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10 Most Common Internet Scams

Along with the popularization of the network, Internet scams also occur and vary. A lot of people are falling into the traps of scammers online and getting involved in financial losses and other problems. More information at:

Antivirus Software - How to Choose the Right One for Your Computer

We all make choice, and as long a we get a computer, we should take the computer security in to consideration and make decision in installing antivirus software. Need help? Let us help you.  More information at:

Browser Hijacker Information

Browser hijacker is one of the annoying computer threats that cause unwanted problems to computer users. More information at:


Cloud Data Storage - How Safe Is Your Information in the Cloud

Do you ever use any cloud storage? It is quite possible we need a place to store our files, information and other data when our computers are no longer empty. Then we need a cloud storage. Cloud storage is an interesting evolution in storage models that redefines the ways that we construct, access, and manage storage . This new piece of technology provides a multitude of benefits and added features, but there are also some negative aspects – particularly with respect to data security. Being consciously aware of what we store inthe  cloud can actually avoid losing data. Cloud storage is continent but also insecure. More information at:

Do You Overshare on Social Media

Social media has played a key role in our daily lives. We are sharing more of our lives and feelings on social media than ever before. However, hackers can make use of these seemingly trivial things to commit cyber crime. It is very important to think twice before you post anything on social media in order to avoid oversharing which matters to your personal information security.  More information at:

Email Security - What You Need To Know

We often send email to deliver information and data, but we do not often think of email security even we might receive spam email every now and then. No mater how much attention we pay to email, we tend to accidentally click on spam email or email attachments even we are not mean to. More information at:

How Can You Restore Your System to An Earlier State

Sometimes, your computer may encounter some errors caused by certain recently installed programs or virus infections. If you want to use System Restore option to fix these issues without deleting any of your data, please read more.  More information at:

How Secure Is Your Internet Password

When it comes to cyber-security, most of people would consider security program is the most important thing to protect their computer and their valuable data stored online, but the Internet password is not less important than the security software as it is the last line of defense. More information at:

How to Install Antivirus Programs and Use Them to Deal with Malware

There is no doubt that each PC should be loaded with a reliable antivirus program these days. Of course, software has vulnerabilities, but how useful a security program is depends on their efficiency and final results. More information at:

How to Start Windows Based OS in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a special way for Windows operating systems to diagnose problems. It allows you to troubleshoot Windows in a limited state and correct any problems that may prevent windows from starting normally. More information at:

Information About Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs)

PUPs lie in a “gray zone” of classification because they are not designed to destroy users’ computers or steal users’ information. More information at:

Malware - The Most Destructive Computer Threat

Shopping online, travel, work, booking tickets, watching online games and news have become a means of using Internet. At the same time, Internet also creates a lot of opportunities for cyber criminals or hackers to release more malicious software (Malware) on the net. More information at:

Mobile Security - Something We Really Need to Care About

With the constantly rising of using smartphones, more and more mobile users store the important personal data in their phones. Because of this, smartphones have gradually become the target that cyber criminals turn to attackMore information at:

The Potential Risks of Public Wi-Fi

People can gain access to a public Wi-Fi almost everywhere in urban areas, which may also bring new worrisome factors about network security. Because evil hackers could spy on every user’s activities and collect all data transmitted through that unsecure public network connection by using malware or some other illegal means. More information at:

Tips for Safe Online Shopping - Protect Yourself From Cyber Fraud

E-commerce is a rapidly growing marketplace for a variety of shopping, but we can’t ignore the potential risks associated with online shopping. Cyber fraud, identity theft, data loss, and malware invasion frequently happen when shopping online. All of these are closely related to our financial security. Are you afraid? More information at:

Top 6 Things You Can Do to Keep Your PC and Privacy Safe

You may have learnt some tips to protect your computer from malware before finding this post. But keep your computer and privacy safe? Need help? More information at:

Understand Ransomware - A Type of Big Threat to Global Computer Users

According to Cyber Threat Alliance, the ransomware CryptoWall 3.0, one of the versions of CryptoWall that came out in January 2015, has already extorted $325 million from thousands and thousands of victims worldwide in the past 12 months. Rasomware tends to be a big threat to people. So, it is very important that PC users under ransomware and learn how to avoid it. More information at:

Watch Out The Internet's Big Threat-Drive-by Download Attacks

In the past, computer users werely simply required to beware of spam emails, suspicious links, freeware, and shareware that may bring malware to their computers. Unfortunately, cyber-attack methods are no longer limited to the ones mentioned just now. A more advanced method has been increasingly used by cyber hackers recent years – it is called drive-by download. The “magic” of this method is that malware could be silently downloaded on users’ computers when they access a compromised website, even though they click nothing within the websites.  More information at:

Watch Out Your Document! Macro Malware Levels to Six-Year Highs

Still remember what hot issue about computer malware was in 1990s? It seems like macro malware disappeared for many years and we only heard some news about it every now and then. However, it has never gone far from our life and recently, more macro viruses have staged something of a revival via making use of social-engineering trickery. More information at:


What Do You Know About Online Privacy

The internet is an archive of information. What you have shared online may exist in some way for virtually forever. When online, your personal data may be exposed to others. There are a lot more people tracking you than you think. Are you afraid that your personal data may be stolen and used for personal gain or for other evil purposes? Do you concern about online privacy? What do you know about it? How can you protect your online privacy? Here’s an infographic that shows you some facts and figures about online privacy. More information at:

What Is Firewall and How Firewall Protects Your PC

A firewall helps to keep attackers or external threats from getting access to your system in the first place. Here we take a look at basic information about firewall and how it works. More information at:

What You Need to Know about Adware

When surfing the Internet, you may unknowingly download various malware on your PC, such as Trojan horses, viruses, worms, ransomware, browser hijackers, spyware and adware. It should be known that, every type of malware, no matter extremely dangerous or merely annoying, could pose threat to your PC. More information at:

You Are Being Tracked Online! [Inforgraphic]

Every time people access the Internet, their personal information can be tracked and used for various purposes. More information at:

Your IRS Account Might Be A Hacking Target

Talk about protecting personal data away from hacker, most people would not even consider data lose when surf the internet, let alone do so with IRS account security – which is exactly what we should focus recently.  More information at: