Simple Guide on How to Remove Wajam Ads from Your PC

Have you noticed that there is a new emerging social search engine named Wajam? It has once become the most promising application and gained popularity through user ratings, word of mouth and being free to use, but now it is just a notorious program. If you have installed SpyHunter and keep running it all the time, you will receive a prompt when Wajam is trying to land on your computer.

SpyHunter detects Wajam adware 2

If you have not equipped your PC with SpyHunter, download it now to protect your computer!

In past years, it was a hot topic that attracts attention from both the media and Internet users as its brand-new features really fit users’ need. At that time, social search just began to spring up and a few early stage companies tried to catch the chance and focused on expanding this field. People inevitably use search engine to search for the information they need including pictures, videos as long as one has a computer with network. In a general search, users would get the search results that their search engines display for them according to respective search algorithms and web crawlers of different search engines. Social search can be viewed as the evolution of common search service.

Before you know about Wajam, you should understand what social search is because that is what it is used for. Social search can be viewed as the evolution of regular search, yet it still remains underdeveloped even now. When web users search for something via any search engine, no matter it is Google, Bing or any others, users usually get the results that automatically generated by the algorithmic methods while the search results of social search are mainly generated by users who are among your social circle. In other words, instead of listing the search results based on impersonal algorithm, social search provides the results according to your network of contacts and friends you know and trust. It would be better for some users for they’d like to see useful information including photos, videos and other contents from their connections on network.

In fact, as early as October 2009, Google launched its social search feature in beta and in January 2012 it released Search plus Your World to personalize the search result. This feature mix users’ personal results and regular search results tactfully by putting contents from your connections above the results from worldwide web and this customized page is only for you which means that you are the only one who can see this page even though the results seem to be displayed on a public page. What is more, you can opt out it if you don’t feel the need to see social search by turning it off on your search settings. However, the limitation of Search plus Your World is that it only contains the contents from your Google+ profiles. We all know that beyond Google+ there are much more social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It could be amazing when users are new to this feature, but it is not enough. Just think about when you want to search things on Facebook and Twitter, you have to do it separately and personally I deem the search on Facebook it not effective. That is the background and reasons for creating Wajam. As long as you connect you Facebook /Twitter account with Wajam, you will be able to search data from the source that you add.

Sign up Facebook or Twitter via Wajam

People’s life is saturated with all sorts of information as there is a flood of information being shared on different social media every day. The original idea of Wajam was brought up in 2009 and became popular in 2011. This application is able to work on most of search engines and enables users to search data from almost all social networks. It presents users with the private results from Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and Delicious in addition to Google+. Users are able to choose which social network they want to get the results from at their will and remove or add the source easily at any time. Users can filter results as they want according to different social platforms or the category such as Web, Photos and Videos. Wajam will serve as a browser extension and it is compatible with main browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. The private search results will show on the top of the web page and the regular search results follow them.

Wajam search results 2

Users will not get confused by the results from different search engine as they are displayed separately. Once it is installed on your computer, it will automatically integrate the search results on the pages on various search pages like Google, Bing and Yahoo, it extends far more beyond than these. It can also give you the social search results when you are shopping on eBay,, Walmart, Best Buy, Overstock and Amazon, searching for information with Wikipedia,, reading travel review on TripAdvisor, looking for great local businesses on Yelp, getting information about movies on IMDb, watching videos on Youtube and other online activities. This social search engine is designed to help its users searching things everywhere online based on users’ demands. It is taken as a useful search engine at beginning. Indeed, it once has brought benefits to users but somehow it turned into the assistant of potentially unwanted programs and advertisers.

Look at the pictures I attach below, notice the time of different comments to see what people say about Wajam recently and how people speak of it before.

Wajam complaint 1

Screenshot -1


comment about Wajam 2

Screenshot -2

Several years ago it gained some popularity and had good reputation in Internet users. It even became a target concerned by many media, cooperation partners and competitive products. Nonetheless, now it is dubbed as malware or adware by users and even some antivirus classify it as an unwelcome computer infection as well as malware for its intrusive behaviors.

Wajam complaint 2

Screenshot -3

To get a new product accepted by users and have a place on the market, it should be created with honesty besides its useful features, or it would be rejected when users find they get deceived and gradually no one would use it anymore. From a lot of reports and discussions about Wajam, it is easy to deduce that it was becoming more and more aggressive and ignore what users really need. Most of users have no idea how they get this social search engine on their computer as they have not downloaded it or even not download anything before it appears on the system. This program just shows up all of a sudden. For driving downloads it colludes with other shady programs or appears as freebie with legitimate software.

Wajam installs with adware

Screen shot -4

In this case, users probably click on Accept button without reading the terms to quickly start the installation of Simple MP3 Cutter Joiner Editor. However, there is a line at the bottom of this box which is written in smaller font. It seems like that developers do not want users to notice these words when installing it. Moreover, the Accept button is highlighted and clearly clickable while Decline seems as a plain text. Obviously the designers of this program entice users to download Wajam through improper means and that’s one of the reasons why users are angry at it.

On the other hand, Wajam associates with third parties including advertisers so as to get support its services. Users will see ads from other sites when using Wajam or receive ads from Wajam when browsing other websites.

Wajam ads in Chrome

Wajam ads in Chrome

Wajam ads in IE

Wajam ads in IE

The ads from Wajam display at the top of all search results which may mislead users to click on them so as to bring advertising revenue to the team of Wajam. Though delivering ads is one of the terms of service that you can learn from its introduction when you install it normally, sometimes it is really annoying to see unwanted contents on the web pages.

The most effective method to prevent Wajam from accessing the PC is installing an advanced and reliable security program which is able to offer complete protection against any potentially dangerous web activities. You may download and install one from the button below:


Even if your PC has already infected with Wajam malware, you can also use this program to erase it from the computer system.

The installation of Wajam

After you download the setup file, open it to initiate setup process.

Wajam setup icon

install Wajam 2.4 1

install Wajam 2.4 2


install finishes

Even if your security program does not block Wajam from being installed, it does not mean that this application is safe to use. While I was trying to download it from its download page, its download website was blocked by my browser and I was warned that this page contains unwanted software. This is due to numerous reports from web users for they get unwanted program from this website.

Therefore, if you get Wamjam installed on your PC in one way or another, you should uninstall it without hesitation because it will bring no benefit at all. All you can get are potentially unwanted program and unstoppable commercial ads. Furthermore, using its browser extension may result in unexpected redirects to other sites or even worse, your personal private data are exposed to unethical third parties that will make use of your information to display ads based on your browsing preference.

uninstall Wajam on Windows

To uninstall Wajam from your computer, you can refer to the helpful removal methods below.

Step 1 Kill the Process from Task Manager

1Right click on the Taskbar (which is usually at the bottom of your screen) and select Start Task Manager.

Start taskmanager

2Find the process related to Wajam and then click on End Process to stop it from running on the background.


Step 2 Uninstall it from Control Panel

Wajam can work on any version of Windows OS including the latest Windows 10. You may find appropriate method right for your computer here, if not, it would not be a big problem as there is not much difference in uninstalling a program via Control Panel.

hand-pointer1-right Windows 7

1Navigate to Start menu and select Control Panel.

2Click on Uninstall a program if you view by Category. (If you view by Large/Small icons, click on Programs and Features.)

hand-pointer1-right Windows 8/8.1

1Hover the cursor over the upper right or bottom right corner of Start screen to open Charms bar and choose Search from charms.

Windows 8 Charm

2Type “uninstall” on the search box and click on Settings, you will see several related results, and then click on “Uninstall a program“.

Search uninstall Windows 8

3Find Wajam from the list and right click on it, and then click on Uninstall/Change.

uninstall Wajam from Control Panel

4Click on Next to carry on uninstalling, if you choose “Let’s do it!” option, you will be taken to a new page that Google Maps work with Wajam. Even in its uninstaller, it also uses seditious words to misguide users to its web page with another feature.

uninstall Wajam 1

5Here it uses trick again. People usually will click on Yes as they want to uninstall the program quickly. Such a regular habit is used by Wajam to misguide users to make wrong choice and keep this unwanted program on their computers. In this dialog box, you should click on No which means you don’t want to keep Wajam on your PC any longer.

Uninstall Wajam

6In this step, you are required to choose the reason that you want to uninstall Wajam. Make your choice and click on OK.

uninstall Wajam 3

Please mind that even if you remove this application from the affected system, its cookies containing your personally identifiable information may still remain in somewhere of hard drives, so you have to clear them later.

7Uninstalling is on going.

uninstalling is in process

8After the uninstallation completes, a web page that informs you that you have successfully uninstalled Wajam and invites you to send them feedback will pop up on your browser.


However, ads promoting repair tool for Windows 7 will cover the page a few seconds later. Without doubt the ads are brought by Wajam even now this program has already been removed from your computer.

Ads of Wajam

Step 3 Remove its malicious browser extension from your browser

hand-pointer1-right Google Chrome

1Copy chrome://extensions/ and paste it to address bar of your Chrome browser and press Enter.

2Click on the trash bin icon to remove the Wajam extension.


hand-pointer1-right Mozilla Firefox

1Open Firefox browser, press Ctrl+ Shift+ A keys together on your keyboard to open the add-on page. (If your device has no a mouse, you can tap/click the Menu button and choose Add-ons.)

2See Extensions tab and find the malicious extension, click the Remove button to delete it from the browser.

wajam firefox extensions

hand-pointer1-right Internet Explorer

1Open IE and click on the Tool icon on the top right corner, select Manage add-ons.

2Select Toolbars and Extensions on the Add-on Types, you may see Wajam is on the list as a currently loaded add-on.


3Select the unwanted extension and click on Disable.

hand-pointer1-right Safari

1Select Preferences… from Safari menu.

remove Wajam from Safari 1

2Choose Extensions tab and you will see Wajam extension, click on Uninstall.

remove Wajam from Safari 2

3Confirm your operation by clicking Uninstall button again and it will disappear from your browser.

remove Wajam from Safari 3

tipDon’t forget to restart your browser after you remove the extension for the changes to take effect.

Step 4 Delete its Registry files

1Navigate to Start menu and type regedit on the Search box, and then press Enter.

2 When the message “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes on this computer?“ appears on the screen, click “Yes.”

3Search for the Registry file of Wajam.

Remove Wajam Registry 2

4Right click on it and click on Delete.

Delete Wajam Registry

uninstall Wajam with Removal Tool

Uninstalling Wajam malware by using an automatic removal tool would be more secure and efficient. A removal tool can help you get rid of unwanted program in a short time without effort and damage. Manual methods apply to only the users who have enough experience dealing with computer as they know how to do it exactly or the computer would get further damage for error.

You can choose any of the anti-malware to remove Wajam. They can check your computer for various malware infections by scanning and remove the infection as long as they find.

hand-pointer1-right SpyHunter

1Download SpyHunter Installer and save it on your disk.


2Double click on the installer and follow the setup wizard to install it on your computer.

setup file

3SpyHunter will automatically run after the installation gets completed, and a quick scan will start.

4You can get the information about detected threats when scanning. Wajam is defined as adware by the malware database of SpyHunter.

SpyHunter detects Wajam adware

5After scan finishes, just click the Fix Threats button to remove all detected infections on your PC.

SpyHunter Fix Threats

hand-pointer1-right Malwarebytes

1Download Malwarebytes now.

download MalwareBytes now

2The wizard will guide you through the installation process.

3Once get installed, Malwarebytes will start a new scan for your computer system. It won’t be a long time for you to wait for it to get finished.

Malwarebytes scanning

4Remove the harmful items by clicking on Remove Selected button.

Malwarebytes remove Wajam

5Click on Finish button at last.

Malwarebytes finishes

Warm Tips:
To protect your computer from inviting unnecessary risks, I sincerely advise you to use a professional tool to remove Wajam safely and quickly. It would be a difficult task to perform manual removal for the users who have rare experience in managing computer programs as this whole process involves making changes to vital computer settings and searching for specific items. It would cost plenty of time and effort to deal with the malware if you are not good at computer. To get rid of the malware easily without making any mistake, you may try to use the effective removal tool below:



The following video offers a complete guide for Wajam adware removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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