The Potential Risks of Public Wi-Fi

The convenience of wireless connection is getting increasingly important in our daily lives. People can gain access to a public Wi-Fi almost everywhere in urban areas, which makes great impact on the way people spend their money. Studies showed that people tend to spend their money at where provides free Wi-Fi.In spite of the benefits public Wi-Fi provides to us, it may also bring new worrisome factors about network security. Evil hackers could spy on every user’s activities and collect all data transmitted through that unsecure public network connection by using malware or some other illegal means. Users’ important account information like the PIN confidential of online bank account and credit card credentials could be stolen on the sneak. The way that hackers steal information on your smart phones or other devices might be easier that you think. Even some have been aware of the potential risk, they may not taking any action to avoid using public Wi-Fi insecurely.

The Potential Risks of Public Wii-Fi Infographic

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