Several Steps to Remove DNS Unlocker From Your Computer Effectively

Recently I have been struggling with DNS Unlocker ads which mess my web browsing up. I’ve never installed this program but it keeps coming back after a reboot even if I have removed it from Control Panel. I ran Trojan Killer and it detected a few things. After deleting the threats I’m still having the same problem. This problem causes many problems like resetting my homepage in Mozilla Firefox to about:blank and stopping me from resetting it, every so often redirecting me to other sites when I click on certain things such as a pause button for a video or some words with hyperlinks . I am running Windows 7 Norton. My IE and Firefox are affected by the program and often pop up ads by DNS Unlocker. How can I get rid of it?

What is DNS Unlocker?

DNS Unlocker

DNS Unlocker is an application which claims that it enables to let you visit many blocked websites by simply connecting to their custom DNS instead of your local one. With it, you can unlock and access those websites that are blocked for political reason or other reasons freely. It sounds great, but many computer users wish to get rid of it from their computers. Why? This program indeed allows you to visit blocked sites without charge. Meanwhile, it delivers tons of advertisements to the target computers when users are surfing the Internet and viewing web pages. It usually enters the PC when you download other applications from Cnet, Softonic or other sites that have it bundled with them. This potentially unwanted program can be bundled with other freeware/shareware such as SRecorder and gets installed when you install the desired software.( As showed below)


When you download a video clip from a dubious website, the adware can also be downloaded with the video clip too. Sometimes, even simple clicking on pop-ups in unknown websites can trigger the download of adware, spyware, Trojans or other cyber threats. So watch out for those enticing images, files, pop-ups on unidentified web pages in the future. This can reduce the chances of getting invaded by adware or other unnecessary or malicious applications when you surf the Internet. If you rarely pay attention to the setup of the new program, it’s very easy for you to consent to install other additional unwanted programs. In fact, you can decline the offer of such adware by choosing the Advanced/Custom installation.

DNS Unlocker displays numerous pop-up ads on the browser/PC

Once installed, the adware allows advertisements to be played or displayed automatically. The advertisements delivered by the adware include in-text ads, pop-up ads and advertising banners. It is really annoying to view a page full of DNS Unlocker ads. For example, many specific keywords within the text of a web-page display advertising or relevant information units when you hover over the keyword carelessly. You can’t smoothly view the content in the web page due to those in-text advertisements. Please note that each time you click on an In-text ad, the websites owner gets paid by the advertiser. In addition to the in-text ads, constant coupons, offers and other pop-up ads which have text such as “Ads by DNS Unlocker”, “Powered by DNS Unlocker” or “Brought to you by DNS Unlocker” under the pop-ups also affect your browsing terribly. That’s why many can’t stand this adware and wish to get rid of it from their computers.

Screenshots of various DNS Unlocker ads that you may see:

DNS Unlocker slows down your computer performance

This adware may install other unwanted applications from the same company or other partner companies to your computer. So some victims of this adware find their computers have this program and other unknown programs installed. Such ad-supported applications may run multiple processes in the background to display advertisements. This occupies part of your internet connection speed and affects both the browser performance and your browsing experience. As time goes by, all your browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera will be affected and you can’t even surf the web. The PC performance gets worse and your personal information may be even exposed to hackers if the system settings are altered to low security level.

Note: Since this adware may cause so many problems on your PC, please remove it as soon as possible. If you have difficulty in uninstalling it from the machine, just follow the manual removal instructions below to remove the unwanted programs by yourself or use a powerful malware removal tool to remove DNS Unlocker automatically.

How to get rid of DNS Unlocker ads from your computer completely?

arrow-icon Step1. Manually uninstall DNS Unlocker from your computer

▶ Uninstall the adware from Windows

Windows 10:

Open Start menu -> Click on Settings -> Click System in the Settings menu -> Click on Apps&Features on the left pane -> From the list of all installed apps within your PC, select DNS Unlocker or related app -> click on Uninstall button -> Click on Uninstall button to confirm when “This app and its related info will be uninstalled” appears.


Windows 8/8.1

Press Windows key + X key combination -> Click on Programs and Features in the menu -> In the Programs and Features screen, search for the unwanted program and click on it- > Click on Uninstall button to remove it.


Windows 7/Vista

Click Start button –> select Control Panel -> Click on Uninstall a Programs under Programs (View by: Category) -> Scroll down and find DNS Unlocker from the programs listed -> Select it and click Uninstall button.


Windows XP

Click Start button -> click Control Panel -> double click on Add/Remove Programs -> From the list of all recently installed programs, click on the adware program -> click on Remove button.


▶ Remove the adware add-on from your IE/Firefox/Chrome

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools/menu button in the upper right corner -> click on Manage Add-ons.


Choose Toolbars and Extensions on the left pane -> click on the add-on related to DNS Unlocker -> click on Remove button.


Mozilla Firefox

Click on Tools/ menu button at the top right corner -> click on Add-ons.


Search for the adware related add-on(s) -> Click on Remove button.


Google Chrome

Click on menu button in the upper right corner -> click on More tools -> click on Extensions.


Find the unwanted add-on associated with the adware -> click the trash can icon to remove it.


arrow-icon Step2. Repair the DNS settings.

DNS Keeper may have changed your default DNS settings. You can follow the steps below to repair it by yourself. (Take Windows 7 for example)

Click Start button, go to Control Panel and click the View network status and tasks link under Network and Internet category. (Note: The control panel screen is under View by: Category)


Then click on Local Area Connection.


In the pop-up Local Area Connection 2 Status window, you click on Properties button.


Click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) then click Properties button.


Select the Obtain DNS server address automatically option and click on OK button.


arrow-icon Step3. Delete DNS Unlocker by using SpyHunter

SpyHunter can scan your computer for the malware objects associated with DNS Unlocker and delete all of them completely. When you fail to remove the adware from Windows, run SpyHunter to perform a scan of your system and delete all the threats found.

  1. Download SpyHunter by clicking on the icon below.


  1. Install SpyHunter on your PC by running the file -> Selecting your language-> Clicking Continue button when Enigma Installer appears -> Check I accept the EULA and Privacy Policy option and click Install button -> Click Exit when the setup is successful.


  1. SpyHunter starts to scan your computer automatically once installed. You can stop it as you want. To ensure the tool works smoothly, you need to update it to the latest versions first and close all open files, programs and browsers. Then click on Scan Computer Now button to scan the PC.


  1. It will take a few minutes to scan the computer for cyber threats. When the scanning finishes, click on Fix Threats button to clear all items related to the adware.


  1. Click on Register Now button to register for the full version and then remove all the detected threats completely.


arrow-icon Step4. Clear your browser cookies

Sometimes, the adware may simply add a cookie to your browser and then display numerous annoying pop-up ads. So try cleaning up your IE/Firefox/ Chrome cookies with the instructions below.

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools/gear icon -> click on Safety browsing history….


In the pop-up Delete Browsing History window, tick the checkboxes of relevant items -> click on Delete button.


Mozilla Firefox

Click on Tools/menu button in the upper right corner -> click on Options.


Click on Privacy tab on the left pane -> Locate to History section -> Click on clear your recent history link -> Select the time range and relevant items -> click on Clear Now button.


Alternatively, click on remove individual cookies link -> select the cookies associated with DNS Unlocker -> click on Remove Selected button.


Google Chrome

Click on the menu button at the top right -> click on More Tools -> Click on Clear browsing data….


Select the timeframe and relevant items in the Clear browsing data pop-up -> Click on Clear browsing data button.


arrow-icon Step5. Run Malwarebytes to remove DNS Unlocker

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware tool that is able to remove the malware including Trojans, adware and spyware on your PC. If you have done the previous steps, run Malwarebytes to scan your computer and see if there are any other cyber threats on the PC.

  1. Click the icon below to download Malwarebytes. (This link will open a new web page from where you can download Malwarebytes)

malware download

  1. Once the file is downloaded on the PC, run it to start the installation -> Click Next button When Welcome to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Setup Wizard screen appears -> Check I accept the agreement and click on Next button -> Select your desired destination location and click Next button -> Keeping clicking on Next button until the Installation is finished -> Click Finish button to exit Setup. You are allowed to decide if you let Malwarebytes run automatically after you click on Finish button.


  1. Once installed, a warning message will pop up and ask you to update the program. You can update it to the latest version and then click on Scan Now to start a system scan.


  1. The tool starts to scan your computer for the related threats of DNS Unlocker. This will take several minutes to complete.
  1. When the scan has finished, click on Remove Selected button to all threats showed in the scan results. All the malicious files and registry keys will be quarantined.


  1. You may be required to reboot the computer to remove the threats.

arrow-icon Step6. Remove spyware with Max Spyware Detector

Max Spyware Detector is a powerful malware removal tool that can remove various spyware, adware and other threats on your PC. It can also detect and remove malicious browser plug-ins, extensions, browser helper objects and other unwanted programs added by malware. When you finish the steps above, run this tool to scan your PC for suspicious threats and repair the browsers.

  1. Click the icon below to download Max Spyware Detector Download Manager.


  1. Run the Max Spyware Detector Download Manager file to download Max Spyware Detector -> Run Max Spyware Detector to start the installation -> Follow Max Spyware Detector Setup Wizard to complete the installation.


  1. Once installed, this program will run automatically and scan your PC. A message asking you to click on Live Update for latest updates will appear in the lower right corner. You can update Max Spyware Detector to the latest one and then start it to scan your PC for threats.


  1. When the scan has completed, click on Fix Issues Now button to remove the threats detected. You need to upgrade to the full version to clear the threats completely.


arrow-icon Step7. Reset your browser to default settings (Optional)

If the steps above all fail to work and you still receive lots of ads by DNS Unlocker, you need to reset your IE/ Firefox/Chrome browser to its default settings. Resetting browser to default values can often fix many problems caused by adware or other malware infections.

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools/ gear icon -> click on Internet Options.


In the Internet Options window, click on Advanced tab -> click on Reset button.


Tick the checkbox of Delete personal settings -> click on Reset button.


When Internet Explorer finishes applying default settings, click on Close button.

Mozilla Firefox

Click on Help -> click on Troubleshooting Information.


Alternatively, click on menu button -> click on question mark icon to open Help menu -> click on Troubleshooting Information.


Click on Refresh Firefox… button.


Click on Refresh Firefox button on the pop-up window to confirm the reset.


Google Chrome

Click on the menu button -> click on Settings.


Scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings… link.


Locate to Reset Settings -> click on it.


Click on Reset button when the Reset settings screen appears to restore the settings to the original defaults.



The steps above should have deleted DNS Unlocker from your computer successfully. When you experience similar adware programs in the future, just follow the instructions in this post to get rid of them. If you can’t uninstall the adware from Control Panel or have difficulty in deleting the malicious files and registry entries of the adware, we recommend you to professional and excellent malware removal tools like SpyHunter, Malwarebytes or Max Spyware Detector to scan your system and eliminate the threats automatically.

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