Redirect Virus Removal Instruction

If you are in need of help removing Siviewer and the flawed browser plug-in attached with it, here is some information about this crapware and – its search engine. This instruction describes the wizard in detail and tells you how to remove the redirect virus.

Brief Introduction of

Already Know What It is? >> Remove It Right Now! is an untrustworthy search engine provided by a potential unwanted program Siviewer. When you find that your homepage or default search engine was changed to this web address, this malicious browser hijacker has already invaded into your computer system. Siviewer is advertised as a piece of brilliant software for users to view images with high quality more easily. It highlights its strengths in viewing and splitting animated GIF on its official website to dupe users into believing Siviewer is legitimate and safe to use. The features it shows are so attractive that a majority of users take it seriously and download this risky software. Basically almost all image formats are supported, but all it can do for you is just to magnify the picture you upload on it. The malware falsely claims that the automatically collected data (including personal data) are available only to employees of Siviewer and protected from unauthorized access from outside. The web pages you have opened, the search key words you have entered, the password you have entered to login any account and other online behaviors will be tightly watched by this risky program.

No matter how Siviewer gets installed on your computer, either by choice or accident, the moment that it successfully installs is when the troubles start. Rather than providing any practically useful service, this malware will modify the browser settings of the affected browser. It usually aims at Chrome browser as it has been specifically designed for Chrome. Even if Chrome is not your default browser and you have installed multiple browsers on your PC, it can only touch Chrome and keeps its hands off other browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. homepage

Siviewer compels users to set as the default homepage when the installation begins. If you don’t check the option to permit it to change your browser settings, the installation can’t continue. It’s not reasonable to force users to change their habits to install a program, but that is what Siviewer does to its users. Once you finish the installation process and open your browser, you will find that your search engine is replaced with This website may seem to be a genuine search engine as it mimics the interface design of other popular search engine like Google, but in fact this site not only provides users with worthless contents, but it also brings the computer system into dangerous situations. has owned another domain – to increase outreach and drive web traffic to designated websites. The traffic source brings most traffic to this website should be the mandatory installation. Inexperienced computer users usually are not able to distinguish genuine search engines from malicious ones. Though appears to be a normal website, it can’t be used as the real search engine. The search results it displays are irrelevant and very limited; sometimes they can even be roguish. They could link to some marketing-related pages and sponsored contents. In some circumstances, becomes the assistant to help malware land on the affected computer so the system can’t work properly. If you notice that your browser gets redirected to unwanted pages frequently and strange toolbar/add-on is added to your browser, you have to seek the solution in no time.

Why Is It So Hard to Remove comes as part of malware and the antivirus software can’t guarantee that the computer is perfectly protected. Antivirus software is one of the methods to safeguard your computer, but it is not something that you can completely rely on which means that it works within limits. Siviewer has the ability to get inside the system through exploiting any weakness of the browser. The vulnerable programs like Java and Adobe products are its main targets, if the antivirus programs did not add Siviewer/ to its blacklist, it will not pick them out as bad things. Besides, sophisticated cyber criminals develop this browser hijacker in a special way to avoid being detected by antivirus engines. Computer users who know nothing about computer could not even figure out how and why their browser acts weirdly. Common users often cannot get rid of successfully for it may hide its presence on a computer to evade detection. You are likely to remove the most obvious symptoms but leave some traces on your PC. If your computer is affected by redirects virus, it is important to remove its browser extensions and anything else associated with it and to use a reliable security program to scan your computer.

Your antivirus program can’t detect Don’t know which tool would be useful for getting rid of it? Here is one you can make use of:


SpyHunter detect Siviewer2

Siviewer is defined as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) and it invites more dangerous cyber infections to your computer. To completely and safely remove them all at a time, using SpyHunter would be the best choice for you. If you don’t need any extra program or prefer to remove on your own rather than install a new security program to help you, the following instructions provide necessary measures for you to remove that malicious browser hijacker.

How to Remove from Your PC is a deceptive search engine that is designed for generating traffic. It is not a technically true computer virus, but it still puts your computer in danger. It can’t be entirely removed by reinstalling or uninstalling the infected browser because the unwanted redirection is caused by an independent software product, as long as the root problem is still on your system, you have to face the useless search engine, boring search results and other serious computer problems. In order to stop all malicious activities of, users are required to be qualified with related computer skills about changing browser settings and preferences, uninstalling programs, cleaning registry and so on. It is a cumbersome process to remove the browser hijacker. If you wish to kick that infection out of the system fast without any error, SpyHunter is recommended as a first choice.

Here are the methods to remove step by step:

1 End Its Process through Task Manager
Windows 7
Open Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar, and then clicking Start Task Manager.

Start Task Manager

The evil infection may run on your computer by mimicking the names of other normal system processes. Fortunately, the process of can be found under the Process.

Siviewer process

End the process by right clicking on it.

End process

Windows 8/8.1
On the Start Screen on Search, type “task” and select Task Manager (Which is supposed to show up on the top of apps list) then hit enter.


Search for any suspicious process related to the browser hijacker and click on End task.


Windows 10
Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc together to open Task Manager.
Select the process with the name contains Siviewer and choose End task.


2 Change Your Default Search Engine
Click on Manage search engines… button under Search.

Manage Chrome Search Engines

First of all, you should make the other search engine such as Google or Yahoo! as default search engine. The web address in bold black is the current default search engine. Users are not allowed to delete it before set a new one to replace it.

Set Google as default search engine

Click on the X icon of to delete it from search engine items and click on Done to complete this operation.

Remove search engine

3 Remove Malicious Browser Extension from Chrome Browser
Click on Menu and then select Settings.

Chrome-select settings

When the Settings page opens, you can see the logo of Siviewer shows on the page apparently because it has taken the control of the affected browser. You should click on the Disable extension button to regain the control of your startup page.

disable siviewer extension

Move to Extensions tab.


Find the extension of Siviewer and click on the Delete icon belongs to it.

remove siviewer extension

4 Clear the Browser’s Cache and History
Move to History tab and choose Clear browsing data….

clear chrome browser data

On the pull-down menu, select the beginning of time to make sure that you will not miss anything that could be threatening to your system and click on Clear browsing data.

browsing data from beginning of time of chrome browser

Restart Chrome to see if it can be used normally and the browser hijacker is completely removed.

5 Uninstall the Malware through Built-in Uninstaller
Windows 7
Open the folder of Siviewer from Start Menu by clicking on Start. Click on Uninstall.

Uninstall siviewer 1

Windows 8/8.1
Type “Programs” on Search box and select Programs and Features.


Select the unwanted programs and click on Uninstall.


Windows 10
Press the Windows + R keys to open “Run” box, then type “appwiz.cpl” command and press enter. This will open “Programs and Features” window.


Look for the malicious programs and uninstall it.

After you click on the Uninstall button, the uninstaller will initiate immediately. Users should pay more attention to each step so as to remove it successfully. The right option “Next” for processing the uninstallation is displayed on the left side in smaller print while the Cancel button is placed on the center to mislead impatient users. Generally, users tend to click on the link put on the middle of an interface especially when it is emphasized. The designer of Siviewer did such a thing is out of the purpose of getting users give up uninstalling this program, don’t be fooled.

Uninstall siviewer 2

Click on OK and free your browser from the control of

Uninstall siviewer 3

Click on Finish and the unwanted program will be removed from your PC.

Uninstall siviewer 4

6 Delete Remnants

The following steps involve deleting the Windows Registry. Incorrectly editing could result in Windows breakdown. It is suggested that users should backup the registry before start performing the steps.

Once the registry has been backed up, go to Start and type”Run” on Search box, type “regedit” and hit Enter to launch Registry Editor.


Search for the key related to and delete it.


At last, reboot the computer for the changes to take effect.
The manual removal methods contain very technical and complex set of steps which are easy to get wrong. SpyHunter is a trustworthy program that can help you save time and effort while removing computer infection. Except for, it is able to detect other malicious items that lurk on your computer system.
Now download and run SpyHunter installer:


Install SpyHunter on your PC.

SpyHunter installation step 5
Wait for the automatic scan gets complete.

SpyHunter scanning
Click on Fix Threats to remove all found infections.

SpyHunter detect Siviewer
Restart the computer in the end.

The ideal solution to malware or redirecting website problem is taking preventive measures to avoid getting infected in the first place. Most of security products, no matter they are free or paid version, can only stop 80% to 95% of the threats that beyond their threat database.It is encouraged to keep the system patched and the browser or any other programs up-to-date. Third-party antivirus tool is essential to computer, but there are more things users need to do. Users should know full well the risks on the Internet and set up their security policies, for example, taking extra care for free downloadable software, avoiding opening links that you don’t know where you will be taken to and using firewall. If you can’t be certain of the webpage or the program you are going to download, use a free scanner to help alert you to the suspicious activity when the malware or unsafe websites attempts to connect to your computer.

download free scanner


The following video offers a complete guide for Redirect Virus removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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