Watch Out Your Document! Macro Malware Levels to Six-Year Highs

Still remember what hot issue about computer malware was in 1990s? If we are having difficulty, it could be because malware at that time often fell into decline as techniques and technologies moved on. There are a lot of changes within virus attacks, and that change makes it hard to maintain the security of computer once we do not be careful. It seems like macro malware disappeared for many years and we only heard some news about it every now and then. However, it has never gone far from our life and recently, more macro viruses have staged something of a revival via making use of social-engineering trickery. According to many researches, this kind of virus has been making a return. One of the researchers named Gabor “Szappi” Szappanos of Sophos found that more than half of the document-based attacks seen recently contain VBA macros aimed at tricking the user, rather than more esoteric exploit code designed to trick Office itself. Also, according to the latest McAfee Labs Threats Report, incidents of malicious macros have increased by a factor of four in the last year. As this is a big threat to our document which we may use everyday, it is necessary for us to increase the aware of document security. Then what is macro malware and how can we avoid it? This will be a long story.Macro virusMacro virus and macro malwaremacro virus and macro malware

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The following video offers a complete guide for Malware and Viruses removal. You’d better watch it in full-screen mode!

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