Watch Out The Internet’s Big Threat: Drive-by Download Attacks [Infographic]

In the past, computer users werely simply required to beware of spam emails, suspicious links, freeware, and shareware that may bring malware to their computers. Unfortunately, cyber-attack methods are no longer limited to the ones mentioned just now. A more advanced method has been increasingly used by cyber hackers recent years – it is called drive-by download. The “magic” of this method is that malware could be silently downloaded on users’ computers when they access a compromised website, even though they click nothing within the websites. Sometimes, even users visit trusted, well-known websites, drive-by download could occur and malware begins to be downloaded on their machines automatically. The cyber attacks based on the drive-by download have become one of the most grievous threats to the network security.  In the following, we will talk about what drive-by download is, how drive-by download attacks work and how to protect your computer from drive-by download attacks. Check the inforgraphic below:

Watch Out Drive-by Download Attacks

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The following video offers a complete guide for Computer Threat removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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