  • After all threats are completely deleted from your PC, restart your PC.

If you have any trouble after removing malware, please contact our one to one support.


Manual Removal Guide

To manually remove this malware, you should restore system to previous version which is not infected. Restoring system should be very careful to avoid data loss. If you are not skillful, please download anti-malware tool to clean system instead.

For Windows 7 Users

Log in your administrator account

Click Start menu at the lower left corner, select Control Panel

control panel windows7

Choose System Security category

system and security windows7

Click Restore your computer to an earlier time option

Restore your computer to an earlier time

Find and click Open System Restore button under system restore

Restore your computer to an earlier time



As the system restore window pops up, select the restore point which has not been infected before and then click Next to continue

choose restore point windows 7


Check details of your restore point, make sure all information is correct and click Finish button

Finish windows7


There will be a new little pop up window warns you that once the system restore starts, it can not be interrupted. If you want to continue, just click Yes to confirm.

Yes windows7


The system restore will take a few times. You should not interrup the process. Just leave it along and wait.

restore begins windows 7restore message

Once the system restore is finished, your computer will restart automatically.



For Windows 8 Users

Log in your administration account

Go to search box at the right edge of desktop

Search Control Panel in the search box, and click Control Panel appears in search result.

control panel windows 7

Enter Recovery in the Control Panel search box, and then tap or click Recovery option in search result.


Search-ControlPanel-Recovery type

Select Open System Restore Open System Restore under advanced recovery tools.




Sometimes it will requires you to enter your administrator account password, just enter the password you set.



As the system restore window pops up, select the restore point which has not been infected before and then click Yes to continue


The system restore will take a few times. You should not interrupt the process. Just leave it along and wait.



Your computer will automatically restart once the process is completed.


For Windows 10 Users

Log in your administrator account

Click start button at the lower left corner of desktop, select Control Panel from main list


Put Recovery in search box and click Recovery option in search result.

Open recovery window and select System Restore option. Once there is window pops up, click Next to continue.


open system restore-min_zps8mn3pvdj

As the system restore window pops up, select the restore point which has not been infected before and then click Next to continue

show creadted restore point


Check details of your restore point, make sure all information is correct and click Finish button



There will be a new little pop up window warns you that once the system restore starts, it can not be interrupted. If you want to continue, just click Yes to confirm.


Wait till your computer restarts automatically.



Win32/Gamarue.gen!A is a new detected malware which has been a big headache to a lot of users around the world. More computer threats will be introduced to system if this malware cause system vulnerability. Attention should be paid to new downloads once your computer is unprotected. If you have followed the manual removal guide above, you should make sure all related files and registry entries are removed. Or, this malware could come back again by using data left on system.

Kindly Reminder: you need to clean all associated data carefully to effectively get rid of Win32/Gamarue.gen!A. if it not removed in time, malicious behavior will be performed which could lead to financial loss. To ensure complete removal of this malware, you can download anti-malware tool below to check system deeply.


Remove Win32GamaruegenA Now

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